Californians get 900 new laws

December 27, 2014

lawOn New Year’s Day California will have 900 new laws including one that allows drivers licenses for undocumented workers and several that help protect against online bullying.

Here are some of the new laws:

Law against posting private nude photos or videos online: Posting private nude photos or videos is now a misdemeanor. The law protects those who take nude selfies they intend to be private from distribution on the web.

Law against mug shot profiting: Posting a mug shot on line and then charging the person money to take it down will be a crime. Several commercial web sites game that a person’s embarrassment will get them to fork over anywhere from $300 to $800 to have it removed.

Paid sick leave: A new law now allows employees not currently offered sick leave to earn one hour for every 30 hours worked. California is the first state in the nation to require sick leave benefits.

Cell phone kill switches: All smartphones manufactured after July 1 and sold in California will be required to have a kill switch. If stolen or lost, the owner can activate the kill switch and render the phone inoperable.

Sexual assault at colleges and universities: During colleges and universities disciplinary hearings over allegations of sexual assault, the standard will move from did one party say no to did both parties say yes. The adoption of the new policy is required if campuses want to continue receiving state financial aid.

Groundwater basins: There are three new laws in California to begin regulation of the state’s groundwater basins. The laws require local agencies to create sustainable groundwater management plans.

Driver’s licenses for undocumented residents: A law passed in 2013, goes into effect Jan. 3 allowing undocumented people living in the United States to get a drivers license. The Department of Motor Vehicles is expecting approximately 1.4 million people to apply.


A handful of new Texas laws take place in January as compared to California’s 900.

On my short street in Paso, I have one taxpaying neighbor moving to Arizona, and another taxpaying neighbor looking at houses in Arizona. I hope that I don’t end up having to leave the state. Does anyone know of some legal tax dodges for citizens?


Remember, nearly every law simply increases our costs in some way.


are you confusing cost with value?


900 new laws. Nuff said.

Jorge Estrada

How about a law that disallows new laws which duplicate existing laws that are not enforced. Additionally, the author as well as those legislators that pass these redundant laws be personally liable for all costs.


How about starting a petition for a ballot measure, No new laws that don’t have a sunset clause, and of one not more than 4 years, and two like water credits, no new laws without removing old ones, at least at a one for one ratio? I’d signed that petition.


Don’t forget our new carbon gas tax beginning in 2015 giving us the most expensive gas in the country. Thanks Jerry


“Driver’s licenses for undocumented residents.” Why must the hard-working middle class taxpayer subsidize the citizens of other countries?