Recent ruling prompts gun permit requests

February 28, 2015

gunrightsThe number of applications for concealed-carry permits is on the rise in San Luis Obispo County with 48 people applying between Jan. 1 and Feb. 26. [Tribune]

Statewide, there has been an increase in applications, the result of a 2014 appellate court case. The judges ruled that San Diego’s good cause policy infringed on residents’ Second Amendment right to bear arms for self-defense.

In SLO County, there are currently 571 active permits. In 2014, 239 people filed applications for new or renewed permits. Permits expire every two years.


California has legislatively banned EVERY other method to Bear arms. The ONLY path for a law abiding citizen to Bear arms in public is via the License To Carry (LTC) path. You may apply to either your local police chief (unless they have deferred this process to the county sheriff) or to your county sheriff.

Now, let’s stop and think about this from a Civil Rights viewpoint. If a law abiding citizen is denied during the LTC application process, that citizen now has ZERO paths to lawfully exercise their Civil Right to Bear arms. A LTC denial is a Civil Rights denial.

The article mentions 239 applications last year. It doesn’t mention how many law abiding citizens were denied. It doesn’t mention how many applications were refused to be processed illegally by the SLO sheriff department.

Interestingly, a Police Quarterly study found that law enforcement officers’ crime rate is 124 crimes per 100,000 officers. Law abiding LTC holders’ crime rate is 20.5 per 100,000. ONE SIXTH the rate of police officers. Looks like our sheriff Parkinson should be encouraging the law abiding citizens of this county to obtain a LTC


“You are far more likely to suffer at the hands of a US Citizen doing a crime then a “scary” illegal.”

Well of course, illegals are 3.5% of the population. Math much??


as much as I applaud the ruling, let me get this straight. So resident of ca now have the right to protect themselves outside of their house?,with which firearms the doj deems appropriate?i realize this is slo, not Oakland or san diego, however i cant help but ask myself where the f do we live?? i would say residents of ca need to vote for/elect more qualified individuals than kamala harris. maybe then we wouldn’t have to sue to be allowed what rights we do have left.

Rich in MB

More Concealed Carry Permits in SLO means a Safer SLO and nation wide Stats prove that to be the case.

Ted Slanders


Correct, fight crime by shooting back!

Mr. Holly

Now that illegal immigrant have drivers licenses I wonder if they now can apply for concealed weapon permits?

Kevin Rice

SURE! Why not? They already concealed-carry measles and tuberculosis.


Kevin, that conservative rumor about illegal aliens and measels has no basis in fact. here educate yourself;

Ted Slanders

Kevin Rice,

To use your ever so wanting analogy, then we better stop any visitors from China, the Philippines, Vietnam and other Asian countries where their current Measles outbreaks far surpass ours, and they have legal entry into our country with a passport!

Notwithstanding, tuberculosis largest number of new cases occurred in the South-East Asia and Western Pacific Regions, accounting for 56% of new cases globally, so I am sure you would want to stop anyone from these regions from coming into our country legally as well.

How could that be done in a global way? Think.


Will you and Vagabond please stop with the facts already! (like that vaccination rates are higher in Mexico and Central America than the U.S. because the people don’t question medical evidence)


Since three cases of leprosy have been found in FLORIDA, can we send all the recent

arrivals from Florida (and there were many of them!) back to whence they came?

Or haven’t you ever heard of leprosy??


If you break one law (illegal entry) why not just break another (concealed weapon)?


Let us just string together a bunch of “scary” possibilities (no facts needed) because manufactured fear is how to get ignorant voters to vote “your” way.


As proven by the DNC !!


You’re both right. Both parties do it. Sometimes they use different boogeymen (assault weapons vs. illegal immigrants). Sometimes they use the same ones (terrorism, violent crimes) while offering different solutions. Once in a while, they use the same one with the same purposes (can’t protect us without violating privacy rights, too big to fail = economic disaster if no bailout.)


Any one can apply for anything (astronaut?) but that is not important, because Fear is the meme you are trying to spread. No cal and fact free.

You are far more likely to suffer at the hands of a US Citizen doing a crime then a “scary” illegal.

It’s called FUD, and you have it. Vaccinations are available.