Strong arm robber surrenders to police

December 28, 2014

Santa Maria robberA teenager caught on video robbing a Santa Maria market on Christmas Day turned himself in on Friday.

The 17-year-old, who is not being named because of his age, was watching the news with his parents when a surveillance photo of the robbery was shown. His parents then drove the teen to the police department where he admitted to the robbery and assault.

The teen is accused of taking merchandise and then assaulting the store clerk before fleeing the scene.

Jorge Estrada

This family gathering at home was a Kodak Moment to remember. This is the luckiest kid for 2014.


The most surprising part of the article is that parents is plural. Good for them for turning him in. Hopefully not too late for this kid to learn a lesson.

Hope the 12 pack of soda was worth it.


Imagine trying to live that one down in Juvie: “Hey, holmes, how’d they catch you?” “They dinnint, essay – moms and pops drug me down by the ear.”


Bravo to the parents!

A act of good parenting should not go unappreciated.


I Commend the parents for doing the right thing , they may have just taught this young man a lesson in life ,so he will not end up like the fergeson kid.


He still will, but at least the parents seem to be trying.


Hilarious. Funniest story I’ve read all day.

You’re sitting there watching tv with your parents and there you are on tv.

Dad is probably wondering how this kid could possibly be his.


Yea and………… son is on the football team and never has been in trouble, etc. etc.


He’s really a good boy, and would never

hurt anyone.

(we’ve heard that one before too)


Chocoholic…are you a parent? You think this is funny? I’m very sure it wasn’t funny to the parents of this kid and it took real fortitude to turn him in to the police. More power to them! I’m sure they aren’t wondering anything, but how they can keep their kid from becoming a lifetime criminal. You have a very strange sense of humor or have not experience enough of life yourself.


You might as well name the punk as showing his picture clearly identifies him to the dozens of people or more that know him. Go to the high school after Christmas vacation and the first student you ask will tell you his name…


They should! Nothing is more irritating than puck criminals never getting named.


I think you mean confessed.