Open letter to San Miguel

January 22, 2015
Former SMCSD Board President Richard Harrison

Former SMCSD Board President Richard Harrison


I, Richard Harrison, am submitting my resignation from the San Miguel Community Services District Board of Directors, effective immediately. I regretfully take this action due to not being able to work with a few Board Members abusing their use of power over the San Miguel CSD. I cannot and will not be a part of these violations of the law.

The last couple of years have been a burden, since a few Board Members have pushed their personal agendas, making harmful decisions for the future of the San Miguel Community Services District. They refuse to listen to or work with other board members, district Counsel, district staff and the public to do what’s best for the community.

Now, we have a few board members harming other individuals and myself. These acts include personal attacks such as posting signs in non-legal areas. They are planning to take advantage (make a profit) of the San Miguel Community Services District. They are threatening major department cutbacks in order to pay themselves stipends and provide themselves laptops and phone allowances. They are harassing the San Miguel CSD employees, staff and other directors.

These Directors have improperly held private meetings to make decisions on San Miguel CSD issues before the regular board meetings are held. They have worked together to avoid correcting important district issues and business such as the White Oak matter, as required by law, and have manipulated many other items. Instead, they’re making special deals and allowing past due bills and debts of a director to remain unpaid. They brag about how they’re going to terminate or cutback a particular employee’s salary.

The belief of “paying it forward” has been mine, as well as past board members’ contribution to the community; this has been part of what I’ve given back for living in a fantastic area. I’ve enjoyed serving on the San Miguel CSD Board since February 2000 and serving on other various boards and committees in San Miguel since 1988.

I wish San Miguel the best and as I’ve always said, “What goes around; come around.”

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Perhaps the county CSDs should quietly bow out and relinquish their bungling redundancy. Let the county handle governance. Thats where our property goes; the county.

@Mr. Harrison: Bless you for trying, but, really, an ethical person has NO business on a CSD Board of Directors. I bet you feel like you’ve aged forty years in the time you’ve been on the BOD.

Good luck for your future endeavors.

We have officially been ushered in to the golden age of government corruption at local, state, and especially federal levels.

Our collective response to this – raise our taxes! Mind boggling.

Tell me about it! I was sitting in the Clark Center when a SLO school principal mentioned all the tax increases passed so they would be “funded” – and most everyone in the audience was applauding as if somehow *now* the schools will get better.

I was dumbfounded. I was surrounded. I think we all might be.

Sorry to break it to you that age has been going on for quite some time.