State-of-the-art homeless shelter on the way to SLO

December 8, 2014

CAPSLO CenterThe Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo (CAPSLO) is ready to seek regulatory approval for construction of its long-awaited homeless services center that is supposed to be a one-stop shop for San Luis Obispo County’s impoverished residents.

On Wednesday, CAPSLO officials will appear before the San Luis Obispo Planning Commission seeking a use permit for a proposed 150-bed facility to be built on a vacant lot across from the city corporation yard. The homeless center would consolidate the services currently provided at the Maxine Lewis shelter and Prado Day Center at the single location — 40 Prado Road.

CAPSLO’s plans call for a 20,000 square-foot facility that will include a commercial kitchen, dining room, laundry facility, offices, children’s play area, community meeting room and a lounge. The shelter component will consist of up to 70 beds for males and up to 40 for females, as well as an additional 40 beds separated in dormitories for families.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served daily.

CAPSLO case managers will work on site to try to secure permanent housing for homeless clients. CAPSLO has in the past required clients to turn over the majority of their income in order to enter the case management program.CAPSLO Courtyard

The nonprofit’s safe parking program, which allows homeless individuals to sleep in their vehicles at night, will also shift to the 40 Prado Road location. Currently the Prado Day Center, which CAPSLO operates, is the only location where the homeless can legally sleep inside their vehicles at night within the city of San Luis Obispo.

CAPSLO jointly purchased the vacant Prado Road property with the San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority (SLORTA). A regional transit center is expected to be built on the lot beside the homeless center.

Prior to construction, CAPSLO must attain approval from multiple advisory bodies, as well as from the San Luis Obispo City Council. The council majority, though, has already endorsed the project and contributed city funds toward its design and construction.

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Lets say this project is “successful” it will become a famed model

and many more or all sorts will come (The happiest place in the world)!!!

“Success” does NOT come in a free lunch, its gonna cost you and me!

There are plenty of rich folks in SLO but they will not fork out $$$ unless there is something in it for them in some way or form.

So the politicians and the rich in town will always use other people’s $$$ ie yours and mine.

Why are rich people responsible for those who are not rich?

Did they consider future expansion for this over$ kill$ project!

They are going to need to, a lot more homeless are gonna come.

Such an expensive project will be permanent, not transitional.

It’s a back and forth argument about doing something for the homeless,

but I am convinced CAPSLO does not have the competence to administer a facility like this.

That part of the argument I’ve made up my mind on.

CAPSLO administrators will be paid well and untrained staff who deal with the clients will be paid just above minimum wage.

Cooperdog missed the reports of why the Boy’s school sits empty. Rules and regs courtesy of County and State “Nanny” types say about 4 million dollars worth of upgrades are needed before any use. So, it sits with four employees working in per shift- around the clock. Nothing to see or do here!




Facilities are so first class, it will make everyone want to be homeless.

Its gonna be better than what I, my wife and kids got!

Hey its Christmas time and that reminds me …whose in charge of the gift cards this year? Is it still Dee “nothing up my sleeve” Torres ?

No gift cards….this year MEDALLIONS!

I don’t know if your joking or not but if you aren’t, here’s a 2-month old newsflash. Dee Torres has quit CAPSLO and is suing them because of “retaliation for complaints about safety.”

How can this project be stopped? Interesting this wasn’t made public before the election.

Umm… if you were unaware of the project it is because you weren’t paying attention. This is the second location for the project– the first was donated by the County, but the neighboring businesses objected. I believe, this property was one of the locations suggested by the neighbors. There has been quite a few news items about the project over the past couple of years.

Doesn’t answer the question HOW CAN IT BE STOPPED???????

If they continue to make homelessness more and more comfortable I’m going to quit my job and move into my RV. You don’t have to kick me in the head.

When government supports and subsidizes a certain lifestyle and behavior, they create more of it.

Why not use an old unused city building?

Preferably in San Francisco.