Pismo Beach mayoral challenger vying for recount

November 19, 2014
Mayor Shelly Higginbotham

Mayor Shelly Higginbotham

A recount may be in order for the Pismo Beach mayoral race, which incumbent Shelly Higginbotham won by a margin of just two votes.

Challenger Kevin Kreowski is vying for a recount, and a supporter of his has mounted an online fundraising campaign to cover the costs. Higginbotham finished with 1,637 votes, and Kreowski tallied 1,635 votes in the final count by county election workers.

Elections officials have yet to certify the results of the race but could do so Wednesday. That would trigger a five-day period for Kreowski to request a recount.

If Kreowski calls for a recount, he must pay for the cost of the work. If he wins, though, the county will refund him the money.

To pay for the recount, Kreowski supporter Mark Adam is requesting donations on the website GoFundMe.com. The campaign has already reached $3,130 in contributions on the site, surpassing the stated goal of $3,000.

Contributions to the recount effort include $300 from County Supervisor Adam Hill and $100 from alleged conman Scott Barnes. The site also lists Higginbotham as a $495 donor.

“I believe it is important to the community to know for certain that the count is correct. Let’s get the election finalized and move ahead,” Higginbotham stated on the fundraising site.

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If A Hill gave money to KK thats a reason right there to not want him in office.

The RECALL of Christene Fellow Barnich needs to start NOW.

The MOMENTUM is there.

She was NEVER elected and her actions on the council are further proof she does not represent the majority of citizens in AG.

She is a Tony CLONE.

With a council majority of Hill, Harmon and ??? AG can take its city back.

I believe the recall process also allows for a replacement candidate in the same process.

IMO Mike Byrd or Otis Page would make for good government.


Both parties to a recount need to have someone familiar with challenging a ballot. If all that is requested is a re-do of how the ballots were counted, then this exercise is a waste of time and money -I am sure that the count is correct. The only way that either Kevin or Shelly can increase their vote count is to challenge ballots that never should have been counted because they were legally deficient.


You are a class act. You make Mark Adam look small and petty. There is not much you can do to Adam Hill, he will remain the perverted dwarf that he is cowering in the elevator with his buddy Gibson abusing female employees or helping Dee sell donated diapers to homeless mothers and pocketing the profits I have little regard for the self-serving elected officials of our county and i do not know how you vote on crucial issues before the city but you are demonstrating the class and style we all hope to see in our elected officials.

From SanSimeonSam

“…Adam Hill, he will remain the perverted dwarf that he is cowering in the elevator with his buddy Gibson….”

“….I have little regard for the self-serving elected officials of our county…..”

Absolute gems, Sam. A very nice condensation of the facts. Would that I could ever be so concise.

I nominate your second quote for the new motto of the county seal.


If you lose the recount you could use your free time to mount a campaign for Adam Hill’s seat!

And they might find that the ever popular Kevin lost by many more votes than were counted but, yes…….if it were me I’d go for the recount but, I wouldn’t be begging for money I don’t think.

And I would NOT accept money from a tainted source like Adam Hill.

If she doesn’t know Adam Hill is poison, or if she knows and accepts the money anyway, then she really is not the best choice for Mayor of Pismo Beach.

Oops…”then she really” should read “then he should really”

Can’t say that I blame him. I mean, aONE-vote difference?