NRC responds to allegations of collusion

December 16, 2014

diabloStatement by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

The emails Friends Of the Earth reference in a press release issued today show internal efforts within NRC Public Affairs to understand the agency’s actions related to the report PG&E planned to issue the state of California.

It had been reported that the state report was expected in September. Simultaneously, NRC was in the process of issuing a final decision on the differing professional opinion submitted by its former senior resident inspector.

The Office of Public Affairs is on record telling reporters that the final DPO decision would come out mid-September. None of the emails show collaboration between NRC and PG&E on timing of the individual releases.

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12/16/2014 (LATimes) PG&E email hints at improper contacts with PUC’s Mike Florio



An ongoing scandal continues to unfold over what critics contend is an overly chummy relationship between electricity and natural gas companies and state utility regulators……

What evidence could be provided to prove that something did not take place?

A list of emails that were never conceived, written or sent?

A list of meetings that were never called, scheduled or attended?

Calling for such evidence is cheap-jack, political trickery. Calling for such evidence before a steam-head of outrage has already built among the public is incompetent cheap-jack, political trickery.

I venture you’ll find the NRC somewhat better prepared for these Atwater type tactics than were Mr. Ferrara and Mr. Adams.

Government and business colluding to hide the truth from the public in order to advance their own self-interested agendas? Do you think the benefit Diablo provides is worth the risk of a nuclear fallout disaster here on the central coast? Regardless of how you feel about nuclear power in general, what we do know about DC is that one of the reactors structural supports is installed backwards, the installation does not meet its own original minimum seismic safety requirements, and PG&E doesn’t want to pay to have these potentially very serious problems fixed to meet previous NRC standards. I suppose the risk of enduring a Fukashima-like meltdown here on the central coast is “low,” but do you really want to take the gamble of having to evacuate your homes so PG&E can advance its own bottom line? Especially considering all of the subsidies, tax breaks, and other handouts they’ve already managed to weasel out of the taxpayer? At the very least the principal of the situation should concern you! Fuck PG&E and fuck the boys in their back pocket over at the NRC – it seems to me they feel the same way about us!

“We don’t know of any collusion” — what a dodge. There either was collusion or there wasn’t, and if they really were being honest than they would just come out and unambiguously say whats up. Clearly they think highly of our intelligence.

PG&English essentially funda the county so where you get the idea of tax breaks is off the wall. Additionally, we as ratepayers and electricity users pay for it all anyways.

PG&E pays no federal or state taxes. In fact, PG&E enjoys a negative federal income tax rate and actually pockets about half a $billion extra per year.

PG&E was granted protected monopoly status in exchange for them putting up the investment money needed to construct plants and the like, but they have managed to get ALL of these costs covered via government handouts and are still allowed to profit off of customers rather than break even.

Despite all this the worst part is PGE still wont act responsibly with regards to due diligence issues because they are always bailed out. PGE was recently found to be CRIMINALLY GUILTY for the deadly San Bruno gas line explosion and orchestrating a cover-up with the California Public Utilities Commission (sound familiar?) They were fined, but all of that fine is allowed to be applied to updating the infrastructure that was supposed to be updated in the first place. Innocent people lost family and their homes, and it looks like pge will still step away with a profit.

Diablo is regarded as the most at risk nuclear plant in the country. The reactor supports were BUILT BACKWARDS. The plant does not meet the original minimum seismic safety requirements. It looks as though the NRC (who is supposed to be protecting us) is in bed with the very company they are supposed to be regulating. A very similar scenario played out in Japan prior to the Fukashima disaster.

I don’t have an issue with nuclear. At least its better than FF (provided there is no disaster). My issue is with the corruption.

If not for the movie “Erin Brockovich”, most people would be unaware of the disaster that PGE foisted upon the desert community of Hinkley, California.

Do a bit of research and you will discover incident after incident of contamination and coverup. It’s astonishing.

markslo70, do you just fabricate BS or do you honestly believe that we are idiots?

PG&E pays plenty of taxes.

Income statements are next to useless for figuring out whats going on accounting-wise within a company. Here’s a release from ctj that provides a nontechnical explanation of the tax issue that’s fairly easy to comprehend. For more than 20 years PGE has had a negative federal income tax rate and have made MORE after taxes than before taxes.

In other words, PG&E and its handmaidens in the NRC are telling us: “go *uck yourselves.”

They didn’t even bother to cite any evidence that there was no collusion….which is probably because there is no evidence.