Adam Hill running for reelection, not the assembly

February 27, 2015
Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill filed an intention to run for supervisor in 2016 with the clerk recorder on Feb. 9.

Hill had been considering a run for the 35th District Assembly seat, according to several union representatives who said Hill approached them for support last year. The seat is currently held by Katcho Achadjian, who will be termed out in 2016.

Nevertheless, Hill is likely to face multiple opponents in his battle to hold on to the District 3 supervisor seat. Several people have considered running against Hill including Pismo Beach Mayor Shelly Higginbotham, Grover Beach’s former Mayor Debbie Peterson and Grover Beach’s current Mayor John Shoals.

Former state Senator Sam Blakeslee said earlier this month that he was considering running for the District 3 Supervisor’s seat. Blakeslee said his primary reason for a possible campaign against the two-term incumbent was because of Hill’s support for a proposed 1,500 home development in Wild Cherry Canyon.

On Thursday, Blakeslee said he is no longer planning to enter the race because he has learned a credible candidate will challenge Hill in the 2016 election. He did not disclose the name of the candidate.

Three supervisor seats are up for grabs in 2016. District 5 Supervisor Debbie Arnold said she plans to run for reelection. Former District 5 Supervisor Jim Patterson said that rumors about him running again are untrue.

When District 1 Supervisor Frank Mecham first ran for office in 2008, he said he would only run for two terms making this his last.  However, Mecham said Friday he will announce whether or not he will run for a third term in June.


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Good lord. Next thing you know, Torres will be using an insanity defense to wrangle disability. With the display here today it may just be viable.


Pretty sure that plan is already underway.


Now I know where “twiddle Dee and twiddle Adumb” comes from.


Dee Dee, like the man said….Dave’s not here.


Dee Torres has officially gone mad! Or hired Aaron Ochs to masquerade as a thieving do gooder.


I would like to apologize publicly to everyone who has posted on this thread. Apparently I am the reason behind the one woman campaign currently being launched by Mrs. Adam Hill against people who are posting here. My original post offering advice to Team Hill appears to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back and Mrs. Hill now seems determined to challenge those who would dare criticize or ridicule her husband.

It’s a free country, Mrs. Hill. Post away.

But if you read her comments, much of it is vintage Adam Hill:

(1) If anyone on this thread dares to criticize Adam Hill anonymously, Mrs. Hill automatically dismisses them as posts by Dave or Karen. For the record, I am not JustBeware or DogLover.

(2) Or there’s the post by Mrs. Hill where she “outs” AJ Drury, a critic of her husband.

(3) Or there’s the in-your-face tone she uses repeatedly throughout her comments.

It’s all designed to shut you up, shut you down, make sure you stop criticizing Adam Hill.

I don’t intend to engage Mrs. Hill. I again apologize for causing this firestorm, but I stand by and repeat the key points of my original post:

(1) Team Hill should distance themselves from the Ochs family.

(2) The smear campaign against Sam Blakeslee should stop (by the way, Mrs. Hill, I suspect Karen didn’t cover the Blakeslee divorce because it happened after he left office, but you’d have to ask her).

(3) Supervisor Hill should go back to his environmental roots and lead the campaign against Wild Cherry Canyon instead of “sitting on the sidelines” as he told Kara Woodruff he would do.

Good luck in court today, Mrs. Hill. I’m sure we’ll be reading about it tomorrow.



No need to apologize.

Dee Torres

Oh Dave, here we go again….You know how we all know you’re lying, yep you guessed it, your lips are moving.


(1) I’m NOT t in court today and if I was it would be by MY choice unlike your, Sam, and Kara’s

good friend, Karen. Thanks for wishing me luck although somehow I don’t think it’s genuine…

(2) This blog is rigged, I repeat this blog is rigged, (I learned the repeating thing from you:)

(a) Common sense posts are deleted, hateful nasty ones are given added thumbs ups

(b) Even the thumbs are rigged, most of time when you push it, it either doesn’t work, or

it adds several numbers, sometimes for the other side. So silly.

(c) It may be a free country, but speech is controlled here. I have screen shots of deleted

posts if you want to see them?

(3) Criticize Adam and I all you want. Leave our address, our kids, abusive ex’s out of it, what we look like, etc.. out of it! Why is this so hard for you to understand. Talk about issues and facts period.

(4) My tone, have you ever listened to yourself on the radio? Goodness! What type of tone do

you think your voice has when your reading on air lies about me, told from the mouth of the man you beat and abused me? Would you like to know the “tone” my daughter picked up

in your voice when her friend called and told her that you and Velie were talking about her

and her sisters on the radio. I’m sorry if you find my tone offensive, I haven’t found anything in the last few years that isn’t offensive about you!

(5) Fact, Sam Blakeslee advertises on this web-site, Fact Sam Blakeslee testified in court for Karen just before she was convicted of driving under the influence. Fact Sam was playing bridge with Karen just before she got into her vehicle and was arrested for driving under the influence. Fact, Sam is seen often and even very recently socializing with Karen at De Debbie Arnold’s fundraiser (coincidentally at Cafe Roma another advertiser on this blog). Ya, I’m sure she didn’t cover, Sam’s SALACIOUS divorce because he wasn’t “in office” wi nk wink. It had nothing to do with the above. Good God, you really do take us all for fools.

(6) Mrs. Hill is Adam’s mother. My name is Dee, just another attempt to demean. When did I

give you the impression that I was choosing to be called Mrs. Hill? Is it when I posted as

“Dee Torres” or maybe my e-mail address, could it be how I

signed my name in our e-mail exchange the other night, “Dee”. You do know that calling

people anything other than they call themselves is “bullying 101” right? Geez. I had my

own identity before Adam and I darn well have one now (despite your efforts to destroy, it f

or “entertainment” and ratings)

(7) Adam never left his environmental roots, heard of the Pismo Preserve??? He was

honored just the other night by the Land Conservancy? Bob Jones Trail??? Just voted to

extend it a couple of weeks ago.. Again when your lips are moving…….

(8) Adam did not tell Kara he was going to “sit on the sidelines” this is hilarious. Adam has

never sat on a sideline in his life. Kara is not being honest, should I repeat Kara is not

being honest. If she’s looking and it appears she is, for someone to blame she should

start with the “moderate” (funny) who she recently divorced.

(9) As for the Ochs, we all see right through you, you’re scared of them. You lie and say you

ignore them. You and your friends do everything but! You guys have created fake fb

pages, paid for juvenile robo-calls, sent idiotic post cards, they’ve been under siege by you and your delightful friends for years.

Now I know that facts burn your skin the same way water did to the wicked witch, but I hope

you have worked through the pain. I’d hate to be responsible for keeping you from all of the

things you love and do best, creating and spreading fictitious stories, cyber bullying and radio hate. What a shame!!!


For 2)a and 2)b, try clearing your cookies. Or pressing CMD-R (on a mac) to reload the page. I think what you are seeing is less about a conspiracy, and more about the way pages reload in your browser.


For gods sake Dee, please get some help! I used to like you and even had some respect for you. A VERY long time ago. You clearly have the $ to get some good psychiatric care. Take advantage of that. For your sake and most importantly your children’s. : (


so obviously aaron ochs


MG, Dee, Mrs. Hill ….whomever you would like to call yourself. PLEASE get some help!


Hey, I *outed* myself :) My name actually is AJ Dury, so great detective work there, Mrs. Adam Hill, LOL.

If a politician shuts down the public’s input, they are going to have unhappy constituents and unhappy constituents create critics.

The buck started with Mr. Hill and his behavior “against” us, but the buck stops with us when the votes get counted. Ex-Mayor Ferrara learned it last November, soon-to-be ex-Supervisor Hill will learn it in two more Novembers.

This online meltdown is the perfect time to start the countdown to positive change in District 3!


good riddance in advance….


Dave, we understand that she along with her husband and Aron Ochs are certifiable WHACK JOBS!


honest abe

when he was first elected, I thought he would be a relief from the poor leadership of Jerry Lenthal.

Boy was I mistaken.

This guy is an immature loser….period…. and I can’t wait till he is out of office too.


I thought the same thing back when I lived in his district and I too was sadly mistaken. I now live in District 4 and thankfuly we got his sidekick out and replaced her with someone who actually listens to the voters and makes inteliigent decisions. Maybe finally the voters of District 3 will follow and show Mr. Hill the door and elect someone who will actually represent their entire district instead of just the choosen few.



In addition to claiming that I am Dave, you have also accused Pelican 1 of being Dave, doglover of being Dave, and now Pismo 20 of being Dave. Anyone else?

A quick glance at the timing of your posts indicates you did not get much rest last night.

Get some sleep, maybe you’ll feel better.


Dave’s not here.


That made me LOLz ‘racket’.



Dee Torres

You notice he didn’t deny Pismo 20 as he is Pismo 20. If he’s not the other two than he is intimately involved with both. Who cares. mcbactivist is Linda Stedjee. Who cares. This blog is fake your names are fake the stories are fake. The “comment guidelines are fake” it’s all fake. Just like the next story that this blog will write about me, fake!


You idiot. Just don’t do anything shady or illegal and there will be no next story.

Dee Torres

Never have Karen/Dave or whomever Whydaduck is? Only Karen’s done and been convicted of doing something illegal. Not me, Adam, or most if not essentially all of the people you all attack here/


so aaron ochs


Hard to tell where one ends and the other begins with this incestuous little group.


Yes right Dee…..not that you have been caught at YET!


<———- Not fake. That's really me. Sorry to disappoint, lol.


Dave also didn’t deny he was r0y,

just another poster you accused him of being.

Those two probably just slipped by him,

since you’ve accused him of being just about everyone

who’s commented on this story.

BTW, I am NOT Dave,

and he certainly doesn’t need anyone to defend him,

but your crazy stabs at trying to link him to anyone, and everyone

are ridiculous.


Just curious Dee, if you think all is “fake” why would you write on a “fake” site? Are you really Dee? Or are you “fake”?


I’d rather see him as a supervisor where we can watch him, than having him hide behind a podium poison students minds.


How about none of the above?


Just curious, where the heck did Dee Torres roll into this county from? I understand Adam is from New Jersey. Where in the hell did she come from?