Fire burns small Los Osos home

November 6, 2014

fireA small home burned in Los Osos Wednesday as firefighters struggled to avoid a downed power line that was obstructing their path to the blaze.

Shortly before 3:30 p.m, an electrical issue sparked the fire that burned a 1,000 square-foot wood frame home located on 8th Street. Firefighters responded immediately, but they did not gain control of the fire until more than three hours after it was reported.

Fire crews had to wait for utility workers to arrive and cut the power to the home.

The fire caused $70,000 of damage to the home and destroyed $30,000 of belongings. It was reportedly caused by an electrical incident or accident.

A resident of the home suffered from smoke inhalation, but was not taken to the hospital. Fire officials say there was not a working smoke detector in the house.


Comment: We are acquainted with the woman who owns and lived in this Los Osos house. She is quite elderly and low income. She is extremely fortunate to have not been consumed along with her house.

Suggestion: When CAL FIRE is not responding to fires or other emergencies, they could install and maintain smoke detectors in the homes of individuals (like our acquaintance) who are elderly and/or not physically able to do it for themselves. This service would potentially save lives and keep the structure damage to a minimum. Secondly, the County and municipal governments should encourage residents to regularly recycle and not stockpile newspapers and magazines which become kindling if a fire does erupt.



CAL FIRE (along with most other agencies) will already install smoke detectors if you request them to.


What is it going to take for people to have working fire detectors in their homes.


It will take government regulation and inspections