County supervisors in line for holiday pay raise

December 8, 2014

slo county signOne week after granting themselves $1,000 each from county coffers, San Luis Obispo County supervisors will consider approving a 5 percent boost to their own paychecks.

At last week’s board of supervisors meeting, the board voted unanimously to award a one-time $1,000 payments to all full-time county workers and pro-rated amounts to part-time employees. The payments, which are described as offsets to rising health care costs, will cost the county more than $2.4 million.

On Tuesday, county officials will ask the supervisors to grant themselves salary increases of about $4,000 annually. If approved, the base salaries of each of the supervisors will increase from approximately $82,014 to $86,115.

In total, the proposed pay raise would cost the county $31,815 annually in salary and related costs, according to a county staff report.

Funding for the salary increases would come from operational savings, if available. If not, the board would likely transfer the money from general fund reserves or contingencies.

Human resources staff is using a county compensation study to justify the proposed pay raise. The study concluded that the supervisors are compensated 14.9 percent below market value.

In order for the pay increase to take effect, the supervisors must pass an ordinance, which requires holding a second hearing. The supervisors are expected to give final approval for the raise at their Dec. 16 meeting, which is the final time board is scheduled to convene in 2014.

If approved, the pay raise would take effect on Feb. 15.

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compensated…….below market value?

I didn’t read the staff report, but unless this is a “comparative compensation” study as to county population, budget or something, then it’s got to be a real hoot. The comparative compensation thing (aghast, our supervisors are below the modal or mean pay scale!) is just a race to leap-frog over each other for elected officials to justify raises.

It’s disgusting. All I can do is say that probably we COULD justify raises. Our supervisors indeed ARE standout characters in some respects.

Hill – remarkable comedic, tragic, and sociopathic actions in public office and private life.

Ray – best performance for an always-appointed, never elected apparatchik (underscore chik)

Gibson – poster boy for exceptional Brown Act violations in a California public forum.

Gee, you think they’ll vote for a raise for themselves? NO! They care too much about the county to rob the coffers more. Oh that’s right, they don’t give a crap about the county, just their own agendas. Yeah, I’ll bet I know how this is going to go!

I wish my job allowed me to vote myself a raise whenever costs go up!

Perhaps all property taxpayers should withhold their property tax payments for the installment due April 2015. We have got to stop feeding this pig as it is overweight, insensitive, capricious and apparently rabid. They have already given away over $2mm of our money. This would get their attention!

2.4 mil for grins

1.2 for the bob jones trail

400,000 to some two bit group to buy dirt in Pismo

what was it a couple hundred thou to crapslo

I would guess with with a little more thought we could come up with more of our money these clowns have given away.

‘Human resources staff is using a county compensation study to justify the proposed pay raise. The study concluded that the supervisors are compensated 14.9 percent below market value.”

And WHO conducted the performance study? I’m sure that would indicate that they are performing far more that 14.9 percent BELOW market value. This is an outrage.

At what point do we stop rewarding and reinforcing failure?

Since the holiday’s gets more expensive each year as well, how about writing a law to give each Supervisor a $5k stipend to buy Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza presents as well as non-religious holiday presents to not offend anyone?

Are you aware that Bruce gave $950.00 to help pay for a band, hotdogs, cake and sodas at the party for the sewer contractors last spring?

Come on, Bruce is a Party Animal; thinks it’s OK to spend taxpayer funds on a party where only 150 of his closest friends attend.

This was a fabulous photo op for his run in the primary, but who cares?

Not the voters of Dist. 2, that’s for sure.

No, no…Bruce is the Greg Marmarlard of Omega House and Adam is ..

Neidermeyer. I stand with my brothers from Delta Tau Chi.

The Arrogance of these “public servants ” is amazing. My insurance went sky high too.

They will get it and there is nothing you can do. it’s called government.

get elected feel the love

Some Pigs are more equal than others.

So much for the “pain plan.”