Santa Maria man arrested for murdering mother

December 26, 2014
Gabriel Espinoza

Gabriel Espinoza

A Santa Maria man is accused of murdering his mother, whose body turned up in the Orange County city of La Habra in July. [KEYT]

Authorities arrested Gabriel Espinoza Tuesday at his Santa Maria home. In July, a man found the body of Espinoza’s mother, Emma Posadas-Espinoza, in foliage behind a carport on a La Habra street.

A few days later, Espinoza gave a tearful interview to KEYT in which he said he forgave the killer. The interview took place on the day family members were arranging his mother’s funeral.

Recently released autopsy reports indicated that Posadas-Espinoza, a resident of Lompoc, died of asphyxiation.

Espinoza faces a charge of first-degree murder with special circumstances. He is currently in Orange County Jail, where authorities are holding him without bail.


…and I thought I had mommy issues.

Theo P. Neustic

Well, if he forgave himself, why have a trial?