Ferrara now chasing write-in Hill

November 7, 2014


At the tail end of a race he never expected to run, Arroyo Grande Mayor Tony Ferrara will spend the weekend mulling vote totals announced by county voting officials Friday afternoon showing a write-in candidate leading him by 43 votes.

At day’s end, Ferrara still could not crack 50 percent of the votes cast — his unofficial total was 2,896, or 49.63 percent, against those for “write-in,” 2,939, or 50.37 percent.

Most of those write-in votes will likely go to Jim Hill, whose last-minute entry into the campaign to unseat Ferrara gained momentum rapidly and whose success so far has astounded even the most jaded political observers.

In Arroyo Grande, 387 ballots remain to be counted. Those include 164 vote-by-mail ballots; 184 provisional ballots; and 115 election night non-processed ballots.

At present, the counted “write-in” votes incorporate all names written on the ballot, and may or may not be Hill’s. A ballot-by-ballot examination will be conducted by county clerk-recorder officials.

Then, if a recount is needed, additional ballots — those which did not have a blackened oval next to a write-in’s name– would then be tallied. There are about 900 of those, officials said.

Official results might not be final until Wednesday, and if a recount becomes necessary, this race might not be determined until near Thanksgiving.

Ferrara is the newly-elected president of the League of California Cities, a position now jeopardized by Hill’s unexpectedly strong challenge.



whoops nation-wide rather than nation-side!


This is precedent setting and when Jim Hill wins, this will be nation-side news and rightly so. While I don’t live in Arroyo Grande, I am extremely proud of the community doing the right thing regarding elected officials!


The Write-in Jim Hill campaign is happy and tired.

Thank you Arroyo Grande for daring to challenge King Tony.

But remember many things are broken and need to be fixed.

Citizens should not have to complain so profusely for the City Council to listen

Adams should be terminated.

Carmel needs to go.

Counselors need to come and facilitate the employees.

We still need a fiscal audit.

And what is Tony covering up that he risked and lost it all for Adams?


not tired at all. Very happy yes. Now on to the next opportunity to clean up this city. Kristen Fellows Barneich. Who is up for taking on this incompetent appointed yes seat. I am insulted this seat hasnt been up for vote in over six years and Barbara Harmon was passed over to appoint Kristen.



Barbara has much to be proud of, she earned her seat.

Congratulations to her.


If Hill indeed prevails, CCN should win some sort of journalistic award.


How about a Bouquet from SLO Fibune’s Bouquets & Brickbats?

Naaaah…never gonna happen.

CCN’s been outing crooked politicians on the Left and the Right for years but sadly the establishment media still disses them.


They should win an award, anyway.


Perhaps the League of CA Cities will honor CCN with something

for revealing Mr. Ferrara’s true character,

they obviously weren’t aware of it before now.


LOL! Yeah, I just bet they will award CCN an award for making them look like nincompoops when they selected Ferrara as president.


You can fool some of the people some of the time,

but Ferrara couldn’t fool all of us forever.

Rich in MB

You have got to love it when the people finally stand up and say STOP….ENOUGH!


And we have!

Still remains to be seen as to whether Tony will hear us any better now that he did before.

My vote is NO he will not.


Good to see that the father of yellow journalism, William Randolph Hearst, has a spiritual heir in CalCoastNews. You’re doing him proud.


Oh come on, it’s all relative. If given the choice between the sanitized faux-professionalism of the Tribune and the muckraking of CCN, I’ll take CCN any day. Besides, I think a key difference is that a lot of the CCN muckraking is inspired from grass roots concerns, as opposed to attempting to manipulate the populace in the way Hearst did.


anyone can submit an opinion article to CCN the bar is set low for a reason, close to the roots, that’s us.


i find ccn’s opinion pieces more erudite than any of the feel good stories i read in the trib.


Good point, Russ ..but you know most ‘readers’ here will wonder what the H Chinese newspapers have to do with this !


Blaming the messenger is a logical fallacy.

CCN is not reprentative of “yellow journalism.” If there are unsavory actions by politicians that impact local government, talk to the politicians involved.They–not CCN– are responsible for their own actions.


So Russ are you still a 911 Truther? US Gov demolished the WTC towers and all that?


But the Arroyo Grande Government is squeaky clean? It’s all CCN’s fault? Ashley made you do it? More monkeys? Election not go your way?


Wow, that made Russ run away fast!


This is the best news I’ve had all week…I hope Tony is proud of himself, this could have all been avoided had he just done the right thing. I also wish some of us who knew about the July 3rd incident would have come out with the news earlier then Jim Hill could have been on the ballot and would have won by a landslide!!!!!

Rich in MB

That’s exactly why there was the cover-up…to keep it quiet until after the election!


Until after the filing deadline to have a name on the ballot.


Ferrara’s stunningly arrogant belief that he could get over on AG voters one more time (as he has done in the past) is what killed him. You could literally watch him dig his own political grave as he continued to compound his lying with new lies.

AG residents deserve a great deal of praise for finally saying “ENOUGH!”, no matter how this election finally turns out.


Some would say he dug the grave a bit deeper with his fallen tree story.

It was as believable as Adam’s tea party interview on KSBY.

The fact that Ferrara has supported and defended Adams was for many the beginning of the digging.


if you discount the first 1/3 of the uniformed vote, then Jim did win in a landslide. Really, even though it is close, it isnt even close. Sleep well tonight Tony. I hear a group of citizens are going to rent a truck to move your stuff out of City Hall to save the taxpayers money. You fool.


100% grassroots volunteers! Gotta love it!

Way to step up, and we will gladly take them up on their most generous offer.


It is never to late to step up.

Chuck Hookstra of Sintra group is conducting the investigation.

I’m sure you could walk into DA downs office and puke it up.

Come clean. You will feel better.



Your Intel is the key. Keep it handy.


Oh…and one more thing. Just remember, unless you’re the lead dog…the view NEVER changes.


Hey! Mr. Mayor…if you can’t run with the big dogs, stay the hell on the porch!


You’re done, Ferrara! What an awesome practical display of democracy in action. Good job Citizens of Arroyo Grande, CA!


As doglover says, we are happy and tired.

But each and every single minute was worth it.

We DO have much to be proud of, not many campaigns like ours are successful.

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