Cal Poly employee ill with meningitis

January 31, 2015

medicalCal Poly officials notified students and staff Wednesday that an employee has been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis.

Campus health sent the following notification to the Cal Poly campus community:

University medical staff learned today that one of our employees has been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis.

The employee is receiving medical care, and Cal Poly is working closely with San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department to identify employees with whom this person has been in contact and advise them on receiving preventive medical treatment.

There are two main types of meningitis — viral and bacterial. Both viral and bacterial meningitis may have the same symptoms. They may include: fever, stiff neck, headache, confusion and often a rash. You may still have meningitis if only some of these symptoms are present.

It is important that doctors perform tests to determine the type of meningitis a person has, because bacterial meningitis is a medical emergency that can result in prolonged hospitalization. It can be transmitted through intimate contact with an infected person including, kissing, sharing glasses, cups, silverware, toothbrushes, cigarettes, etc.

Viral meningitis is serious, but not usually as serious as bacterial meningitis. People usually recover from viral meningitis within one to two weeks without any long-term problems.

In either type, symptoms can develop very quickly. Early recognition and rapid transport to the hospital is essential for diagnosis and successful treatment.

Individuals who have had close contact with a person diagnosed with bacterial meningitis need to be screened. Individuals exposed to bacterial meningitis may be given preventative antibiotics to avoid development of meningitis.

To avoid contracting meningitis, it is recommended that individuals avoid sharing dishes, glasses, cigarettes or other items. Wash hands frequently, and remember to cough in your sleeve, not into your hand.

If you or someone around you develops a fever, stiff neck, headache, confusion or rash, seek immediate medical care at the closest hospital emergency department for prompt diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

For more information on meningitis, visit Cal Poly Health Services.

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All Cal Poly Employees should be given two options; be fully vaccinated, or wear a mask at all times on campus grounds.

There is a vaccine for this.

Students are asked to receive the Meningococcal booster before heading off for college, as there is evidence of increased bacterial meningitis in closed quarters such as college dorms.

Note that I believe people should have choice. They can choose to receive immunizations, they can choose to wear a mask, or they can choose to work elsewhere.

i wish i had a choice to mute you.

Was someone who working with computers apparently and only in contact with 7 others who have been informed, and they are optimistic that no one else will come down with it.

Hopefully they weren’t all kissing.

Would be great to know what Dept. the subject works in. Dah!

That wouldn’t be PC to let the public know.

Not to worry the government will take care of us