Stabbing suspect arrested in SLO

January 29, 2015
Daniel Allen

Daniel Allen

San Luis Obispo police arrested a man who allegedly stabbed a person in an unprovoked attack early Thursday morning.

Daniel Allen, a 43-year-old transient, stabbed a 61-year-old man near the intersection of Broad Street and Industrial Way around 1 a.m., according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department. The attack came without warning, both the victim and a witness told officers.

The victim, also described by police as a transient, suffered a wound to the abdomen. Responders transported him to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Allen fled the scene by foot, but police promptly found him. They arrested him at the Shell gas station located at the corner of Broad Street and Tank Farm Road.

Officers charged Allen with assault with a deadly weapon and booked him in San Luis Obispo County Jail. The stabbing suspect remains in jail on $25,000 bail.

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I am very very saddened and always so incredibly disheartened when I read the comments on this news source. it makes me quite frightened that we have so many ignorant and mean hearted people always quick to get down on the lower class and that I must walk amongst these people every day. expect to hear from me more and more on here I have always wanted to comment and tonight I finally signed up. by the way I am A born and raised local with a roof over my head, so sorry, as much as you’d like to, you cannot pin out of town transient on to me.

All this so a handful of bureaucrats can rake in lavish salaries, absurd retirement packages, and medical benefits that the producers in our society can only dream of. For the sake of what? So you can feel better about yourself? How can people footing the bill tolerate this nonsense? Bewildering

Appropriate photo, why didn’t they include the pitch-fork. What if a generous person was willing to spend $100 million to build a homeless shelter and also fund five years of staffing, would this be ok’d by the voters of SLO?

are you volunteering jorge?

If I were to spend $100 million to house the homeless, it would be spent in Mexico. As advertised, the planned shelter in SLO is for temporary housing and with big bucks a new town could be constructed in Mexico that would provide housing, jobs and tourism to keep it going. It is unrealistic for a taxpayer funded welfare housing project to work, for the long term, in today’s Alto California.

amen to that, but they’ll build it anyway and when the “homeless” population doubles, they’ll build another one.

Look what victims the homeless have become. Look who said the assault was unprovoked, the victim and a witness, (maybe the victims friend?). It was one in the morning down on Broad and Industrial Way, a well known parking/sleeping place for the homeless. How do you know the other guy wasn’t coming from the Graduate and picked a fight with a homeless man and the homeless man defended himself? Homeless people are also victims of violence, but they tend not to report their abuse. Without details and an investigation, this is just one side of the story…..

One more thing: if the guy was in a shelter sleeping at 1AM sleeping, the above would not have happened.

Chances are that if this perp wasn’t wasted off his @ss,

or high as a kite, it wouldn’t have happened either.

The homeless are victims?

A lot of homeless choose this lifestyle. Hard to believe, but true.

I, for one am tired of supporting their lifestyle choice.

Go home, get a job.

” if the guy was in a shelter sleeping at 1AM sleeping, the above would not have happened”

Really? I doubt whether being in or out of a shelter would have made any difference.

We should encourage more “transients” to spend time in SLO. They bring a diversity of experience to flavor our otherwise mundane community. I, for one, enjoy the increasing instances of random stabbings, fights, molestations, attacks on merchants, etc. We should continue to develop programs and policies that welcome these individuals who contribute to our city in such a unique and refreshing way.

Like the downtown “parking meters” that gives money to bums! That was brilliant and has ended panhandling downtown.

I think the local government braintrust should mandate that anyone with a spare bedroom needs to house someone like Mr. Allen. It would end homelessness immediately.

The buses are being loaded up at this very moment.

New needy residents arrive daily.

Bend over a little more SLO, this won’t hurt a bit.

There was a bum in my neighborhood on garbage day this week going through our cans. My teenage daughter who leaves at 6AM for morning workout came running back inside as she was a little shocked that someone was in our lawn in the dark. I called the cops after I chased him off our property.

They’ve wrecked downtown and public parks. Our neighborhoods are next.

I have an idea. Let’s build them all a shangri la at our expense so they can live drug-free, in peace and harmony.

achillesheal says:

01/29/2015 at 8:45 am

I have an idea. Let’s build them all a shangri la at our expense so they can live drug-free, in peace and harmony.

Do you really trust our elected officials to act (our money) without the public consensus ( many of which are very educated and experienced in life)!?

I expect elected officials to do the most stupid and costly thing possible in nearly every situation.

by the way, sarcasm was intended in the above comment about building a shangri la.

I think it’s time to eliminate all gov’t programs enabling these alcoholics and drug addict losers to chase their next high at taxpayer expense and spend their days sleeping in our parks.