DUI-prone driver narrowly misses SLO creek

January 12, 2015

unnamedIn an apparent repeat DUI offense, a San Luis Obispo man narrowly missed plunging his truck into a creek late Saturday night.

Charles Evert, 22, suffered undisclosed injuries in a single car crash that required emergency responders to extricate him from his truck using the jaws-of-life. Evert remains in the hospital, but he faces a few criminal charges upon his discharge.

Around 11:45 p.m., Evert was driving his 1993 blue Ford truck southbound on California Boulevard when he veered off the road at San Luis Obispo Creek, according to city police. A retaining wall prevented the truck from falling into the creek and likely spared Evert from more serious injuries.

Evert did not have any passengers in the truck.

When police officers arrived, they found Evert unconscious and trapped inside the vehicle. Fire department personnel extricated him, and an ambulance transferred him to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Investigators believe alcohol was a factor in the crash, and police are preparing a criminal complaint to submit to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office. Evert is expected to face charges of driving while intoxicated, driving a vehicle with a license suspended for a prior DUI and violation of bench probation.


Nothing can be done to this drunk, until he kills someone.


After reading the posts on the jail story,

I’m curious to see if someone will post that since there is no victim here,

this man shouldn’t be put in jail–he was only hurting himself.

Sure sounds like the officers were just out looking for someone to pick up—NOT!


I’ve heard of people being accident-prone and prone to headaches, but DUI-prone?

Maybe some time in the hospital and in a cell can cure him of this ailment.


charles should have gotten one of those illegal alien drivers licenses. he could even pick his new name. No proof required.


A bill is up in California right now to require “blow and go” devices for all first time DUI offenders. Support of public transpiration would also be an enlightened concept. And I’m not oneto be casting first stones …


To use the logic of our nannystate gun controllers:

Clearly the only way to prevent another occurence of this type of tragedy is to outlaw blue trucks.


You’ve got that wrong racket. They should just ban alcohol.

That worked before, right? :)


I think charlie is a loser. The way he is going, it is just a matter of time before he kills someone.


Hopefully only himself :(


I think Darwin was asleep at the wheel on this one as well as Mr Evert