Lynn Compton wins supervisor seat

November 5, 2014

lynn comptonLynn Compton defeated incumbent San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Caren Ray on Tuesday night garnering conservatives’ control of the board.

With all precincts reporting, Compton received 53.5 percent of the vote leaving Ray with 46.3 percent. A group of approximately 100 people cheered Compton’s win at her campaign headquarters in Arroyo Grande.

Gov. Jerry Brown appointed Ray to serve out the term of Supervisor Paul Teixeira who died last year. Supervisor Adam Hill and Rep. Lois Capps lobbied the governor to appoint a Ray, a Democrat, to represent District 4, which swings Republican.

Compton’s win ends a contentious race with multiple accounts of sign theft, vandalism and mudslinging.

Jorge Estrada

Congratulations and best wishes to Lynn Compton.


Although I didn’t vote for Lynn, I wish her much success in her new position.


Lynn Compton’s WIN just goes to show once again that Lois Capps and Adam Hill don’t represent the best choice for the people. They lobbied very heavily for Ray, who last night the voters proved, was not their choice.

I would like Compton to show us all her strong backbone and intolerance of bullying tactics of Gibson and Hill. If they try the elevator thing as Hill did to Debbie Arnold, I would hope that Lynn Compton would notify the police and file charges. I hate to say it however it’s just a matter of time before Hill starts spewing his vile opinion. Can’t wait for his term to end!


I would suggest that our “little waste of skin” size up Lynn’s husband first before doing anything else so stupid.


What’s the elevator thing?


You may not be aware, the superviosrs have a private elevator at the county building, Gibson and Hill demanded it to make sure they did not have to mix with the common folks when they vist their thrones. Mr. Hill likes to bully people in this elevator, which does not have any security cameras, another demand of Mr. Hill and Gibson.


Installing the private elevator for the Supervisor’s predated Hill and Gibson. The private elevator has been used by H&G to harass Ms. Arnold behind closed doors. She no longer rides that elevator.


Shows good judgment on the part of Ms Arnold.

Who in their right mind would want to be in a small confined space with two such individuals?

It’s difficult enough to be in the same room with them, smart move to take the stairs.


Congratulations, Lynn Compton, Voters of 4th District and everyone that helped make an election that right way to win a seat. Big congratulations to Ms. Compton for taking on the establishment of SLO County and winning with dignity.

Last night gave a lot of hope to a lot of reasonable Americans who saw the light and were able to wheel in some of this lunacy.

Use it well Republicans, because in two years you too may be sitting on the sidelines. Hopefully, people will begin to see there is room for more than two political platforms. Maybe. just maybe, we will see some hope and change to believe in. If not, change it again and not’s not get stuck in it! Frank should wake up and serve the people in his district that have elected him and stop rubbing elbows with Gibson and Hill. Old ole boy network is over for now. Let’s see what Frank does in the next two months!


The ballots have been in for 12 hours, and still no wild lunatic ravings from Adam Hill ??? What gives?


The meds must’ve have finally kicked in.


Wait for it. Our little “waste of skin” will not disappoint!


Greedheads rejoice! Back to the Dark Ages!

Now the BOS has it’s own female dumb & dumber!


NO….The Three Stooges have become Two.

Rich in MB

The left’s war on woman continues with all the hate and rage the left has…sad…but there you have it. Pure contempt for the voters and hate towards strong women.


Sorry, you do not know what you are talking about. I support women, it just happens that the two women (soon to be) on the BOS are not-so-bright Fox News parrots.. it has absolutely NOTHING to do with their gender. It’s just that the original Dumb & Dumber were male, so I was simply qualifying my statement. Did you view the debate between Compton & Ray? Ray wiped the floor with her; all Compton could do was repeat right-wing talking points & bring up spurious Prop 13. Ray sounded intelligent, knowledgeable, and informed. Compton could have just sent a tape player with her half-dozen or so talking points. And I support Ray; that makes me a woman-hater?

Left’s war on women? Sure, when you are guilty of something, just accuse your opponent of the same ; the Chinese & Soviets are good at that.

But you are correct in that I do have contempt for uninformed, low information voters.


Wow! My original comment hidden due to low comment rating! Musta gotten under a few people’s skin: the truth hurts, huh? I note the replies are attacks upon me; nobody has argued that they are not two dim bulbs! Ha! Not funny, tho, now the gates will be open to unbridled development and the trashing of the county…


The losers just keep rambling on….


It’s the County that lost…

Rich in MB

No…what we are learning here is how much the left hates the voters and their war on woman.


Rich in MB: Bullshit talking points

Rich in MB

Kettle….the Liberals lost and now are showing their hate.

Thanks for playing along…I just won $5


Rich: Project much? “Catdude’s” remark is not indicative of the entire left; it was a poorly stated single person’s opinion, one that I as a dedicated lefty denounce as sexist and juvenile.

As for a “war” on voters and women, remind me please which party disenfranchised several hundred thousand voters in certain southern states? Which party is currently attempting to take away a woman’s right to choose how she treats her body and has made it harder to obtain contraception in many states?

For every idiot statement you can find by a Democrat or a “lefty” that demeans women or attempts to restrict voting, I’ll wager that I can find ten or twenty equally bad or worse things said by Republicans or conservatives.

“War” on women and voters? Google it and see what you get ….


While I agree with you that Ray is more knowledgeable about local government than Compton, more experienced in its functioning and perhaps slightly closer to my political views, I did not vote for her. (Nor for Compton — I was primed to write in Jim Hill for AG Mayor and thought why not Mike Byrd for supervisor too.)

There are 2 faults in your argument. First is that knowledge and experience are like tools — they can be used for good or bad. It may not be fair but I judged Ray by her endorsements and ones from Ferrera, Gibson and Hill made that a BIG negative. If she is not a stooge or co-conspirator, she will have to prove it.

The second negative is your assumption that Compton’s current stage of relative ignorance will remain. I doubt that she is stupid and I think that she will learn even if she makes some initial mistakes. I didn’t vote for her either because her endorsements included the Howard Jarvis Foundation and their disingenuous fear-mongering about Prop 13.

By the way, your tendency to lump all people whose views generally disagree with yours into a mass of brainwashed right-wing fools, makes you equally ignorant — and negates your ability to argue convincingly.


I actually attended the debate and I guess the video distorted things because live Ms. Compton had Ms. Ray on the ropes the entire time. All Ms. Ray could do was speak about how government was the answer to everything and how she supported everything Mr. Hill and Gibson thought.


Wow! Which debate were you attending. Did they pass out special magic pills to help you watch from the Compton camp before you went in. At no time did Caren ever say that she supported anything that Hill and Gibson thought and that question never even came up…but nice typical Compton try at lying!


Your daughters should be ashamed of your sexist and unfounded remark. Let me guess, you take your “satchel” with you to court right catdude?


To have your comment hidden due to low comment rating on this site is the ultimate compliment, catdude. Kudos to you!


It’s so nice to see a duly elected person serve as a supervisor.


My concern is the damage the Hill, Gibson, Ray pack will try to get passed before Ms. Compton is seated.


Not to worry, Borah’s Awards has refused to make Adam any more medallions.


I spoke w/ Lynn during the Harvest Festival on various concerns I have regarding our County Government and was impressed with her thoughts. While all were not in alignment with mine, I was duly impressed at the obvious thought she had put into some of the subjects.

Change is happening and that’s a good thing.

Congratulations to Lynn and her family.


Lynn hasn’t a clue what her upcoming job is all about or even what goes on in our County Government. You were very easily conned as were many. Too bad. We all loose because of you uninformed fools.


Do any of the other supervisors? I rest my case.


I’m curious as to what your criteria requirement is for knowing all about government?

Is it the ability to cheat on your spouse? Hire your mistress to work in YOUR office?

Perhaps it requires membership in a drinking/partying organization that flaunts a sense of party till you puke mentality.

Or maybe it requires you take advantage of the homeless, or threaten agencies, organizations and or individuals.

Oh wait…it must require gift giving…like medallions for votes.

Need I say more?


No, Pelican, it sounds like your brains have fallen out of your mouth. You are taking your talking points from CCN. Do you ever do your own thinking?


Answer my question(s).


There you go again with a comment that is only insults.

How mature.


Caren would want you to be a gracious loser, that much I’m sure of.


Would not Jim Hill expect the same of you?


Oh what crap justducky. You think elected officials are born that way and never had a “first day” on the job?

No, this is just you cramming a few more insults in before the election week is over.


The “first day” on the job usually starts at a lower position, not the top. That would be like hiring an intern to be president of your company. Ms. Compton did not have any experience in government or law making. Her term will most likely be known as “Legally Blonde 3″… if she ever passes the bar exam.


Sure, everyone has a first day on the job, but if I’m picking I’ll pick the person with tons of past experience who isn’t going to have to spend time learning on the job and can get right to work for us here in District 4 rather than focusing on payback for her North County buddies. It’s also important to me that the person I pick has enough respect for government that she chooses to follow County Ordinances during campaigns and does not ignore them in order to win. I prefer someone who loves and respects our Country enough to choose to teach Government, World History and Economics to high school students rather than someone whose claim to fame is a pretty face, having been a sales person for Big Pharma and Monsanto and now is a wanna-be lawyer.

Why should I be gracious now when you people were piling on Caren during the entire campaign? What’s to be gracious about? Compton ran an anything but GRACIOUS campaign so now I’m supposed to “stifle” Archie?


Time out….back up the ballot box truck. It’s precisely those person(s) with the most experience that behaved badly and made a mockery of the board of supervisors.

It’s time for a change, and that change is here. Get used to it. There will be more to come.


Wow ducky, try to have a good day.


there’s nothing we can do in the present moment to change the past the elections are over!

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