Atascadero seeking to outlaw dumpster diving

December 9, 2014

bears trashThe Atascadero City Council is scheduled to vote on whether or not to enact an anti-dumpster diving ordinance at Tuesday’s council meeting.

After receiving multiple complaints about people rummaging through dumpsters searching for recyclables, city staff is proposing an anti-scavenging ordinance. If passed, those caught going through trash will have committed an infraction and could receive a ticket.

Nevertheless, a state law already prohibits taking recyclables from recycle containers.

Scavenging, according to the city staff report, leads to loitering, identity theft and trash left on the ground.

Throughout the world, foraging through trash for usable items is usually done because of economic issues. However, dumpster diving is also done by private and public investigators seeking information.

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but i was lookin for my lost Rolex

I did an independent research study on the homeless in SLO about 2 years ago. (That means I had no funding and paid for it myself….ouch). My guide (a man that had impeccable grooming for a homeless man but fit the DSM-5 protocol for antisocial personality disorder [sociopath]). (No, they are not all killers-they just don’t like society and people for a variety of reasons).

The first outstanding feature is that these people have a “creek system” that rivals the public bus transport system! They are a subculture unto themselves with “guards” in certain underground tunnels and their own currency. This currency: is our trash.

There is a definite agenda to “starve out” certain elements of society in this culture-because we don’t like looking at them. It makes us uncomfortable to think we could end up like this. And, in order to appease that subconscious fear, we do much like the caste system does in India. We treat them like crap. We deny them access to garbage, which is their currency system. I was taken to a “bank” of discarded clothing, electronic items and various other things that never made from the rather well-off college students to the landfill.

We cannot look at this in a positive way (that it is a sort of subcultural recycling system) because we demand that everyone obey and that they “be alike” in this society. If they are out of the “system”, we will find a way to starve them out. We are a hateful society that looks down on anyone who is different-no matter if they are mentally ill, disfigured, homeless, addicted, etc. We are a society that is being eaten alive by this hate. My friend puts it quite simply and elegantly (lol). He says “SLO has a giant stick up their a—“. Stop thinking you are superior-you aren’t.

I find this shocking, dumpster diving by investigators looking for clues? What? Mostly, we have guys rummaging through our dumpsters looking for cans and bottles? Where are these investigators? Just wondering….

YOU IN THE DUMPSTER! Come out with your trash in the air! No funny business.