More than 22,600 votes not yet counted

November 5, 2014

VoteUPDATE: The number of votes not yet counted has risen to 24,948 votes because of election night non-processed votes. District 4 has 5,215 ballots remaining to be counted, Arroyo Grande has 2,095, Pismo Beach has 855 and Paso Robles has 2,265.

ORIGINAL: The San Luis Obispo Clerk Recorder Julie Rodewald announced Wednesday that about 23,600 mail-in and provisional ballots have not yet been tabulated.

On Tuesday, 63,180 ballots were evaluated, leaving about 21,000 mail-in ballots turned in the past few days and about 2,600 provisional ballots to be counted. By 5 p.m. on Wednesday, the clerk’s office plans to disclose which races the absentee ballots will impact, Rodewald said.

The results for several close races in Paso Robles, Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande should be available by 5 p.m. on Friday.

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You are writing about THIS when Foster Freeze is closing tomorrow????

Fingers crossed 400 of those are Write-In Jim Hill for Mayor ballots!

Leaving 1605 for Ferrarra, which would increase his margin of victory.

I suspect what you really want 1710 write in votes for Hill of the 2095 remaining AG ballots. This means 81.6% of the ballots are needed for Hill to win. The current percentages are 54.5% for Ferrarra and 45.5 % for a write-in candidate (assuming the are all Hill votes).

Unlikely to happen.

HI Dan and Majority Fan,

I think that it is useless to try and predict the outcome and how many votes who will get—let’s just see what happens—I smell victory for Hill—you may not think that it is possible, but anything is possible—it truly is—keep in mind, some of those ballots won’t have anyone chosen—so any vote for Hill is vote against Tony—keep this very close to your mind. I know this election doesn’t really make sense, the cool thing is, it doesn’t have to—just know that the results as they reflect from yesterday really happened—what was it, Hill earned around 58% percent of the votes cast at the polls—pretty impressive if you ask me (even though you didn’t).

Just sit back and enjoy the ride fellas—it will take some time to get adjusted to life post-Tony.

Have a great evening.

Regardless of the turnout it should make next Tuesday’s city council meeting really interesting. Perhaps the regular seating arrangement will be back.

That could happen. But with the percentages as they are, Mayor Ferrara would get an additional 600 votes.

Hill took every single precinct last night at 58%. Of those that’s ballots had been cast over 700 did not bubble a vote for mayor.

Some of those might be for Hill. These 700+ are not part of the 2100 ballots yet to be counted.

If you assume that the later voters will come in at a higher rate, Hill will make up the 386 loss it’s a crap shoot.

If the latest ballots come in higher than 58%, Hill can take it!