Do social services agencies promote drugging children?

December 28, 2014

pillsAmid demands for foster care reform, the Bay Area News Group has been documenting the alarming use of medications allegedly used to control foster children through sedation.

Bay area reporters interviewed 175 people, including dozens of current and former foster care children. In part five of an investigative series, “Drugging Our Kids,” a documentary video gives a voice to many people who were silenced during their youth by powerful drugs.

In San Luis Obispo County, the bulk of children taken from their families were not abused by the parents, but allegedly neglected, according to state reports. In some cases, parents have lost custody of their child even though there have been no claims of abuse or neglect against the non-offending parent. A lawsuit filed this month in Riverside County says social workers are kidnapping children for the funding their departments receive from the state.

Meanwhile, studies show children in state custody are up to 600 percent more likely to be neglected, abused and murdered then those left in the custody of their parents.

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First of all, DSS in SLO County cannot force children take medications. Children that have

been removed from birth parents due to substance use, neglect, abuse, etc must be seen by a pediatrician and fully examined. The pediatrician will determine if medication is needed.

There are certain conditions that occur with children that have been exposed prenatally to

drug exposed children, or children who have been exposed to domestic violence. Some

children have been shown to do well with medication. Others have been shown to simply do well with a loving foster placement and a calm routine. My point is that each child should be

assessed on a case by case basis, and if a case manager is doing a quality job, that is what

should be happening.

A must see—

Drugs such as Ritalin have been used to mask poor parenting and lack of discipline for years so this report comes as no surprise.

No surprises here. Our government has “drugged” us for decades into believing that what they do is in our best interest. Case in point…Vietnam. Most recently…Iraq.

State wise…900 new laws, a crumbling infrastructure, a bullet train, and uncontrolled panga boats…just to name a few.

In the near future Child Protective Services will most certainly be renamed Government Protective Services.

Note that social services is not capitalized, which means these claims are being made against the Department of Social Services, Probation and Mental Health, and the out-of-home placements they use.

And yes, it is absolutely true.

What Governmental agency DOESNT promote the opposite of what they are created to fix….its the reality of Government programs and exactly why looking to the Government to fix a social problem never works.

Slight correction, Rich: “…exactly why looking to the Government to fix a social problem that they created never works.”