Gibson, Hill get verbal lashings

January 14, 2015
Adam Hill

Adam Hill

San Luis Obispo County residents teed off on supervisors Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill Tuesday morning, possibly swaying the board majority to rethink its decision to place Hill in a leadership role.

Public speakers took aim at Gibson for manipulating a meeting last week in a manner that allowed Hill to become vice chair of the board of supervisors. The speakers ripped Hill for displaying an ongoing disregard for the public and for hurling numerous insults at county resident with whom he disagrees.

Hill responded to the criticism by saying that his fellow supervisors should disassociate themselves from the people who attack him.

On Jan. 5, Gibson presided over the final meeting of his most recent chairmanship. During the meeting, a reorganization of the board occurred in which Supervisor Frank Mecham took over the chairmanship and Hill became vice chair.

Prior to a vote on the reorganization, Gibson did not allow for public comment as required by law. Likewise, the meeting agenda did not call for public comment on the item, and speaker slips were not available in the board chambers.

During the reorganization, Supervisor Debbie Arnold lost an opportunity to become vice chair. Both Hill and Arnold are up for election in 2016, and holding the chairmanship could play and advantageous role in a reelection campaign.

On the day following the board reorganization, activist Julie Tacker submitted a cease and desist notice to the county for violating the Brown Act, California’s open meeting law. The threat of litigation led to both Gibson and County Counsel Rita Neal admitting Tuesday that they allowed a Brown Act violation to occur.

At the board’s meeting on Tuesday, the supervisors listened to public comment that was supposed to occur during the reorganization hearing. Speakers discussed Hill’s tendency to insult his critics, several of whom singled out a piece he penned in the New Times last January.

Hill’s letter to the editor described his critics as conspiracy theorists with habits ranging from speaking in spittled spurts about the Constitution, to owning 66 books of terror to using their cats as food tasters. One speaker also made note of Hill’s apparent distaste for those with dental problems, whom he described in the letter as “bumpkins with bad breath and worse teeth.”

Los Osos resident C. Hite said she chipped a tooth on Sunday, which triggered thoughts of Hill’s rant.

“Degrading doesn’t even say enough,” Hite said. “We are tired of being slandered and humiliated by Supervisor Hill and Supervisor Gibson.”

Hill responded Tuesday by calling his critics vicious and intimidating.

“I know that if people who were my friends and supporters came and attacked in personal, vicious ways Ms. Arnold or you, Mr. Mecham, or Ms. Compton, not only would I not thank them or encourage them or respond to them positively, I would disassociate myself from them because that is not proper,” Hill said after the board took public comment. “It actually intimidates other people from coming to speak their mind.”

Gibson said the same speakers were appearing before the board, and no one new addressed them Tuesday.

Many speakers called for the board to conduct a second run of its reorganization process. Both Hill and Gibson objected to the idea, calling it a waste of time, but Mecham, Arnold and Supervisor Lynn Compton favored the request.

On a 3-2 vote, the supervisors chose to place board reorganization on an upcoming agenda. Prior to the vote, Mecham said he wanted to set a board tone of inclusion and transparency.

During the initial vote on reorganization, Mecham supported Hill and nominated him for the vice chairmanship. In order for Arnold to wrestle the position away from Hill, Mecham would likely have to change his position.

Compton, too, voted for Hill, but she is a political ally of Arnold.

The second reorganization vote could take place at the board’s next meeting, which is scheduled for Jan. 27.

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Why, Supervisors Mecham and Compton nominated and voted for Hill is ridiculous! I cannot believe, in order to “show they can be fair and balanced” they could vote in a tool like Hill. Compton is not off to a good start, she was voted in to raise the integrity level at the BOS. Ashamed I supported her this evening. Hope she can learn from this or I am done may as well have Caren Ray in.

Adam, Bruce…..

Arrogance, ignorance, and incompetence. Not a pretty cocktail of personality traits in the best of situations. Not a pretty cocktail in an office-mate and not a pretty cocktail in a County Supervisor. In fact, in a leader, it’s a lethal cocktail.

Tell the both of them to avoid Ohio bars (and bartenders) for awhile.

Just for sake of conversation lets say that the three that voted for a revist to the last meeting,Mecham,Aronold and Comptom should vote against the other two we will be in for more of hills and gibsons antics of disruptions,playing with their pods and just being downright assholes.


This is the Left Exposed. Not that it makes any difference.

These 2 are in the game because of the votes of the baaa baaa sheeple.

SLO, you ain’t seen nothin yet.

Both Gibson and Hill are left wing ideologues and Hill in particular exhibits very boorish behavior. They are essentially a reflection of their districts. Both of them believe that that they are smarter than the rest of us, they know what is best for us, and as a result they are entitled to “rule” us. In their minds we are not citizens, but we are subjects. This is ultimately what the left is all about. Forget individual liberty and freedom to chose what is in our own best interests.

The SLO and North Coast districts have become enclaves of adherents to leftist politics. That is why we need to keep the other three districts in more conservative hands in order to keep Gibson and Hill in check.

Arnold (who had been on the receiving end of much verbal abuse from Gibson and Hill) should be Vice Chair and lets hope the majority reverses the prior vote for Hill.

Lastly, Gibson and Hill want nothing more than to control those of us in the rural areas by way of our water. If they succeed in that regard you can forget any reasonable enjoyment of your private property. Frank has become a bit squishy on some issues, but Debbie has shown that she is a strong advocate for our property and individual rights. Debbie is the kind of representative our Founding Fathers had in mind.

I disagree that Gibson and Hill are representatives of left wing ideology; while they may have left leaning tendencies on most issues, while they may couch a phrase or two that utilizes left leaning ideals, they are not, at least in my opinion, representatives of what the left is truly about. There are some in elected positions who truly believe that they “know” what is best for us, there are some who have very little regard for the wishes of the voters, and in different parts of the country, there are elected officials in both parties that feel that way. Both Supervisors Gibson and Hill seem to be believing their own fantastical opinions of their ability to govern apparently with the thought processes of we “little people” should sit down, be quiet and let the highly educated elected officials tell us what is wrong, what is right and what is best for us. That is NOT what left wing ideology is all about; inclusiveness, respect for the wishes of the voters, valuing the opinions of those who have elected you, wanting as many people as possible involved in the political process is what my ideal of left wing political practices is all about. Government can be a good thing, when it is run efficiently, when those in charge actually listen to what the voters want. Gibson and Hill do none of that; in my opinion, both of them are all about themselves only, with no regard for the people who elected them, and especially those in their districts who did NOT vote for them. I am ashamed of their behavior, period.

You make some good points abut Hill and Gibson, and there are many others just like them, in it for themselves, and not to represent those who elected them.

But honestly, when have we known government to run efficiently?

Of course, that’s what we all want, but unfortunately, government and efficient

are two words that don’t work in the same sentence together IMO.

bobfromsanluis, “We the Little People,” AKA, “those who repeatedly complain at the BOS meetings,” are NOT the people who elected Gibson and Hill. Clearly there is a greater amount of people who approve of how Gibson and Hill handle themselves, which is why Gibson and Hill are sitting up on that dais.

Maybe this could be looked at another way:

The way public speaking is set up, those who dislike the way, or the topics on which, that these certain, repetitive public speakers speak, really can’t say what they feel about these “Little People,” EXCEPT at the ballot box. This could be a possible (and only partial) explanation for why Gibson and Hill are elected and re-elected. Maybe they ARE following the “wishes of the voters?”

Liberals, progressives are ALL about control. Don’t like guns, take them from lawful nature, ban users from national forests and BLM land. Enjoy rural life, move to an area, buy a nice home, and make it hard all hell for anyone else to develop anything. protest the war, if the stooge in charge has an R and ignore it if they have a D. Get mad at the Koch brothers, who earned their money by oil production, give a pass to Soros who made his money manipulating whole currencies. Hate the death penalty for people who did horrible acts, but love abortion of innocent babies,

If you people were any more liberal, you’d be conservative.

Hill left out the most important points in his latest, non-coherent, comments… see brackets

“I know that if people who were my friends [ all 3 of them ] and [my 17 supporters] came and attacked in personal, vicious ways Ms. Arnold or you, Mr. Mecham, or Ms. Compton, [ I would have joined in, as that is how I express myself ] not only would I not thank them [ only once] [I would encourage them or respond to them positively, I [ should] disassociate myself from them because that is not proper, [however, since this is how I behave on a regular basis, I would have skipped out on an important meeting that I should have attended, and taken them out to lunch ]” Hill said after the board took public comment. “[ I am actually the best at intimidating other people from coming to speak their mind.]”

Hill needs professional help – perhaps TedSlanders could work him in.

Yep, sounds about right.

Scary when you can picture him saying it, and hear it in your mind.

You obviously spend too much time following the rantings of Mr. Hill,

cuz you just nailed that.

Adam Hill apparently got along well with Paul Texeira, even though they were often on opposite sides of an issue. Seems that he also has a good working relationship with Frank Mecham, too.

“Free speech” is not an open invitation for every blubbering imbecile to say whatever they want for as long a they want.

Adam Hill has been perhaps …indelicate and not a whiny polite freak, but I don’t disagree with his contempt for these time wasting morons.

I would be even more blunt and be like Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and tell these vomit-mouths to “Sit down and Shut Up !”.


How very generous of you slowerfaster!

Public comment exists for a reason–it is there solely for the public to say what they want to say. The people in any community have a right to voice their opinion—maybe you are amenable to the people listed in your post below my original post, but you do not seem very amenable to democracy.

How very arrogant to think that the people who approach the podium and have prepared their statements, with what they perceive and view as valid concerns, should be told to sit down and shut up.

I think a new agenda item is to attend a County Sup meeting and see for myself what kind of abuse these two can dish out. I can assure you, if they dish, they will regret their choices.

At one point, the people in the county are going to tire of their bullying and vote them out–until then—let’s see what we can do to help them decide to leave a little early…

I really don’t think you are interested in knowing…. or finding out.

A black kettle anyone??????

Let’s keep race out of this.

I am interested in finding our for myself if Hill and Gibson should still be in office. I can tell you that the cards are stacked against them just because they have taken liberties with the Brown Act.

Could you please explain that accusation?

We’ve all taken liberties with the Brown Act. Let’s not sexualize this.

Paul T and Adam Hill had one thing in common – they shut up to be elected!

But, Adam Hill has pissed off even the most liberal of Dems with his arrogant and embarrassing personal attacks.

Paul got along with everyone – he was there for the good times.

Glad to hear you are not running for office with that attitude!

Oh my, Dude…you are so very wrong about Paul. A nice man who should never have run for office. He did not get along with everyone mostly because of his handlers. Apparently you do not know the issues in South County at all. He has plenty of people who did not like the way he did things and he did not shut-up to be elected, but that’s a whole other story. Paul (and his handlers) had an agenda and he was not just there for the “Good Times” as you seem to think.

Ok the Geaslens got Paul elected. Paul did not have a penny or a job when he was elected. In fact, he did not even contribute a buck to his own campaign.

He ran for School Board so he could put it on his resume and prove he was the only candidate with public policy making experience.

Paul loved the handshaking and working a crowd and was desperate to keep his position on the Supes

As far as the So County, you can win on knowing more of the issues. Cause Nipomo ain’t AG and Oceano is not Pismo.

I’ll see you at the Fish Fry!

And you wonder why their is such polarization in politics? Your attitude about the rights of those who oppose you to speak up is precisely what makes compromise and understanding so difficult. You don’t have to agree with someone to tolerate their critiques (even if they are rambling and illogical at times.) It is one thing to demand that people use civil discourse in their complaints and to impose reasonable time limits on the length of their speech. It is another thing to ban it because you consider it repetitious or otherwise worthless. That is the behavior of dictators (petty or otherwise) and I don’t want my political representatives thinking that way even if I agree with them on issues.

If that is your idea of how to engage in government, why don’t you move to New Jersey or some other vitriolic hell-hole where it is culturally acceptable?

Interesting that he seems “to get along well” with males. Perhaps its self-preservation on Hill’s part

“Adam Hill apparently got along well with Paul Texeira, even though they were often on opposite sides of an issue. Seems that he also has a good working relationship with Frank Mecham, too…”

Anyone see a pattern here – seems the boy gets along with males – perhaps its self-preservation/

Sorry for the duplication – computer froze

If what a person speaks is controlled by another, then it is not “free speech.” It is “controlled speech,” just like they have in theocracies (like Iran) and dictatorships (like Saudi Arabia).

I remember Adam stating some time ago he would stop all the rantings ect… He must forget what he tells people.

And the other thing is ALL forms of communication, whether electronic or otherwise need to

be taken away from Hill after 9 pm. Either he has had one drink to many or the medication is wearing off, because that is when he really lets lose.

If anything has kept me from going to one of these meetings it is I don’t need to subject myself to that kind of abuse, and that is what it is Mr. Hill and Mr. Gibson, ABUSE. You subject those people who wish to speak to VERBAL ABUSE, and that is wrong. You work for the people, you don’t have to like what they say, and it gives you no right to bully them.

His “handlers” must be slipping up,

or the choke chain has gotten loose.

Tom Jones needs to put a shock collar on him. Then, whenever he goes into one of his mental breakdowns Tom can stop him. I respect Tom Jones but I don’t respect the fact that he spends his time trying to get Adam Hill to act like someone different from what we all know to be the truth just so he can be reelected. We need real people who sincerely care about what’s best for the County and not someone, whose inflated ego is much more important that what’s good for the constituents. I really do believe that there is something mentally wrong with Adam Hill. The idea that he could be the vice chairman of the Board of Supervisors makes absolutely no sense after what he’s said and done. He’s an embarrassment to everyone and everthing that’s good about San Luis Obispo County.

Makes you wonder what’s in it for Tom Jones

if A-Hill makes a run for Assembly,

as he is rumored to be aiming for.

No one would subject themselves to A-Hill for no reason.

I think he needs some ethics lessons, maybe even Government 101.

The Ballot box is no fool and Adam Hill will see if he is popular next go around!

We can, and must work for Mr Hill getting the same results as his friends from the last election, Caren Ray, and Tony Ferrara.

Oh , you’re just full of prune-beans. Your [brackets] are nothing but foam-at-the-mouth invective.

I think you don’t like anyone who has a strong opion that goes against your opinion. Now I’ve seen people foam at the mouth with anger, Tony Ferrara being one of them, I can assure you, I have never done that—but say what you will. You are angry and lash out at people who disagree with you. At least I don’t hide behind a fake name.

Well, I don’t hide behind fake arguments.

I’ve stated before the reasons why I use a pseudonym. When I first became acquainted with internet message boards, I did use my genuine. Then, I started getting death threats from reich-wing hate groups.

I contacted the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center, where they helped forward the correspondences to the FBI.

The SPLC, recommended not using a real name to avoid a repeat.

Yeah, that’s kind of a no brainer. Nice try at being open with your real name though, SF.

QUOTING SLOWERFASTER: “Well, I don’t hide behind fake arguments.”


The heII you don’t!

Here is what you posted to LeAnn:

Oh , you’re just full of prune-beans. Your [brackets] are nothing but foam-at-the-mouth invective.”

That is a logical fallacy (an ad hominem attack), which makes your argument false.

What a bunch of BS Slowerfaster

Where I come from, prunes do not have beans, and brackets are something we fill out at the office to win a basketball pool.

Reminds me of the time that a group of social mavens from the DAR visited the White House when Harry Truman was president.

Truman gave a short talk to the ladies, and said during his remarks that those in Congress that opposed the administrations policies were ” full of manure “.

The ladies, appalled, approached First Lady Bess Truman, and one implored, ” Mrs. Truman, couldn’t you ask the president to use a different word, like ‘fertilizer’ ?”.

Mrs. Truman replied, “Honey ….you should know what it took for me getting him to say manure ! “.

Congratulations to Julie Tacker for her victory over Hill & Gibson.

While it may not change the ultimate outcome,

it does put the board on notice that they will be held accountable.

Let’s hope Mecham has a change of heart,

and the words of Adam Hill continue to haunt him. What a bully!

Way to go Julie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know Mr. Hill or Mr. Gibson, but I have read several articles on CalCoast News about both of them. Name calling, Brown Act violations, not listening to public comment, and ignoring common decency seem to be the way of the world at the County Board…at least with regards to Hill and Gibson.

Why don’t you talk with them first, in a civil manner and with an open mind; instead of accepting rumor and insults from others with an agenda, and jumping to conclusions ?

I’ve done this quite frequently with those that I would be considered on different sides philosophically, and have come to respect a number of them.

Katcho Achadjian and Harry Ovitt are but two. While we have not agreed on issues very often, I consider both friends that I could talk with and be given the same due respect.

Sam Blakesly another one.

Harry Ovitt is humble, hard-working and polite.

Adam Hill is the complete opposite. So is Bruce Gibson.

After reading what Slowfaster has to say, for quite some time, I might add, all I ask from SF is to let me know how he is voting for every person and issue in 2016, so I can merely vote the opposite.

That is the perfect way to respond. The conclusion one coud draw from this is that SF is getting some kind of payback for supporting all the scum on the central coast in political positions, either that, or he is okay with having arrogant bullies in office who hate the public—like he seems to.

LeAnn – SF has some good thoughts. You may not like the picture that CCN has painted for you of Gibson and Hill, but I sincerely doubt that you would like others judging you based on rumor and what others have said about you in a negative way. Since you say that you have never met the two of them I would have hoped that you would have reserved judgment. So sorry that you did not. Maybe someday you will have some time to spend with each of them and then we can here some real truth from you. Calling people names never gets us anywhere and I’m surprised that you stooped to that.

If either of them have played around with the Brown Act, which they have, they have no business being in public office. The public has become too complacent with leadership who go against the fabric and foundations of democracy. I am sorry that you are happy with leadership that has no concern for the public at large and accept that as leadership.

Scum? Wow!

Isn’t lack of respect to others what you complain about?

Voicing my opinion is not complaining. What do you call it when you voice your opinion, I would imagine the word complaining doesn’t enter your mind.

And 3 Putt, I would ask what standards you hold public officials to—I would imagine they are not the same as the ones I consider important. If you are content with leaders not following the rules they are supposed to follow, I guess you get what you get.

LeAnn, your reply below completely missed the boat.

Just Ducky and I are referring to your name calling. Scum?????

You complain when others are disrespectful, yet for you it is OK? Then in response, you go off on a non-responsive tangent.

I have also never met either Gibson or Hill. I am sure that they can be charming and polite to their supporters or even to undecideds at times. But they have a record of being dismissive of those who disagree with them and don’t back off when challenged. This is not just from CCN where the news is slanted at times. This is from Gibson’s words and actions as Chairman of the BOS and from Hill’s words in editorials.

Admittedly, hearing the same people using public comment periods to repeat the same old complaints can get frustrating and annoying. But tolerating it is part of the job. If Gibson and Hill want to get more respect, they need to learn to give at least the required civil tolerance for their critics and not try to match them in vitriol. Add in Gibsons’ arrogance in acting as if he is too important to have to obey rules about sex with a subordinate or the hypocrisy of expanding his orchard while voting to restrict others’ use of water, and it only gets worse.

Even though I am in the middle with my political views, their behavior has pushed me to the right in the last couple of elections. That should be food for thought to the SLO County Democrat Party establishment in their selection/support of future candidates.

I think Gibson won 70% of the vote in District 2.

Was there a Board policy on sex with a subordinate when this happened?


You can bet your sweet bippy there was, but sex with subordinates has become so common place, it’s NBD!

Until the lawsuits start being filed…but then those just get hidden, you know, personnel matters and the like.

Why bother yourself, it’s just normal adult behavior, like running naked while drunk—anything goes!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, justducky.

As I recall, you were ranting and raving about Lynn Compton during the campaign. Oh, I know, you’re going to claim that everything you said was true, blah, blah, blah…but NOW you’re against name calling?

Maybe you should spend some time and take a look at the videos of Adam Hill at BOS meetings, and tell us you can’t tell enough about his character, and the way he treats those who dare to disagree with him, to judge the kind of man he is.

He’s a disgrace, and those who support him should be, at the very least, embarrassed at the manner in which he conducts himself.

Agie, my man or whatever gender you have chosen, I hope that I never referred to Ms. Compton as “scum.” As a matter of fact, I would be mortified if I did. I certainly did not feel that she played fair in the election, but the voters in their usual lack of wisdom chose to ignore that and voted for party over substance. We will just have to see how Ms. Compton handles her new position. I am hoping she does a good job for all of our sakes. As for the rest of you folks on here who seem to love to throw around insults and unproven accusations I would suggest putting some ice in your pants.

The video doesn’t lie–watch it for yourself.

Thanks for the props, but that might leave you even more confused ( HAHA ).

Truth is, I often don’t know who I’m going to vote for until the week or the eve before the election. And if it seems to be a foregone conclusion, I’ll vote for a downballot candidate that has little chance, such as a Green or Libertarian. Harder to do now , with our ‘jungle’ primary that narrows it to two in a general.

AFA issues, see where Noam Chomsky stands, or where Dr. Samuel Johnson’s or Tom Paine’s positions might be.

I’m sorry, watching Adam Hill on TV is about as close to that guy as I care to get.

Remember when he called a constituent pretending to be his opponent and left her a disgusting, nasty message on her machine?

He’s such a class act, at first he denied it was him, then tried to say it was all in jest when he realized he’d been caught red-handed.

No one on your short list above even comes close to acting or treating people as Adam Hill does. You’re trying to compare apples and oranges

Perhaps when Mr Hill decides to treat people in a civil manner he will receive the same in return.

Every time I e mail Adam Hill, he does not reply

All I expect for him to say is at least a thank you for sharing the comment!

I’m curious as to what sort of comment that you make that gets you zero reply? Do you ever email any of the other Sups? Do they reply? Just curious…

Sorry surfer,

your first mistake was thinking Mr Hill cares what you think.

Your second was expecting a reply.

But I got plenty of e mails when he was running for office……

Well…THAT was different!

Were they personal emails in response to inquiries from you, Dude?

Hill and Gibson are your friends?

You might try to be more selective in your choice of friends because, as the old adage goes, “You are judged by the company you keep.” Hill and Gibson are not good reflections on you…not at all.