Robber botches two theft attempts in SLO

December 4, 2014

slopoliceA man described as an 18 to 20 years old Hispanic snatched purses from two women in San Luis Obispo on Wednesday, but in both instances, failed to escape with the stolen handbags.

Around 5:40 p.m., a female reported to police that the Hispanic man ran past her and grabbed her purse in the 900 block of Chorro Street. The suspect fled through Mission Plaza and then dropped the purse but continued running, according to San Luis Obispo Police.

The female victim then recovered her own purse.

When officers responded to the botched robbery, they received a report of a second purse theft with a matching suspect.

The second robbery occurred in the 900 block of Nipomo Street near the entrance to the Creamery. The thief approached the second female from behind, grabbed her handbag, which contained her purse, and fled into the Creamery.

When the second robbery occurred, the victim screamed, and a citizen saw the suspect running from the scene. The citizen chased the suspect, who fled into the creek behind the Creamery.

The robber quickly became trapped on a steep portion of the creek bank with few possible escape routes. The citizen giving chase ordered him to bring him the stolen handbag, and the robber complied.

The thief then fled north on Nipomo Street and evaded capture. San Luis Obispo police are still searching for the robber.

He is described as between 5 feet and five feet two inches tall and weighing about 140 pounds. Witnesses last saw him wearing a black Raider’s hat, a dark hooded sweatshirt and dark pants.

Officers request that anyone with information about the robberies contact the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

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Really, only a 5 footer? Lucky for him no 4th graders were around to beat the crap outta him! Hey it’s that time of the year, maybe he can get legit work as one of Santa’s little helpers.

More ghetto crime!

Short hispanic male in a raider’s cap. That narrows it down.

Why aren’t people more aware of their surroundings? You must look around as you walk, and practice situational awareness. I see women of all ages wandering around the grocery store with their bags on the cart, behind them, out of sight. I see solo pedestrians lost in thought or on the phone, totally unaware of the others around them, some of whom are just looking for such easy pickings. When you are out in public you are at risk and must be alert: the thieves are…

It should not be necessary to have that level of awareness at all times — at least for those of us who prefer living in a civilized place rather than some big metro area where society seems focused on getting what you can as fast as you can. This did happen after dark but it happened in an active commercial district not in some remote, isolated area.

I do agree that the phone/text/mobile internet obsession is going too far in the other direction though — not for reasons of potential attackers so much as for reasons of consideration of others and for safety from accidents.

I agree: If we lived in a civilized place, that level of awareness should not be necessary. Unfortunately, we don’t; therefore, it is.

This is San Luis Obispo, the happiest place in the world

We are just a hitch hike or bus ride away

Welcome all you losers and derelicts

Thank you Opra

This makes me sooo mad!!

Women/purses/a thief , women are so vulnerable, easy targets AND those of us who like to shop in SLO must constantly be alert! how sad, how disturbing. The women could have been hurt if they had ‘hung onto their purses’, what needs to be done to protect women, alone, who just want to shop, enjoy the day, have lunch with friends in SLO? Be aware out there, oh my.


This is another of the increasing amount of incidents that have taken place on the streets of SLO. With the holiday season upon us we must be even more aware of these crimes of opportunity, Women walking around shopping and distracted by looking into shop windows while carrying purses full of cash,credit cards and a phone are seemingly easy targets. Thankfully this guy was just in it for the sport since he was only doing “catch and release”, or perhaps he was just perfecting his craft. Watch out though because third time is the charm and he is still out there. His description profiles him as a gangbanger that wasn’t familiar with the streets since he got himself cornered, lets hope he was just passing thru on his way back to SM.

Are you kidding? These type of people are all over Southern California.

Read the news for the L.A. area, that will give you a real idea of what’s going on. People in SLO have no idea.

Zuma7, that kind of was my point, this isn’t Southern Ca.and we walk around with a false sense of security because in our minds we are in the happiest place on earth. Point being, be aware of whats going on around you and take the appropriate measures so you can minimize being a target. Yeah its sad, the good ol days are gone and the scum of the earth are steadily creeping in.