Los Angeles police arrest hundreds of Ferguson protesters

November 27, 2014

handcuffProtests following a Missouri grand jury’s decision not to indict a Ferguson police officer for a fatal shooting have spurred arrests across California, including hundreds in Los Angeles. [LA Times]

On Monday, the grand jury opted not to indict officer Darren Wilson, a white American, over the killing of teenager Michael Brown, a black American, whom the policeman shot during a struggle between the two in August. Subsequently, protests erupted nationwide, some of which led to unrest in cities like Los Angeles and Oakland.

Los Angeles police arrested 183 protesters overnight Tuesday and then about 130 more Wednesday night. Through Tuesday night, Los Angeles led the country in total arrests of Ferguson demonstrators.

Most of the arrests occurred after demonstrators refused orders to disperse from the streets. Many protesters blocked freeway traffic as well, and some engaged in vandalism, fighting and weapons offenses.

On Monday night, Oakland police arrested 43 protesters following vandalism and looting. Police said demonstrators looted a Smart & Final in downtown Oakland, and 10 merchants reported that their storefront windows were shattered.

Some protesters also threw rocks and bottles at officers. Several officers were injured in the melee.

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“Los Angeles police arrest hundreds of Ferguson protesters”

Hundreds of useful idiot tools…..

Maybe one day these people will wake up and realize the extent to which they are used by the race baiters.

Is there any thoughtful individual on earth that would hook their wagon to Michael Brown?

Absolutely disgraceful.

The LA TV interviews of the protesters were a joke. “The police treated is like criminals criminals!”

Um, yeah! That’s because you are! Blocking freeways is a crime! Your free speech doesn’t include messing up everyone else’s day, losers.

What is it with race baiters? All these clowns protest Ferguson, where were they when an Illegal murder two cops in Sacramento? Did white people protest after OJ Simpson got acquitted?

Read here!


Advice from Chris Rock to Black men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QR465HoCWFQ

Classic and true.

My dad taught me from an early age, if you ever get pulled over, hands where they can see them and yes sir, no sir.

Unfortunately the majority of black youth in our country have no male role model, no one to teach them respect for authority and don’t value education. How is that working out reverend Jackson and al Sharpton?

Actually, it’s probably working out well for them. It keeps the two losers relevant.

Just an attempt at the early Christmas shopping with 100% discounts

That’s what I call Black Friday!

I guarantee that all this attention will create more new LE job openings for wannabe blacks nationwide.

Taxpayers be ready to pay more in the future for more “service?”

For sure taxpayers will not be paying less in the future!

and who incited them?