Thieves target Atascadero car wash

January 8, 2015

atascadero policeA pair of thieves stole a generator from an Atascadero car wash and evaded capture, but they did not manage to sidestep the business’s surveillance camera.

On Sunday night, the thieves showed up to El Camino Car Wash, and one of them snatched a Honda 6500 generator, which is value at about $6,000. The other suspect drove an older model Chevrolet or GMC single cab pickup onto the car wash lot, where they both loaded the generator into the truck, surveillance footage shows.

The video does not provide clear depictions of the thieves’ appearances.

Atascadero police have not identified the suspects and are still searching for them. Police request that anyone with information or questions about the incident contact the department at 461-5051.


First off, the MSRP of this generator is $2749.95. A far cry from $6K!

This was too easy for the perps. Looks to me like a couple of tweekers who obviously knew what they were after. Where in the world did the $6000 value come from? How about locking your generator up? Get some cameras with better resolution?


Expect more of the same. Prop 47 empties the prisons of people convicted for theft, drug possession (and I’m not talking about pot), fraud, forgery, possession of stolen goods, theft of guns…. And if you choose to take up such activities it is now a misdemeanor. Party. The $6,000 is a felony, but as YOU get to pay both the prosecutor and the defense attorney this gets pled down fast or the County has a serious budget problem on their hands. The funding was from the ACLU and other crime advocates.


Inside job? Former/current employees?


The 90s stepsides are kinda uncommon, which should make finding the baddies pretty easy.

Easy, that is, ifAPD had the resources to think a little about local dirbags w 1988 thru 1997 Chev stepside P/Us. But they don’t. Because Atascadero is full of crime, and “small stuff” like this doesn’t get a lot of attention.


Welcome to Atascadero…


The 2 thieves are too stupid to realize that they are losers.

Rich in MB

Obviously, they were looking to make a Clean Get Away!

(sorry I just couldn’t resist)


LOL I was going to say that, funny, but Im sure someones going to give ya some bs over it. Those two are idiots! Would love to be the fly on wall when they see this!