Clean house, oust Wallace Group and Seitz

January 14, 2015
Tom Salmon

Tom Salmon


The Los Osos CSD, Avila Beach CSD, and Santa Rita Hills CSD’s should keep a close eye on how the recent election and change in make-up of the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District (SSLOCSD), is bringing about change in that district.

With the election of write in candidate, Jim Hill, now serving as Mayor of Arroyo Grande, a voice for change has come to the SSLOCSD. Hill has asked for a forensic audit into the practices of the district under the previous management of its district engineer, Wallace Group. A company owned by the one-in-the-same District Administrator, John Wallace.

Hill has influenced the immediate halt to litigating against the State Water Board and asked for the performance review of the district’s legal counsel, Michael Seitz.

The district’s mentioned above are also served by the duo of Wallace and Seitz in similar capacities as at SSLOCSD. It is my experience, having carefully watched the practice of these two firms in Los Osos since the CSD was formed, that the brotherhood of ‘I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’ is alive and well and living comfortably on the public dole.

The breath of fresh air coming from Hill in the south county raises hope that one man really can make a difference. I don’t know who that man would be at the Los Osos CSD but with a recent election upsetting the status quo, I ask that each one of our board members consider taking a page from Hill’s playbook.

I have had many informative conversations in recent years with LOCSD Director Mike Wright, about this issue, and was informed the LOCSD has had this under consideration. Now, there is an incredible opportunity to use the additional information to complete a audit of Wallace and Sietz.

The citizens demand to have periodic reviews of all outside contracts, these vendors have been deeply involved with every terrible decision of wasted revenue for over 15 years.

There is $27 million gone, partially because of these contractors. Why does this LOCSD board refuse to “look” to help repair this community?

Step up, be an honest representative of the people, make the same bold moves — call for an audit, get out of the litigation business.

But instead take it one step further — oust Wallace Group and Seitz from the district.

The team has been in place for far too long here in Los Osos; years of billable hours and millions of dollars spent investigating the obvious, their inaction has bankrupted our water basin allowing pumping practices to draw in seawater and letting the county dump a hundred million gallons of “our” treatable water in the bay.

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The LOCSD should never have been formed in the first place. What does it take to get it dissolved????

As for Seitz he never could give a straight answer except to say ‘I’ll have to look that up’.

The South Sanitation District and other agencies have been a gravy train for both Wallace and Seitz. Kick them out.

A fresh breeze confronts a different effervescence emanating from the controversial managerial/ political circumstance of the Sanitation District. Hill’s quiet demeanor seeks the facts as did the competence of past Grover Mayor Debbie Peterson by her analysis of the matter. The truth will out — and on with it.

The sanitation board could use the public’s help. Seitz needs to be replaced, he is not following what the board has asked him to do TWICE now. We the public need to show up in force and call Sietz out. Seitz is friends with Tony Ferrera and John Wallace and he is backing his friends, instead of working in the best interest of the public.IMO.

Weds January 28th at 6pm at the council chambers in AG. The address is 215 East Branch street.

If you don’t want to pay for the $1.2 million fine the state has levied against the sanitation district I urge you to show up and speak up. Let’s stop another good Ole Boy from putting the screws to us.

If Sietz worked in the private sector he would lose his job for these types of games. I say we stand up and ask the board to cancel Sietz contract and find someone who will work for the people.

Let’s show them we are mad as hell and are not going to take it any more. Mr Salmon I hope you can make it I would love to meet you and say hello.


JANUARY 25TH not the 28th like I said in the above piece.

Agreed, pressure needs to be applied to the Board for Seitz’ contract to be terminated since he doesn’t seem to be able to follow direction.

It’s obvious he’s up to his old tricks again, protecting Wallace, while ignoring the Board, and those they represent.

Let’s see how Shoals and Guerrero handle this.

I think it is interesting all the unraveling of crappy leadership that is happening on the central coast—my hope is that we continue what we started in AG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Many of us believed Tony did us wrong by the San District.

This is where we believe he crossed the line between bad judgement and illegal acts.

It is imperative the South County San District be cleaned up and ALL of its past be laid out for everyone.

There should be iNOTHING to hide so let the chips fall where they may.

Mr. Salmon has written a thoughtful piece.

At last week’s Sanitation District Meeting, the Board, with Jim Hill as chair, DID direct attorney Seitz to halt litigating against the State Water Board. Seitz was to direct the attorney (who represented the district in their losing lawsuit) to ask for immediate mediation.

However, I’ve been told that at the Case Management Hearing, held Tues morning, Mr. Seitz failed to do as he was directed.

Does anyone else have any further information?

Apparently the whole process was conducted via conference call. No mention whatsoever was made of mediation. The lawyer representing the District said she has a lot of material to prepare and needs several months. The judge agreed to revisiting her progress in April.