Man dies in Oceano Dunes accident

December 29, 2014

dunesA bizarre accident trapped a man between two vehicles and killed him at the Oceano Dunes Sunday evening. [KSBY]

The victim was getting something out of his truck when another vehicle hit him from behind. The collision trapped the man between his truck and the other vehicle, according to state parks police.

He died from resulting injuries.

Police say alcohol did not factor into the crash. The accident remains under investigation, though, and officials have not yet released the identity of the victim.


I grew up around here and love riding dirtbikes and quads. I also love 4 wheeling. I think the oceano dunes used to be a hidden gem for us nearby that enjoy the offroad recreation lifestyle. Not the case anymore. I still enjoy riding and wheeling with my family but due to the restricted size of the ohv area, the unregulated campgrounds, the flooding of out of towners, the unbelievable unbalanced ratio of visiters to law enforcement, and the lack of concideration for others, the beach, and the dangerous terrain, my family and I travel out of this area for our recreation. This death is another example of people not paying attention to there surroundings. Lots of distractions out there. Our prayers go out to the tatum family. I have never been for shuting down the ohv area but maybe the state can regulate the area better with designated camping areas, more patrol, dui checkpoints regularly-for autos and off road vehicles, hold campers responsible for their campsites- by the way, I have never seen more disrespect for a campground than I have out there- as far as having no concideration for your fellow visiter, trashing the place, and not following the law. I have been turned around at the gate a number of times within the last few years, due to overcrowding, and that bothers me. I hope that the can figure out how to keep it open yet regulate the overcrowding and make it a safe family spot like it used to be. Until then, my family and I, will travel elsewhere to ride and 4 wheel.



You seem to be the typical Central Coast elitist believing the Central Coast is just for locals. Well get a clue – Oceano Dunes State Off Road Vehicle Park is for all visitors, not just you and your family. By the way, stay out of Yosemite and leave it just for the Valley people. Also, you were turned away at the gate to prevent overcrowding, i.e., the State does regulate the number of visitors at any one time. You seem to be saying the number of non Central Coast visitors should be limited so you can have priority. In addition, any Central Coast user of the dunes for ORV riding knows you can go any non-holiday weekday and have the place almost to yourself.


The same could be said for Ocotillo Wells and Plaster City. We don’t go there anymore. When we’re down south we go to BLM land that is leased by private individuals who can control what goes on. The state has no money yet they don’t charge a fee for usage.


One year on Labor Day weekend I had to take my son to the ER. We had to wait two hours because of Dunes related injuries. The ER doctor said this happens every time there is a holiday and considered this the most dangerous thing that causes the most accidents in this area.

We took out of town company down one 4th of July and quickly left. Between dangerous driving and drinking it is not safe.


You took visitors off road riding and left because of dangerous driving?


It’s Kevin Rice’s fault for keeping the dunes open….well, maybe George Bush’s fault too.