Testimony of tears and pot sales in Cal Poly football case

January 14, 2015
Cameron Akins

Cameron Akins

One suspect cried when he heard there was a gun and another admitted to talk of a plan to rob a marijuana salesman, a San Luis Obispo police detective testified Tuesday in a court hearing for former Cal Poly football players accused of conspiring to rob a frat house. [Tribune]

Jake Brito, 18; Kristaan Ivory, 20; Dominique Love, 19; and Cortland Fort, 20, returned to court Tuesday for the second day of preliminary hearings in which a judge will determine if enough evidence exists to bring their cases to trial. A fifth defendant and former Cal Poly football player, Cameron Akins, 19, is also accused of partaking in the attempted robbery of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house last August.

Police identified Akins as the man who carried an unloaded gun onto the property and subsequently engaged in a physical struggle with both fraternity members and officers.

On Tuesday, police detective Amy Chastain testified about her interviews with the defendants. Chastain said that Brito was shocked when she told him that a gun was involved in the robbery.

Brito then began to shake and cry, Chastain said.

Chastain testified that Ivory told her a group of players had been partying on the night of the robbery, and one of them suggested taking money from a fraternity member from whom he had previously purchased marijuana.

After the attempted robbery, sources told CalCoastNews that an ongoing dispute over marijuana sales existed between football players and fraternity members. Nearly a month after the incident, officers arrested the former president of the fraternity for allegedly selling marijuana out of the same house.

On Monday, lead detective Eric Vitale testified his investigation determined that all five defendants left the party with the intent of stealing marijuana, cash and electronics.

Chastain testified on Tuesday that Ivory told her that he and Brito tried to convince the group not to commit the planned robbery. Ivory also told her that he and Brito both walked away when the group pulled up to the fraternity house, Chastain said.

Testimony in the case will continue on Wednesday afternoon.


You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink…

You can send your kids to college, but you can’t make them THINK !


Amy Chastain/Dobson, the wonderful Doobie Dozen investigator.


If Brito and Ivory are telling the truth, I think that they have suffered enough for the “crime” of being poor judges of their friends’ characters.

From my memory of Amy Chastain’s history in this county, I would be at least somewhat skeptical of her version of events too. (Very aggressive behavior in the Doobie Dozen arrests, pepper-spraying and assaulting a homeowner who answered his door with a gun in hand before realizing it was the police knocking. Recorder “not turned on” in the latter case.)


What a shame.

Too bad these kids didn’t realize the incredible opportunity within their grasp

and take full advantage of an education.


No truer statement was ever spoken!


There’s no crying in armed robbery. This will definitely cost Mr. Brito some street cred.

Rich in MB

Now wait a minute….

Pot doesn’t cause crimes, I heard this on the Dave KVEC Show, so it has to be true.



Pot doesn’t lead to crime, and my healthcare was going to go down $2500 this year.

Oh, and it’s not a tax. Uh huh.


If they made alcohol illegal, then alcohol would cause (more) crimes too. It’s not the actual substance that CAUSES the crime, especially in the case of pot, it’s the legal status of the plant.


Oh, like in Colorado?