Drunk pedestrian hit by vehicle in SLO

January 26, 2015

ambulanceAn intoxicated pedestrian attempted to cross the street Sunday evening and was struck by a vehicle, according to San Luis Obispo police. [KSBY]

The accident occurred just after 6 p.m. at the intersection of Broad Street and Industrial Way. It sent the pedestrian to the hospital with undisclosed injuries.

Police say the driver was not at fault in the crash. An investigation into the accident is ongoing.

The injured person remained in the hospital Sunday night.


I was driving down an unlit city street last night about 9. From my left suddenly appears a pedestrian, dressed head to toe in black, including a black hat. Luckily, I was observant enough to slow down and not hit him, but it was close. As I passed, the idiot called ME an ahole! It was a crosswalk but he would have been at fault. The vehicle code says that pedestrians at no time are relieved of their duty to exercise care and caution when using a crosswalk. I would say that dressing in black and walking out in front of the ONLY car coming down the street at the time…and to keep walking when it was obvious he was invisible to me…is stupid and not exercising due care! What a moron. As are all of you fools walking on narrow roads with you back to traffic(in violation of the VC) and with headphones in so you couldn’t hear the traffic coming anyway. Are there really THAT many stupid people in this county? They are everywhere!


Another foxy rewrite. KSBY says, “Pedestrian hit by vehicle while crossing San Luis Obispo street”. Adds in story that he was intoxicated, shows video of 20 something second crossing light at that controlled intersection. Unless he was crossing on red, seems like another in a string of car on man assaults. There is a bigger, ongoing story here.


Come on if texting while crossing the street doesn’t hold the person texting responsible and can result in a million dollar lawsuit for the family why should being intoxicated be a problem?


Truly. If someone else cannot make the drunk’s situation idiot-proof, then that someone else should pay! Makes total sense! :-/


Truly a Man Bites Dog kind of story. Hope the car was not damaged.