California tribes entering marijuana industry

January 28, 2015

legalize-marijuana-california-environmentCalifornia medical marijuana patients will soon be able to consume Native American-grown cannabis products, including flowers, hash and medicinal pills and oils. [Indian Country]

FoxBarry Farms, a firm that partners with tribes on projects ranging from farms to casinos, has pledged $30 million for the development of three medical marijuana facilities on tribal lands in California. Construction of the first facility is due to begin in early February, and it is expected to open later in the month.

The facility will initially include 90,000 square feet of greenhouse space on Pinoleville Pomo Nation land in Mendocino County. When it opens, the facility will also have 20,000 square feet of office space.

FoxBerry Farms and the Pinoleville Pomo tribe plan to sell the marijuana they cultivate to medical users and dispensaries in California.

Plans are also in the work for the creation of a tribal marijuana facility in both central and southern California. A FoxBerry Farms spokesman said the firm has reached a deal with one of the tribes, but has not yet revealed which one.

The company pledges to operate within the confines of California law.

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How is the comment absurd? They supply the drug (casino) to the gambling addict, and will be ahead of the curve with facilities up and running when CA legalizes pot to supply the stoners with their elixir.

Turnabout is fair play.

I for one think this is an extremely smart move by the Native Americans, and probably really good timing. The Obama Administration has stepped back, supposedly, from enforcing federal laws in states that have either recreational use legislated (Colorado and Washington) and those states that have medical cannabis laws on the books. With a new Attorney General coming into office in the next couple of months, there is a real possibility that the Justice Department will step back even further on cannabis issues. By 2016, California will most likely have a law passed allowing for recreational use of cannabis, and as the prohibition on the growing of industrial hemp is relaxed or made completely legal, the Native American tribes that have stepped up production already will be in a prime spot to serve the demand. Good for them.

Allow me to enlighten you. Chairwoman Leona Williams of the Pinoleville tribe is mired in controversy. Since the casino opened she has disenfranchised (booted out) 25% of the tribal membership. She rewrote requirements for membership in the spirit of genetic purity (her words). In other words, when the casino bucks started rolling in she wanted larger slices of the pie.From the 2009 original shakeup:

You know I’d go on but I’ve given you enough to begin your research. I live here in Mendocino, and live with this every day. Forty three percent of our valley residents are Native Americans. Many grow pot and along with no taxes, subsidized electricity, food, housing, healthcare, and casino profits are doing rather well. Oh yeah, did I mention the vehicle purchase assistance program? Then we have the new gas station and mini-mart that put the long established station out of business, and was entirely financed by taxpayer funds. Rather easy to compete when you don’t pay a fuel tax and your facility is payed for by the people you compete with. Corruption within the council would make a Chicago Alderman blush. I live it, every day, do you?

I’m sorry that the situation there is so bad, I only have to live with the everyday, normal corruption of San Luis Obispo city and county government persons of authority and elected office.

I should hope that the structure of the organization of that tribe would allow for the leader to be removed by popular vote of those being represented. If not, perhaps there could be an investigation by the Federal District Attorney for that federal district.

Corruption in any governmental structure should not be tolerated, period.

I still believe though that the misery and suffering that has been visited upon Native American populations by our federal government over the many many years still needs to be rectified, and if having a grow operation like the one reported here can help out any Native Americans who are living in poverty conditions, then it is still a step in the right direction.

I do wish success in righting the wrongs that are going on in that particular tribe’s operations.

I don’t think the state will have any problem with this but what about the Feds? Indian Land is still (more or less) under their jurisdiction and they still consider Marijuana to be a very dangerous narcotic. Won’t they step in and stop it?

I sure hope one of the tribes is the Chumash. I love to see the NIMBY’S in the Santa Ynez Valley lose their minds every time the Chumash want to do anything to improve their situation.

As the white man gladly hands over cash for small pox blankets…

WHAT NEXT , a brewery, strip clubs

How about a brothel?

Sweet revenge! Good for the tribes. We took their land, they will pray on our vices, get us high and take our money.

I live a stone’s throw from the Rez (42 years), and can only chuckle at your absurd comment.