Another Nipomo gang member arrested for assault

January 27, 2015

beerA man confronted suspected gang members in Nipomo last week after they poured beer on his car. In response, the men severely beat the victim, leaving him with serious injuries, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident took place on Thursday, and deputies arrested three of four suspects at the scene. The fourth suspect surrendered Tuesday morning after the sheriff’s special enforcement detail and gang task force conducted a search for him at two locations in Nipomo.

Sheriff’s personnel arrested the outstanding suspect, 25-year-old Federico Lazaro, for assault with a deadly weapon, carjacking and conspiracy. He is also charged with a gang enhancement.

Special enforcement detail and gang task force members also detained nine suspects during Tuesday’s search for Lazaro. Five of the detainees were discovered at a location in the 300 block of South Oakglen Avenue and the other four  in the 900 block of Calle Fresa.

Authorities served warrants at the two locations around 6:15 a.m. Lazaro surrendered later in the morning in the 100 block of Tefft Street.

A local hospital released the victim after doctors treated him.


Is the central coast experiencing a growth in gang crime?


Teach your kids who and what to stay away from.

Things like this are getting worse.

Try reading the news for East L.A. and the Pico Rivera area.


These are people in a very hateful and sociopathic mindset that simply do not care how injured or hurt anyone gets who is in their way-nor do they care if they go to prison-because they have a gang on the inside too. They had better get on this–with a gang task force while they still have the chance. Believe me, the Crips and Bloods did not always exist in LA (I grew up there) but they run certain parts of that city now. I drove down the wrong street when I was pregnant with my first son (about 25 years ago), and got my car shot at…scared me so bad I went into early labor. I was on my job and traveled all over the LA area–but had done nothing to provoke. At night, stray bullets kill children sleeping in their beds there…..NO ONE IS SAFE at night in those areas. You have a choice now—–do something!


“NO ONE IS SAFE at night in those areas. You have a choice now—–do something!”

My sentiment is:

All law abiding citizen should be allowed a CWP

Anyone affiliated with a gang disqualified from a CWP




I would say that we should grab all of these known gang members and put them in uniform and send them over to fight ISSl but they would probably join up the the enemy.


Good strategy. Include politicians with them.


Better yet, require that the politicians approving on military actions be required to have family in the active military.


“require that the politicians approving on military actions be required to have family in the active military”

Put them and the generals in the “Front” lines, and there were be no more criticism.


get elected feel the love


Good. Its time to clean up that little pit of gang infested leachs.


What about the rest of The U.S.A. ?


Let’s put it this way,

this country is in a world of hurt.