Adam Hill running for reelection, not the assembly

February 27, 2015
Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill filed an intention to run for supervisor in 2016 with the clerk recorder on Feb. 9.

Hill had been considering a run for the 35th District Assembly seat, according to several union representatives who said Hill approached them for support last year. The seat is currently held by Katcho Achadjian, who will be termed out in 2016.

Nevertheless, Hill is likely to face multiple opponents in his battle to hold on to the District 3 supervisor seat. Several people have considered running against Hill including Pismo Beach Mayor Shelly Higginbotham, Grover Beach’s former Mayor Debbie Peterson and Grover Beach’s current Mayor John Shoals.

Former state Senator Sam Blakeslee said earlier this month that he was considering running for the District 3 Supervisor’s seat. Blakeslee said his primary reason for a possible campaign against the two-term incumbent was because of Hill’s support for a proposed 1,500 home development in Wild Cherry Canyon.

On Thursday, Blakeslee said he is no longer planning to enter the race because he has learned a credible candidate will challenge Hill in the 2016 election. He did not disclose the name of the candidate.

Three supervisor seats are up for grabs in 2016. District 5 Supervisor Debbie Arnold said she plans to run for reelection. Former District 5 Supervisor Jim Patterson said that rumors about him running again are untrue.

When District 1 Supervisor Frank Mecham first ran for office in 2008, he said he would only run for two terms making this his last.  However, Mecham said Friday he will announce whether or not he will run for a third term in June.


I wonder what underhanded tricks Adam Hills’ team of PG&E’s Tom Jones, Tom Fulks and Aaron Ochs will plan for the race. I just wonder what Adam Hill has promised PG&E to get them to promote lying about and demeaning those who question Adam Hill’s plans.

Regardless, making fun of an 80-year-old man having a stain on his shirt, referring to a woman as a donkey, photo shopping people’s photographs and making claims of felonies is wrong. I have called both of Aaron Ochs recent former employers, the Information Press said he quit before he was fired and that his claims of extortion are untrue. The latest, ASAP Graphics, just said he no longer works there.

Adam Hill, Tom Jones and Tom Fulks knew how unbalance Aaron Ochs was when they started working with him. You would think a publicly traded company such as PG&E would not promote bullying and harassment. The ends do not always justify the means.

And Tom Jones, many people at PG&E know what you are doing and find it despicable. This is a small town and many people know that you are managing Adam Hill who along with Bruce Gibson pays their Tom Fulks who pays Aaron Ochs to harass, demean and bully. There are more and more law being passed to stop online harassment.


If Ms Higginbotham or Ms Peterson run either of them would have my vote if I was in that


But Shoals on the other hand would be better off fixing the problems he has already.


Shoals needs to come clean on the sanitation district before I would consider voting for him FOR ANYTHING,

Dee Torres

How so Rich? What issues and votes has Adam cast that have embarrassed you? Feel free to contact either one of us if you’d like to discuss serious issues that are now facing our community? What are your feelings about water??


Meacham needs to run as the only moderate on the board. It will be tough as Debbie and Lynn’s backer’s paid-for Tea Party

can see the “goal line” and Meacham is their only obstacle. Debbie/Lynn say just keep rolling. Get it while the gettin’s good and f**k the future. For some unknown reason Frank has a problem with that.


Do you use “Tea Party” as a dog whistle for the ignorant? What, pray-tell, has the “tea party” done that is detrimental to anything around here? Do you also ignore the mountain of malfeasance, scandal, lying, corruption and flat-out law-breaking that goes on in this County?

Not surprisingly, your ramblings dibbled off shortly after you pulled the pin on this one. I’m just glad there’s (literally) less than 5 people who usually give their Pavlovian responses to such insipid tripe.


Sheesh ! Can’t we wait to see what other candidates announce and find out about their policy positions before there is a reactionary outcry ?

I know it’s a lot to ask from the pitchfork brigade here on CCN, but please, restrain yourselves !

Kevin Rice

Don’t matter. #AnyoneButHill #NotMySupervisor

Dee Torres

How clever Kevin, I’m sure you’re capable of more than cyber-robe call-postcard-bullying! You have to be because this is pathetic. Those you can do and those who can’t bully! I think that would make a great name for a postcard with your face on it. Enough nonsense. Attack on issues and votes.

Dee Torres



Mayor Shoals will have to answer as to why he is still stonewalling at the sanitation district if he wants any chance to win.

Mike Byrd

You waited too long, Sam. Peshong and his central committee had already anointed the partisan to replace Hill. We’ll probably learn who he picked before too much longer.

Rich in MB

Hey….how about Morro Bay’s Aaron Ochs…ha ha ha


He already has a good job as the Pooper Scooper Troll at the end of the parade.

Kevin Rice

That would be district 2, and I would swap Gibson for Aaron.


LoL if Aaron reads that he may finally understand that hate is all relative.

Kevin Rice

Or, that I would take an incompetent fool over a conniving shrew.

Rich in MB

Look, we know his district slants left…fine.

But can’t we find a decent honorable person on the left to replace this bozo?

Because if Adam Hill is the best the Left can do in SLO…well….folks, that’s a complete embarrassment to the cause!


That’s the way it rolls. Marx, Lichtig, Pig Vomit (Hill). I’m fine with true community-minded liberals, not frauds, WTF is Keith Gurnee doing? I’m going to drag his ass downtown and make him take out papers for mayor.


Bozo, now that is funny along with fitting! Reminds me of those “No Bozo” stickers 25-30 years ago. This guy fits the stereotype



It’s time to mount a grassroots campaign to ensure that he is NOT re-elected. It’s time for a positive change.


I’m with you Pelican, I intend to put some effort and $ into any decent opposition to Hill


Be careful, last time people wanted change, we got shafted. Twice.

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