Victim of Arroyo Grande sucker punch dies

November 13, 2014
Ignacio Palomar

Ignacio Palomar

A 38-year-old Arroyo Grande man who was violently assaulted by a gang member outside a bar last month died from his injuries last week, according to the Arroyo Grande Police Department.

On Oct. 2, Ignacio Franco Palomar, 36, struck Gregory Arthur Rustigian from behind, knocking him to the ground and causing his head to hit a concrete curb. Rustigian suffered serious head injuries and entered into a coma, in which he lasted until he died on Nov. 7.

Sources say the assault stemmed from Rustigan being a little intoxicated and flirting with Palomar’s cousin inside Ralph and Duane’s Bar in Arroyo Grande. Rustigan did not realize that Palomar was a documented gang member with violent tendencies.

After the attack, Palomar evaded capture for nearly a month.

Surveillance cameras had not been working outside of Ralph and Duane’s, according to police. Cameras were functioning inside the bar, though.

On Oct. 31, Arroyo Grande detectives tracked Palomar to a Fresno neighborhood where he was hiding out. They arrested him with help from the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Marshal’s Task Force.

Palomar initially faced charges of assault likely to produce great bodily injury and battery with great bodily injury. Prosecutors will now amend the charges to include something ranging from manslaughter to murder.

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This guy is a rotten thug that has done nothing but fight and stab people his whole life. I went to school with this idiot and learned early on to avoid him whenever possible. He’s known for this type of assault and I hope his time has come. Save the state some funds and electricute his ass.

What do we know about him? Is he from here? I did a quick search and I found the same name associated with another assault in Hawaii. Seems like he has had a number of felony arrests. Don’t we have a three strikes law? I am guessing the courts failed with this guy. I do want to know if he is here legally though.

Hmmm… the Arroyo Grande Police Department – the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office – the U.S. Marshal’s Task Force.

Aren’t these SOCIALIST organizations ? All them exist because taxes are collected which pays for their salary’s, buildings, equipment, infrastructure, and training.

Oh good Lord…

Oh, but by all accounts of the perp’s familia and friends on the other news sites, he was a sweet, sweet boy that could do no wrong. What a douche.

They always say that, along with, “he had his reasons, so don’t judge him”.

SloTownMan, get used to it. Many like him are going to be released from jails and prisons in our state shortly. Am hoping you believe in the right to bear arms, as you are going to have to end up protecting yourself in this state. The leadership as it stands now are much to worried about getting these scumbags “counseling” rather then doing what is right and just.

I am ready!

Why wasn’t a “documented gang member with violent tendencies” locked up long ago never to see daylight again or put to sleep like a rabid dog?