Lynn Compton wins supervisor seat

November 5, 2014

lynn comptonLynn Compton defeated incumbent San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Caren Ray on Tuesday night garnering conservatives’ control of the board.

With all precincts reporting, Compton received 53.5 percent of the vote leaving Ray with 46.3 percent. A group of approximately 100 people cheered Compton’s win at her campaign headquarters in Arroyo Grande.

Gov. Jerry Brown appointed Ray to serve out the term of Supervisor Paul Teixeira who died last year. Supervisor Adam Hill and Rep. Lois Capps lobbied the governor to appoint a Ray, a Democrat, to represent District 4, which swings Republican.

Compton’s win ends a contentious race with multiple accounts of sign theft, vandalism and mudslinging.


this article from New Times is emblematic of why Lynn won and Caren LOST. Lynn talks about representing taxpayer rights. Caren talks about the color of the dress she wore.


As conservative as South County is, was there really any doubt that Lynn Compton would win? To be honest, I’m a little surprised the margin of victory wasn’t larger. I hope Lynn is a fast learner, that she puts aside her RNC talking points and realizes that she is not going to change county government overnight. She campaigned on “cutting waste” and making government more efficient and more responsive; I hope she realizes that quite a few government workers do try to be efficient and not waste resources, and that certain governmental functions have a defined protocol by law, so attempting to streamline our county government is probably a lot harder than most of us might imagine.

I do wish her success in learning how government actually works, because it isn’t anywhere close to being similar to running one’s own business. Government isn’t there to make a profit; the function is to serve the public interest, manage our county resources in a fiducially responsible manner, and to insure that our county is operating in accordance with state and federal rules and guidelines.

As for Lynn working closely with Debbie Arnold goes, I have gained some respect for Debbie Arnold in how she is handling herself as one of our County Supervisors, and whatever negative situations have arisen between her and Supervisors Gibson and Hill hopefully have been resolved so that there isn’t any possibility that there could be anything similar happening to Mrs. Compton when she takes office. Every single person should be accorded respect for who they are, and Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton should be given their due for achieving their positions, no matter what their political affiliation or philosophy is.


Ya know Bob, those are all very nice thoughts. And I agree with you that Lynn is going to find out that there is a whole lot that she does not know.

However, I will disagree with you that this particular candidate deserves any particular respect as she fought a very dirty campaign against a very honest person. I know many who will never give her ANY respect. She has earned zero!


Omg, what a bitter, bitter attitude!

Respect the voters who have made their choice clear!

Obviously you don’t agree with or support the outcome, but at some point it’s time to accept the results and move forward.


It’s very hard to RESPECT uninformed stupidity! Of course, I have to accept the outcome,,,I have no choice. But I won’t sit silently as though this was a clean race because it wasn’t.

Bitter? You betchum Red Rider! What went on during this campaign will leave me bitter for years to come! It has proven to me, once again, that there are some VERY stupid people in both Nipomo and Arroyo Grande. Like with Obama’s election, I’m beginning to see no point in trying. People will continue to elect the slickest and the most corrupt. Congratulations idiots! You’ve done it again!


So anyone who doesn’t agree with you is uniformed and stupid?

If you can not respect that other informed voters have an opinion that differs from yours, please step away and quit trying.

You will never be able to convince everyone.


Well aggie,,.you are one that I could have presented the cold hard factst to before the election and your head would have still remained in the sand. You will believe what you want to believe…the truth be damned.


Wow you are truly troubled


Yes, Iso, I am troubled. It troubles me deeply when ignorance prevails and the voters reward liars and cheaters. I doubt that I will ever get used to that fact.


In two years, the campaign that the Compton camp ran will be a very distant memory; I do agree with you that she had a few “less than honest” campaign ads, but I also agree that the Ray campaign twisted a comment Lynn made about Bakersfield. It isn’t always equal, but there is bad or stupid stuff usually done on both sides.


Bob, you don’t know the half of it. It wasn’t just the ads. It was not following campaign code…deliberately and getting away with it, plus many, many stolen signs and don’t say that that happened on both sides because it didn’t. There were lies and rumors spread among her camp to encourage their hatred. The Compton camp was truly corrupt and I wouldn’t be surprised if this corruption continues into her term of office.

Sadly, the same behavior went on with Teixiera and even though we aren’t supposed to speak ill of the dead, his few years in office were not exactly squeaky clean either. Lynn promised us more of Teix’s legacy and I expect with Deb’s help, we will get it. The only difference is MAYBE Deb won’t be running the show this time. It won’t matter though. They both have the same scruples.


Was very surprised to see Caren Ray signs pop up at the last minute at our freeway onramps in AG, clearly on Caltrans property.

Sign issues appear to go both ways, either by well intentioned, eager volunteers, or the rogue man with his fraud signs.

Don’t try to say THAT didn’t happen, because it did!


I would never disagree with you on that one aggie. Many of Compton’s “small” signs were picked up by the County along with Caren’s signs and deposited at the County yard.

The type of behavior that I am referring to has to do with Title 22

22.20 San Luis Obispo County Sign Ordinance. As you most likely know County Ordinances for unincorporated areas such as Nipomo are very different than the laws that the City of Arroyo Grande have set up. This is the way the County Ordinance reads for unincorporated areas:

a. Residential land use categories within urban or village areas. Political signs shall not exceed four square feet total for each site.

b. Other land use categories within urban or village areas. Political signs shall not exceed 16 square feet total for each site.

c. Rural areas. Political signs shall not exceed 32 square feet total for each site.

d. Measurement of sign area. For the purposes of this Subsection, each side of a sign may equal the maximum square foot total as defined in Subsections A., B., and C where the sign has two faces which are oriented back to back and separated by no more than 36 inches at any point.

The point here is Compton’s signs within Nipomo’s Urban Reserve Line were WAY, WAY out of compliance. There were a number of complaints filed with the County. Finally, about two weeks before Nov. 4 Compton’s crew shows up at a FEW of her GIANT sign locations and replaces a FEW with signs that read something like, “My opponent made me cut my signs in half.” Those signs were replaced pretty quickly when I believe Compton realized how whiny they sounded.

The rest of the out-of-compliance GIANT signs that were all over the Urban Reserve area of Nipomo remained through the election.

Why should large signs matter so much you might ask? Well, anyone who has been involved in getting a candidate elected knows that the largest signs win. Stupid people look at the largest signs and vote accordingly. And there you have it. Break the law…win the election.

These are laws that Compton was well aware of and chose to ignore.


another sore loser


Another brilliant reply!


Is not EVERY one of my points true?


I am very concerned that Adam Hill is remaining so quiet. He is like a snake in the grass. I am sure he and the democratic party have hired a handler to keep him on a tight leash. He will be running for higher office soon and the moronic electorate will forget what pondscum he really is and will elect him to higher office….State assembly or perhaps Lois Capps successor in another 2 years. He will have to fend off Gibson but clearly the electorate in this county is stupid enough to elect him again and again.


” He will be running for higher office soon” Yes, he and others, exactly why there is a shutdown Cal Coast News campaign being funded by anonymous political conmen.


Regardless of why it is that Mr. Hill has learned to be quiet, I am thankful that he has learned some restraint. Perhaps he is maturing, being coached on how to be perceived as being more refined and patient, and perhaps he is thinking of attempting to run for higher office. That’s okay with me, anything that helps him keep from putting his foot in his mouth is a good thing. I hope he does have thoughts on a higher office; no matter what his baggage is, if he thinks he has a shot, hopefully that will help him keep behaving like a responsible adult, no matter what his chances may be for another office someday. Who knows, he may have turned a corner that allows him to become a thoughtful, responsive public official who knows how to be patient, listen to the concerns of the voters, and try to help solve their issues. Certainly nothing wrong with encouraging him to take the high road more often.

Reality Check


I gained great respect for Ms. Compton during the long campaign. She endured ruthless and rootless insults while maintaining her dignity and staying on the high road by talking issues not insults. Ms Compton has repeatedly demonstrated her intelligence, ability to study issues, challenge faulty rhetoric, and develop her own opinions and articulate those opinions in understandable terms. She’s very bright and will be a breath of fresh air on a board of supervisors dominated by bullies (Hill / Gibson).

It’s high time that Debbie Arnold had another highly intelligent, well informed colleague on the Board. All of the county citizens will be winners with the addition of Ms Compton to the board!


This will be fun. I can hardly wait for the first catfight between these Sarah Palin clones.

Same temperament and big fish in little pond syndrome.

Rich in MB

another sexist hateful comment…yep…just what we get from the Left’s War on Woman.


So the right is turning around and supporting women and their rights? Please give us some examples of that happening, Richie.


Wow! Where did that come from? I realize there was some dirt throwing on BEHALF of both candidates in this race and that neither did enough to temper it but there is a big jump from that to calling either Compton or Arnold (I am assuming that is your second “cat”) Sarah Palin clones. The only supervisors that I have seen displaying a bad temperament have been a couple of arrogant, elitist male bullies that tar their party and associates with their behavior.

If you want people to vote along your political lines, it would be really helpful to remember that, for many people, character counts. Get rid of those for whom it doesn’t and then make your case without broad, unjustified, ad hominem attacks and maybe people will respect your views enough to at least consider them fairly. (No not everyone — especially on this website — but maybe enough to matter in a future election.)


Obviously you are upset with the outcome of last night’s election, but really?

I said the same to justducky, Caren would want you to be a gracious loser.


Oh, I see, now you are giving some respect to Caren…


I’m sure Caren would appreciate you respecting the voters’ choice. No one likes a sore loser.

Caren is taking the high road, unfortunately it reflects badly on her when you don’t.

I’m sure the loss is difficult, but why continue with the seething comments just because things didn’t go your way?


Agie, it’s not JUST because things didn’t go my way. I’ve been in this situation many times before and it has never gotten to me like this time. This one has to do with someone sneaking around the law. Who needs people like that elected to public office. Most of us try hard to keep those types out of office. It just makes me sick to see this happen to our County. You just elected a real stinker and apparently you haven’t a clue.

Should I take the high road when you choose to elect a clone of Adolf Hitler to office? Oh, gosh…I’d hate to be called a poor sport or “sore loser” by the likes of you with your great judgement!


Who said I was upset ? It will be ENTERTAINING !

Compton is a know-nothing ideologue that will have no difficulty shooting her mouth off and dragging attention away from Arnold!

I suppose they could take turns driving the clown car, but that’s not how it usually goes.


I believe Crow will be served at the next supervisor sponsored luncheon.


It is nice to have an elected representative again! Good campaign Lynn. But unlike Obama the work was not to get elected, the work begins now.


Nice win Lynn!