Shooting in Santa Maria

December 9, 2014

gunPolice discovered a man with a gunshot wound in a Santa Maria alleyway Monday night. [KEYT]

Officers responded to calls of gunshots in the 600 block of West Cypress Street around 10:30 p.m. They found the man lying in the alleyway off the street with a bullet wound in his upper body.

Emergency responders transported him to Marian Regional Medical Center, where he received treatment for the wound.

Santa Maria police have not made any arrests nor identified any suspects, as of Tuesday morning. Detectives are still in the preliminary stages of the investigation.


Say it isn’t so! Why is Santa Maria turning into a ghetto? What is the cost of all this unnecessary crime to the taxpayer?


What do you mean “turning” it already is a ghetto

I remember when I was in high school in the early 80s we were told not to go to a certain

part of town.. you might get beat up or robbed or both.. now you might get carjacked or killed

but its a “nice place” what a joke


What are the biggest gangs?


From the Sun, 2009:

“Today, according to police, the city is home to an estimated 1,400 gang members, evenly split between Northwest and West Park. While the gangs may have started out territorially linked, members are currently spread throughout the city and out into Nipomo, Guadalupe, Sisquoc, and Lompoc.

Gang sweeps and FBI raids have fractured the core structure of the two groups to the degree that West Park members—of which an estimated 80 percent or so are undocumented immigrants—rarely communicate and commonly fight each other, not knowing they share affiliations.

Besides the two major gangs, police have seen splinter affiliations with Mexican gang MS 13, and Los Angeles gangs like 18th Street, Crips, and Bloods”.

2010 KSBY Largest gang in Santa Maria busted–35 arrested.

“Police said the West Park Gang has around 800 members and 300 to 400 known associates. Officers also said those gang members are as young as 14, and as old as 40”.

Since 2010, the Feds must have pulled out. There is no evidence seen in the news sources to show that gangs are being policed. Political correctness or maybe they are all behaving themselves?

Rich in MB

Santa Marina Gangs at it again…