Ferrara slams… well, almost everyone

December 4, 2014
Ex-mayor Tony Ferrara

Ex-mayor Tony Ferrara

Stringing together a heated litany of complaints and accusations, Arroyo Grande’s dethroned mayor Tony Ferrara launched a lengthy and emotional attack Thursday against the city’s police department and those who worked for his defeat.

Ferrara was bounced from his job — and from the prestigious presidency of the League of California League — Nov. 4 following a vigorous, brief, but successful write-in campaign by Jim Hill.

In his commentary in the local daily newspaper, Ferrara lists a number of things that irritated him about his losing campaign.

Among his myriad comments: “I could continue to feel short-changed that my opponent chose to hide behind an aggressive and well-planned propaganda machine and not engage me in a conventional campaign,” he wrote.

“I could opine that things might have turned out differently if my opponent and I could have openly, publicly debated the issues and through that process, afforded me the opportunity to challenge the mountain of misinformation promoted by a vicious, destructive and unethical social and fringe media campaign — a campaign launched in part by a police union that substituted greed and intimidation for the honor of wearing their badge.”

Ferrara has promised to stay involved in community issues.

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BOSS Hog LOL Good stuff.

He has no one to blame but him self, this is perfect,

” What goes around Comes around”

He can pound his chest all he wants, but all the people whom ,He & the rest hurt got their pay back. Time after time , people all over the city had stuff crammed down their neck, and poor ole Tony does not like it.

Well Tony ,You & your Buddies can take that “Historic Stillwell House “and put it where the Sun Does Not Shine..

my Grandmother would say Put That in your pipe & smoke it! As I said before You Tony & the council Can ware that around like a hat, A Crowning achievement,preserve that Historic 10 feet saved .. what a bill of goods you bought. You and ole Browney Button!

Gotcha! … now who’s laughing big boy! I’m just one person you screwed in this City.

It’s almost the end of the year with the Tribunes TOP 10 stories of 2014. Given Arroyo Grande’s propensity to be above the fold on many days, we will see if the ole editorial board will be able to put the “July 3rd incident” as one of the top stories.

That way ADAMS and Ferrara can be so proud!

The brave policemen of Arroyo Grande, sworn to protect the lives of the citizens, placed their professional lives and reputations on the line to set the record straight on the Adams/McClish incident.

A majority of citizens voting also have stood in electing Jim Hill as Mayor to support the truth as now courageously established by the police.

As Ferrara exits from the position of Mayor he should be aware that his many excellent contributions over the years are seriously undermined by a number of issues — but none more serious than the orchestrated false story — bought on to and endorsed by the SLO Tribune and the Santa Maria times — that the police acted out of malice because of the Union issue with Adams.

This and the failure of the Charter issue, condemned by the Unions. may have been Ferrara’s explanation to the California League of Cities as to why he lost the election– but if so, it is not the truth.

The Sintra Report assessing the situation confirmed the police are the heroes in this story, that the assessment that their involvement was biased by Union negotiation issues was false and a publicity foray by Ferrara supporters. Hookstra orally confirmed this fact in answering a question.

With each passing day I am more thankful Jim Hill was elected.

It gives me hope that while significant change may take time,

we have taken a substantial leap towards positive leadership and accountability.

I understand Tony being shaken by the election results.

Losing to a write-in is more of a blow to his ego than he can accept.

Truly, it was as as if a tidal wave hit his private beach

and wiped out everything he knew and loved. I get that.

He did not see the storm coming.

What I do not understand is why he continues to blame everyone around him.

He continues to see himself as a victim and in order to help rationalize his loss,

his attackers grow in strength, size, and numbers by the day.

If he only knew…

It wasn’t the POA that led people to display a sign, or stand on a corner, or walk fliers, or talk to their friends and neighbors.

It was our desire for change.

Jim Hill offered us an alternative, with Tony we knew it would be more of the same.

I hope some day he comes to realize the critical role he played, and for his sake, can stop blaming others and move on.

Well said!

While Boss Hogg may continue to slam everyone from the cops to the fringe in the coming months…perhaps years, it’s important to remember that we SLAMMED the political door shut on him for good.

Are you kidding? With all of his *itching and moaning, and promises that he will remain active in AG politics?

“Ever vigilant” should be our motto.

Stephan King would certainly characterize his political career as a Dead Man Walking.

I concur.

I think Ferrara’s comment end the debate over whether he would ever understand and except his role in his election loss. Given his comments further discussion and hope that he one day would want to be a positive AG resident are over and decided.

Here are some things Tony forgot to mention:

” I can look back now and clearly see that things would have gone differently had I held Steve Adams accountable for his actions early on instead of trying to shelter him at the expense of other’s reputations. I think also if I had taken the high road and declined to comment on this matter, citing the confidentiality of personnel matters, rather than blaming our police officers, who were just doing the job we payed them to do, I might not have awakened so many of our slumbering citizens who had no idea what was really going on at city hall I might have been reflected.”

I owe you one.

You nailed it!

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