Ex-baseball star tried to evade $4,600 bill

January 26, 2015
Ted Lilly

Ted Lilly

A retired Major League Baseball pitcher who earned nearly $100 million in base salary over a 15-year career tried to fraudulently avoid paying a $4,600 bill, according to a state agency. [KSBY]

Edna Valley resident Ted Lilly, 39, is accused of insurance fraud and faces three felony counts in San Luis Obispo Superior Court. Lilly allegedly purchased insurance for his approximately $200,000 RV after damaging it in March 2014.

The damage amounted to approximately $4,600, said California Department of Insurance spokeswoman Nancy Kincaid. It occurred from Lilly backing the RV into an undisclosed object.

Lilly took the vehicle into a body shop for the estimate on March 19, Kincaid said. He then bought insurance for the RV on or around March 24 and filed the claim several days later.

Progressive Insurance denied Lilly’s claim and red-flagged it as part of a larger operation. About 200 others statewide were arrested or surrendered for similar crimes during the investigation.

The suspects include college professors, soccer moms, grandmothers, college students, a Silicon Valley IT executive and insurance agents, Kincaid said.

Lilly appeared in court last week and pleaded not guilty. He is charged with filing a false insurance claim, making a false statement in support of a claim and failing to disclose a material fact in connection with a claim.

He is represented by attorney James Murphy, who says the retired pitcher is a remarkable human being.

Lilly is due to return to court on Feb. 5. He faces a maximum sentence of five years for the alleged crimes.


Call the damage a pre existing condition and Obama will pay for it under the unaffordable tax act (obamacare).


I’m, just gonna call a balk on him….


“Lilly took the vehicle into a body shop for the estimate on March 19, Kincaid said. He then bought insurance for the RV on or around March 24 and filed the claim several days later”

I’ll bet you someone is going to try to persuade ($$$) the body shop estimator to testify he wrote the wrong date of the estimate or some other mistake to confuse the court.


So if Ted Lilly is allegedly a fraud suspect for 4, 600 bucks … what about our illustrious Arroyo Grande City Manager who is trying to raid the city piggy bank with a severence payout over 100,000 bucks … Please tell me who is the bigger fraudster?


or the pay of those who prosecute him…..


Typical for an athlete who is too arrogant for his own good. Hey Ted-why is this the first time that the public has heard that you live here? Other pro athletes have retired to the community and given their time to help youths in the area. A little time goes along way.

The bigger the athlete-the more money they make = the less we hear about them unless it is for something like this,

Move to a big crime ridden city where you can blend in with other felons.

What a bum. Gee thanks for pulling some crap that results in higher rates for the common person like me.


Jealousy is an ugly emotion. You don’t know the guy. Maybe he was given poor advice. Maybe he’s not that bright, and maybe he didn’t think 4600 was a big deal. He might be a good guy who made a bad mistake.

I will reserve judgement on his character.


Smart enough to make it through college, smart enough to make 100 million. I will reserve comment on the brightness of this poster and comment.

Bottom line is that athletes are able to lie, cheat and steal. We allow them to do things above the law.


achillesheal says: 01/27/2015 at 6:01 am

“Jealousy is an ugly emotion.”

Whose Jealous???


Intentionally trying to screw a company out of $4,600 makes him a very “remarkable human being” in my book.

Its these remarkable human beings doing crap like this that results in higher premiums for the rest of the unremarkable human beings that have to work for a living.


Whoa, wait a darn minute. A lawyer says he is a remarkable human being, drop the charges!


This is the same lawyer who brought in his own expert to “disprove” a CHP officers traffic report of a deadly accident in King City in 2000. It resulted in an insurance company having to cough up $1.4M for a claim.

The interesting thing was that his “expert” was an in-law to the family filing the suit — unbeknown to the insurance company’s lawyer and, probably, to the judge (who died before that was publicly revealed.) The even more interesting thing is that the “expert” is now our sheriff.


Lilly obviously got some good advice on finding a lawyer adept at screwing insurance companies.



how could possibly expect to get away with that? And after making 100m, you feel the need to rip people off for a lousy 5k?

Not too bright are you.


i would expect nothing less from a Dodger


Humor will add years to your life!


Expect nothing else from a 1%’er (with RARE exception ).

It’s all about hustling, cheating, and entitlement among those that substitute materialism for spirituality.


Ok Slower, I get it. You don’t like people who are well off financially. I bet you aren’t wealthy, are bitter toward your boss, never had your own business and think the wealthy got that way unfairly. You must not be spiritually content if you have to broadcast your disdain for those of means.


Ok JMO, I get it, you are an apologist for those who are well off, no matter how they got there, be it actual hard work, really good luck, good genes or being a member of the Lucky Sperm Club®, or those who feel entitled to the point of screwing the system no matter what the cost to society. That’s fine, at least you know your place as a bootlicker.


Geez, Bob, I too can’t help it f I’m ok financially. I worked hard and often and was honest at all times, should I be blamed that it paid off? Oh, I even gave my fair share to Ceasar and charity. Damned me!


BCP: I have nothing against those who have worked hard to get to the point of being financially well off; among the One Percenters® though is a very large number who did NOT work hard. Those that were in the “Lucky Sperm Club” because they were born to wealthy parents, made their money the old fashioned way, they inherited it, those who had good genes and made some sacrifices and did do some hard work (like professional athletes and movie stars), those who had connections and were able to take advantage of inside knowledge of business dealings, those who were just plain crooked and outright robbed people, and then the last group, the ones like you, who maybe didn’t have all the right connections, but maybe had a few, maybe didn’t have the best genes but still made something of themselves via professional sports or entertainment, and those who just plain worked hard, saved as much as possible and spent wisely.

Please, you tell me, what do you honestly believe the percentage is of those in the One Percent of income earners actually did NOT have all the breaks, didn’t inherit, didn’t screw others over, but actually worked hard?


Wrong on everything but one.

BTW, Jesus said virtually the same thing.


Jesus’ friend Paul also said: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.” (2 Thessalonians 3:10)

Slowerfaster, this isn’t about “hustling, cheating, and entitlement;” it’s about WORKING.


Again, you are wrong. Paul was admonishing the faithful that they must do God’s work, or they could not expect to reap the benefits.

A great deal of that compact to minister correctly is contained in the Beatitudes, where Jesus specifically commanded to ” …feed the poor “, with nothing said about making the poor work first.


Uh oh. How do I put the lid back on this can of worms?


Read the Bible, instead of going to ‘church’ and having some fatuous charlatan telling you what to think ( for a price, of course ).


Interesting times when individuals who achieve greatness are reviled for their achievements by the mediocre.

He did a stupid thing, which may cost him his freedom. His exceptional talent that allowed him to be paid the big bucks had nothing to do with it..