Pismo Beach mayor race separated by one vote

November 13, 2014
Mayor Shelly Higginbotham

Mayor Shelly Higginbotham

The battle between incumbent Shelly Higginbotham and challenger Kevin Kreowski for the Pismo Beach mayor seat is close with Higginbotham ahead by one vote and just eight votes remaining to be counted. There are enough votes separating the city council candidates with Sheila Blake and incumbent Mary Ann Reiss each receiving a seat.

Amid a scandal and allegations of a cover-up, write-in candidate names are leading incumbent Mayor Tony Ferrara by 121 votes with 32 left to count. Then, the names will be checked to determine how many are for write in candidate Jim Hill, which will cost Hill votes.

However, almost a 1,000 blank votes will then be read to determine how many have Jim Hill written in though they forgot to check the box. In 2011, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that says if a write-in candidates name is written in it counts even if the box is not checked. The blank votes can only go for Hill.

In Paso Robles, Councilman John Hamon has enough votes to secure one of two council seats available. With 38 votes remaining, the next three candidates are separated by 22 votes. Jim Reed is 14 votes ahead of current Mayor Duane Picanco who is ahead of Pam Avila by eight votes.

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How bout to Monday being a completely different day in Merica’? Darren Wilson grand jury indictment finding to be posted friday at 6pm. If you think this weekend wont change the world, then you are living in a cave. Pent up aggression in politics, financial inequality, diminished rights, perceived racial inequality, and less tv, will make America explode.

And those that DON’T vote, vote for the eventual winner.

36.4% national turnout: disgraceful. We’re a land of the ignorant and apathetic …and I would say masochists.

Americans are fools.

No not really.

If they don’t vote we don’t give a RATTS ASS about what they think or want.

That’s how elections work. Unlike Obama who is able to know what the 2/3 of nonvoters want without them voting…if you don’t vote…frankly….you don’t matter!!!

George Carlin always said he doesnt vote so you cant blame him for the mess we are always in.

You are right about some but many others have given up on a process in which there are rarely options that are both good and viable. The “bigger” the office the more difficult it is to be elected without being a representative of a major party.

The major parties both are dominated by moneyed interests and those interests attach strings to their contributions. If an elected politician doesn’t then represent those interests after a successful candidacy, they won’t get enough money in the future to stay in power. (Propaganda works well in our society and it costs money.) Few candidates have the character to resist that pressure and the additional pressure applied by those already corrupted by the process.

One can vote for third party candidates (I often do) but they are usually only a symbolic vote wherein one is just saying to the major parties that here’s a vote you weren’t good enough to win. The tactic is not often effective given the continued success of the two big parties in elections.

Americans have three options for real reform: Constitutional Amendments to greatly reduce the role of money in elections and/or to alter the form of government to open it up to more influence by those not in the major parties; refuse to believe any political claims or promises made by people with a political agenda without enough evidence to convince an honest skeptic; or take over at least one (preferably both) parties from within and intelligently reform them (the Tea Party is working on the first half of the last option).

It’s amazing how many voters stay home when there are no promises of their mortgages being paid, free gasoline or cell phones.

After all, who wants to go vote when there’s nothing in it for you?

Guest Host Dan Blackburn interviews Jim Hill today at 4:05 p.m. on News/Talk 920 AM KVEC.

As well as new 4th District supervisor-elect Lynn Compton; Secretary of State-elect Sen. Alex Padilla; and Larry Lawton, one of the Brooklyn mob’s most productive jewel thieves, who founded the Reality Check program and is the author of the book “Gangster Redemption.”

No Caren Ray today?

Thankfully soon there will be no Caren Ray at all, at least in the 4th district.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We’re watching history in the making with regards to the November 2014 elections. Politics are changing, not only in the Senate but, at the local levels as well. The people are sending politicians a message;

We’re back in the game and are paying attention once again so take note of how the people react when you become blinded by power and corrupted by greed. When you stop listening to the people to whom you are supposed to represent, we shall pull the golden pacifier from your lips and send you packing. This message is long overdue, time to bring back the role integrity, honesty and service above self that public service was intended to be.

And if/when the people we just elected turn bad (the almost all do) we will vote them out as well. Doesn’t matter party, bad is bad and we have had enough!

Welcome to the TEA Party Revolution….

Who the hell goes home with just 8 more votes to count? FINISH already.

Seriously! I read that and though, “gee, in the time it took to write this article, couldn’t they have just tallied those eight votes?” Just. Wow.

What do you know, The Brown Factor has actually made a smart decision while in office!

Meaning……In 2011, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that says if a write-in candidates name is written in it counts even if the box is not checked. The blank votes can only go for Hill. Way to go Arroyo Grande!

This underscores the notion that every vote counts. Those who cast a ballot are making their voices heard one vote at a time.

Bye Bye Tony….

Bye Bye to Shelly….

To imcombent politicians that lost touch with the voters.