Paso Robles council banning spice

November 21, 2014

spiceThe Paso Robles City Council is banning synthetic drugs, known as spice, that often resemble marijuana and are to blame for a recent fatal collision in San Luis Obispo County. [KSBY]

On Tuesday, the Paso Robles City Council approved the initial reading of an ordinance banning the possession and retail sale of spice in the city. If passed during its second reading on Dec. 2, the ordinance will take effect on Jan. 1.

Violators of the spice ban would face up to six months in county jail and $1,000 fines. Businesses that sell spice could lose their licenses.

Spice is commonly sold in smoke shops and markets, especially in Paso Robles. City police say they have received complaints from parents about the synthetic drugs, and they often notice use of the substances on Paso Robles streets.

Spice is reportedly about 1,000 times stronger than traditional marijuana.

The driver who caused a fatal crash on Highway 1 in Cayucos last month was allegedly addicted to spice and used it prior to the collision. The crash killed two children and sent two adults to the hospital with major injuries.


Saying “Spice” is 1000 times stronger than MJ is like saying a jet is 1000 times faster than a horse. Both are modes of transportation, but have virtually nothing in common. Two vastly different drugs.


Under Jim Apps leadership the council has to take a position on a substance the Fed’s have deemed an illegal drug. Will they next take a position on sexual harassment and embezzlement of City Assets for personal gain – now this is something the council should address. Worthless idiots.


Typical of the lame ass city council. We have ONE incident with this spice stuff and Katy bar the door. Let’s ban it from the city even though it can probably be bought in Templeton. Granted, the stuff is for losers. I will stick to my real real marijuana thank you. The irony in this is that how many people were killed by drunk drivers in the county in the last year and what is the city doing about that? “Oh don’t touch our wine industry because we make too much money from that”. Hamon, Picacno, Martin, Strong, and Sienbeck, do realize how stupid you look when you do something like this? Start spending our valuable staff time on reasonable issues. Thank God at least one of you is gone in a few weeks.


Let’s see…first we will not comply with the will of the people and allow for marijuana dispensaries because we’re concerned that the kids might get their hands on some of that weed. This will result in them smoking a mix of god knows what with synthetic chemicals that is much more dangerous and incapacitates them to the point that one of them rolls a car over and kills some friends and a baby…

And then our solution will be to ban that, so that kids can’t get their hands on it.

Yeah, it makes total sense…if you just ignore all the dynamics that occurred as a result of the first policy. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?!

Hey Paso, you have a long history as a town which produced backwoods glue sniffers and paint huffers, you’re headed right back there. You’re not even going to know what is in your glue or who made it though, because you’ll only be able to buy it on the black market.

JB Bronson

Paso City Council reaching for low-hanging fruit. What about all the “massage” parlors and the women being exploited there?


Gee, They are really addressing the tough and pressing issues up there.


1,000 times stronger than traditional marijuana….is that true? If so, how could anyone under the influence of this stuff even find their car?


He who controls the spice.. controls the universe.


So if you ban it that means that no one will use it right? The SLO City Council is on crack. While they’re at it why don’t we ban meth and heroin!??!!. What will now happen is the creation of a supply and demand market that will become profitable.

I do not indorse nor defend the use of this produce however before you jump in with an emotional reaction to events that occurred, look beyond the end of your nose for real solutions.


Sorry: “Paso City Council” not SLO.


You might need to back off that spice habit, my friend :)




I agree. This ordinance will do zero to stop people from using synthetic drugs.


Yeah, I don’t get the though process one goes through that makes them feel that, because I said its illegal or we have a ban on something, that people are going to have this epiphany and not use products that make then “High”.

It’s like yelling “Stop!”………or I’ll yell “Stop” again. The idea of “banning” something does nothing to prevent its use.


Banning doesn’t prevent the use of it? But the one side says it does. It did for alcohol during prohibition……………..oh wait………….never mind.