Surfer suffers shark bite at Montana de Oro

December 29, 2014


A shark attacked and bit, but did not kill, a man surfing near the sand spit at Montana de Oro Sunday morning. [Tribune]

Shortly after 11 a.m., an approximately 8 to 10-foot juvenile shark swam underneath the surfer and grazed his surfboard, right hip and thigh with its teeth. The Tribune identified the surfer as 50-year-old Morro Bay resident Kevin Swanson.

A witness said the shark dragged Swanson underneath the water. There were no warning signs of the attack, he said.

Emergency responders airlifted Swanson to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. A Sierra Vista spokesman said he was in fair condition Sunday afternoon.

Authorities did not close the beach where the shark attack occurred. Rather they posted warning signs in the area, per county policy.

The signs will remain in place for five days. If more shark sightings occur, a new five-day period will begin.

Several agencies, including Cal Fire, the Cayucos Fire Department, the Coast Guard, state parks and the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office responded to the incident.


This story made national news at The Blaze (link to story).

Ted Slanders

“The signs will remain in place for five days. If more shark sightings occur, a new five-day period will begin.”

Yep, one is sure to feel safer on the 6th day for sure if there was no shark sightings for a previous five days! When we set foot off the sandy shores, we’re in the shark’s environment. If “sand sharks” ever appear, then they’re on our turf, and will be dealt with accordingly.

Thank our Christian Hebrew God that the shark known as Megalodon doesn’t exist anymore, especially along our California Coast. One can only wonder in what a surfer would do when a 60 foot shark with teeth the size of 7 inches opens his mouth as he approaches his board, PRAY!

I still don’t understand why our God had to create sharks in the first place.


Oooh Brother Ted …I know that one !

Competition for the politicians and charlatans !


Get well Kevin! Hope you choose to get wet again soon!

Jorge Estrada

I love how it said that shark attacks are rare. No shit Sherlock, they are never medium rare or well done!