SLO County supervisors give themselves raises

December 17, 2014

slo county signThe San Luis Obispo County supervisors granted themselves a 5 percent pay raise on Tuesday, increasing their annual salaries by about $4,000 annually.

The board of supervisors approved the raises on a 4-1 vote with Supervisor Debbie Arnold dissenting. Arnold said the money allocated for the raise would be best spent on county services, while other supervisors defended the pay increases as a timely move to offset slight pay cuts that occurred during the recent recession.

Outgoing Supervisor Caryn Ray voted in favor of the increase, even though the extra pay will go to Lynn Compton, who defeated her in the November election. Ray said supervisors must have livable wages to ensure that their positions are not exclusive for the wealthy or retirees.

A few members of the public spoke during the hearing. Each opposed the pay increases.

The raises will bump the supervisors’ base salaries from approximately $82,014 to $86,115. The increases will cost the county $31,815 annually in salary and related costs, according to a report prepared human resources staff.

Prior to the vote, human resources staffers stated a recent study indicated that the supervisors are compensated at 14.9 percent below market value.

The pay raises will take effect on Feb. 15, 2015.


no, they have staff spend time and money to find a report that shows they are underpaid!

this is the same staff that created a report that compaired other areas similar to SLO that were making more money so, they got a raise too!

“slight pay cuts that occurred during the recent recession.”? what pay cuts? I’ve never heard anything of the sort! not for the supervisors, staff, yes.

I would like to know the facts about that statment.


So you need 86,000 a year to live here in SLO county,really,for that kind of money I have half a brain to run for supervisor here against gibson,thats all he’s operating with.

With the hate and discontent that we the people have shown hill and gibson,you’d think these two clowns would get a message,I guess arrogance wins over.


they are worth below market value. have them go some place else to get up to market value. maybe Warick Rhode Island?


tomsquawk: Funny you chose such a random place. I grew up not too far from there. Rhode Island’s corrupt politicians make california’s look like choirboys and girls (see Buddy Cianci aka the Prince of Providence).

Incidentally, it’s Warwick.


Thank you, Debbie Arnold, for voting no on this pay raise but shame on you, Frank Mecham. You’ve become out of touch with your North County constituents…unless they own a large winery or hotel.


Not really news – this was a foregone conclusion when initially put forth about 2 weeks


It is absolutely a grand system in place where-in an elected official can vote themselves

a raise. How many of us middle-class, working stiffs would love to have the right to give

ourselves a raise??

Even if the BOS deserved a raise (and this could be debated at length) the method

used to do this should be changed. Something smells a little rotten with the current



Also, and correct me if I’m wrong–but don’t each of these supervisors have a full-time assistant who handles many of their duties like returning phone calls, writing letters, scheduling appointments and speaking engagements, etc…


They do but, in fairness those appointments, meetings of all sorts and the research needed to make the decisions for which they are responsible often is enough to constitute a real work week — and includes evening meetings frequently too.

As someone else commented, the raise itself is arguable. It is the process that stinks. Personally, I think they do put in the time working but the quality of their work negates any justification for a raise.


Rigged system, one that allows those effected to decide their own raise. Let the votes decide, not those sitting in office.


Perhaps Ms. Compton, after being seated, will bring this up and see if the new board will consider repealing the raise. Even if it would fail, and likely would with Mr. Gibson and Mr. Hill, it would show us our votes for Ms. Compton were heard and she will represent the voters unlike Ms. Ray.


To illustrate the difference between Government and private enterprise, compare and contrast this article and the 13-year old on Shark Tank that are both posted on this site.

The 13-year old makes a product, goes door to door to sell it, markets herself on Shark Tank, gets a deal with two sharks due to her strength of presentation and niche product, and, according to one of the posts, sells 15,000 units for Christmas.

Government officials consult a study that says they are underpaid and give themselves a raise.


I would say that they are not underpaid if voters keep re-electing them after they do this. Of course what they are effectively getting paid for is selling those voters on their “competence” and judgment. They are every bit as good as “sales” as the Shark Tank girl — although she is selling a much better product.


As far as I’m concerned, their “market value” is….ZERO