James Harrison SLO County’s new planning commissioner

January 5, 2015

lynn comptonSan Luis Obispo County Supervisor elect Lynn Compton has selected James Harrison as her planning commissioner and Jocelyn Brennan as her legislative assistant.

Harrison is retired from Santa Barbara County where he served as a fire chief. Since his retirement, Harrison has been involved in the Fire Safe Council and the Nipomo Community Services District.

Brennan has worked for San Luis Obispo County for one year as a part-time administrative assistant to the Grand Jury and also as a part-time assistant to the Board of Supervisors.

At an 11:55 a.m. swearing in ceremony, Compton will take her seat on the board.



  1. Slowerfaster says:

    I’m betting that it’s less than a month before Compton says something really stupid at a BOS meeting, but Debbie Arnold will be jealous.

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  2. rogerfreberg says:

    Ah, the sound of a new and fresh balance to the Board of Supervisors!

    Congratulations to Lynn and her team!

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    • Slowerfaster says:

      The sound of one hand clapping.


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      • marcusaurelius says:

        we couldnt run away from Caren Ray fast enough.

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    • cjcrowder says:

      Yes and I hope she will be able to save our Black Lake community in Nipomo from Rossi and his plans.

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  3. Slowerfaster says:

    Both will also have to be interpreters.

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  4. Mike Byrd says:

    Jim Harrison will do a good, thorough job.

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    • abigchocoholic says:

      What does managing a fire station have to do with the local general plan, specific plans, rezonings, use permits, subdivisions etc.?

      How is this guy remotely qualified?

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      • kayaknut says:

        Are you saying all past people appointed by previous supervisors were expertly qualified?

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        • unlisted says:

          YES! Especially Sarah Christie, LOL

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      • catdude says:

        The criteria here is raving conservatism

        No experience necessary

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        • isoslo says:

          It helps to counter balance the raving liberalism from all appointees by Hill or Gibson. Balance in all things

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        • Slowerfaster says:

          Harrison has creds.

          Brennan is a patronage appointee … a long time Republican operative and a children’s ministry coordinator at a SLO church. But, she’s the spokesmodel for Compton, and LC should be comfortable with the person in this position.

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        • Kevin Rice says:

          Experience? Let’s talk about experience then… Caren Ray’s opinion letter today:

          “Ten years ago, I was at a dinner party and was approached by a public official who asked if I was interested in serving on the Arroyo Grande Planning Commission. My first question was, “What’s Planning Commission?””

          The criteria for Caren Ray was what, then? Raving cronyism.

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          • marcusaurelius says:

            GOOD RIDDANCE CAREN RAY! May politics never see the likes of your fugly mug again!

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          • Justducky says:

            Of course, as you know Kevin, this was on the A.G. Planning Commission not on the SLO County Planning Commission. We all start somewhere in politics. Where did you start?

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            • Kevin Rice says:

              Attending and participating in hundreds of government meetings, that’s where. I sure as hell know what a Planning Commission is and certainly wouldn’t expect to be appointed to one if I never even heard of it!

              Every election we see candidates who’ve never attended a meeting and maybe hardly even voted before (Jeff Aranguena, SLO) become Tribune darlings and lauded as political savants, just like Caren Ray has been, for little more than having the required progressive Left bent.

              The outright gall of this (thankfully) FORMER supervisor who ran on a platform of “experience”—who underscored Lynn Compton’s lack of “experience”—and now Caren herself writes how clueless and inexperienced she was when she first took public office!

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              • marcusaurelius says:

                Caren does spew the leftist bent and a LOT of stuff that makes no sense at all the while blowing her own stock stuffed bugle.

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                • WorkingClass says:

                  Caren Ray has a gift for public speaking, and with her perky look she wins over the public (well, some of the public!)

                  But, she needs to go back to the career she planned for, a High School teacher. Government is not her bag. She was appointed throughout most of her political career (again that perky look wins them over!), but she is too influenced by the political men around her (aka Katcho, Ferrara, Gibson and A. Hill).

                  She thinks she will be back for Arroyo Grande seats in the future, but she will not be able to take the heat when her past comes back to haunt her. Campaigning can be brutal, and I doubt she could take that again.

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