Atascadero council to finalize dumpster diving ban

January 12, 2015

bears trashThe Atascadero City Council is expected on Tuesday to place the finishing touches on an ordinance that would prohibit residents and visitors from rummaging through others’ trash.

On Dec. 9, the council unanimously approved the first reading of what city staff has dubbed the “anti-scavenging ordinance.” If adopted, the ordinance will make rummaging through trash cans or dumpsters an infraction, and offenders could receive tickets.

State law already prohibits taking recyclables from recycling containers. But, city staffers say they have received multiple complaints about people rummaging through dumpsters searching for recyclables.

Scavenging can lead to loitering, identity theft and trash left on the ground, according to a staff report.

A person would typically forage through trash due to poverty. However, private and public investigators also dumpster dive in search of information.

If the council gives final approval of the ordinance on Tuesday, the new regulation will take effect on Feb. 12.


The geniuses at city hall figured at a way to come up with the $ millions that Walmarts traffic construction is going to cost the city. Yah Government!


Why would you want to stop this?


I guess the old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” doesn’t hold water in Atascadero.


only if you’re shopping at Heilman’s scrap yard / surplus

unius alterius thesaurum vilia


With all the things that need fixing in that town and this is what they focus on? Embarrassing.


APD will fail to enforce this law…..just like they do with all the other laws.


thank god for that. hopefully they still enforce laws with victims such as rape, robbery and murder. Laws like this prove we are at a point where we need to repeal laws as opposed to adding them.


I hope they do fail to enforce it. There aren’t enough officers employed there as it is, and certainly not enough staff on duty at any one time to take care of enforcing some of the more important laws like shooting off guns within city limits and speeding traffic in neighborhoods.


Now that’s a proactive stance with a new law to stop those most heinous of crimes.

Really, Atascadero? That’s what you believe the people want?

Theo P. Neustic

Can police still take evidence out of trash cans set by the curb due to no reasonable expectation of privacy? No more public access allowed so is there now an expectation of privacy? Greenwood v. California

Rich in MB

Maybe they should just Ban being Homeless?

How about banning picking up cans or bottles to try and get a few bucks?

They are going after the symptom….not the cause of the problem, but that is what Government does isn’t it. And when the symptom is a homeless guy/gal that isn’t a campaign contributor, who is looking out for them?