Blakeslee considering run against Adam Hill

February 14, 2015
Sam Blakeslee

Sam Blakeslee


Former state Senator Sam Blakeslee said Friday that he is considering running for the San Luis Obispo County District 3 Supervisor’s seat currently held by Adam Hill.

Blakeslee said his primary reason for a possible campaign against the two-term incumbent was because of Hill’s support for a proposed 1,500 home development in Wild Cherry Canyon. Blakeslee has concerns over the proposed development’s impact on the environment and its proximity to Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

“It’s true I was considering running when I heard that Adam Hill was supporting the big development project in Wild Cherry Canyon,” Blakeslee said. “But I’m sure he will rethink that position when he learns more about the negative impacts of the project, especially as they relate to evacuation issues near Diablo Canyon.”

The 2,400-acre Wild Cherry Canyon property, which extends from Avila Beach to Irish Hills, is owned by Eureka Energy, a subsidiary of PG&E. A group of investors with developer Denis Sullivan at the helm has leased the land for 155 years and is promoting the development.

Kara Woodruff, Blakeslee’s former wife, led the Wild Cherry Canyon conservation effort. However, the American Land Conservancy failed to raise the $21 million for the land.

Woodruff, interviewed on KVEC radio last Thursday, said she had recently met with Hill regarding her concerns about proposed development. Woodruff, who recently started up a new conservation group Friends of Wild Cherry Canyon, was told by Hill that he intends to “sit on the sidelines” regarding potential development.

During the 2014 election for District 4 Supervisor, Hill waged an unsuccessful battle to keep Caren Ray in office. During the race, multiple developers with proposed projects in the county, including Sullivan, donated money to Ray and Hill, and in many cases Hill then lobbied for the developments.

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Really! The negative impact that the project will have on the evacuation plan for Diablo Canyon. I wonder if anyone has considered what the tourist industry might have on this evacuation plan. There are literally thousands and thousands of people that come into our local seaside communities every weekend and into San Luis Obispo. I never hear anything about this impact on any evacuation plan. But it’s pretty simple to figure it out. Like with any crime just follow the money. These south county communities would be dead if there is no tourism and its revenues.

Ya sure, build more houses near Diablo and they can evacuate by driving north to the Cuesta Grade parking lot or go south and join the 101 road rage. There is already a disfunctional evacuation plan, the sirens will best serve as a reason to salute and down the hatch a favorite drink.

Why not require a road system that will work before installing those alarming sirens? Go for it Sam.

A nice smile. A nice guy. But just another politician.

get elected feel the love

RE: Hill.

“It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first.

Ronald Reagan ”

Once again, payola for all those political “contributions”

Reagan was a prostitute for tobacco and GE, so he knew what he was pontificating about.

Most of the ‘conservative’ teabaggerry boneheads that post here don’t know how politics is run. That’s because they are reactive to slogans and buzzwords without much thought. So easily manipulated by shiny objects.

Blakeslee has served up a perfect ‘softball’, so that AH can now ‘reconsider’ and compromise with dignity, and Blakeslee would be without a motivating issue to run on.

Sam would then withdraw this ‘trial balloon’ that he has no intention to follow up on.

I don’t know if there have been any back-door communications between the two, but both are known political names and both have considerable skills.

I’m not being negative to either, and actually have been supportive of both on various issues in the past.

By Sam doing this now, it forestalls a dooshnozzle Republican troglodyte entering the fray.

I agree. i have fallen for slogans like…Hope and Change, War on women, Lean forward (turned out to be bend forward).. I need to become educated like you so that won’t happen in the next election.

Your response was so funny, tongue and cheek for sure, but I would like to make a little correction. I thing the words were Hope and Change You Can Believe In but I am sure he meant Hope and Change You Won’t Believe In.

Anyway, that you for the humor tonight!

Well, thank you ( I think ). Even a back-handed compliment is still a compliment.

I won’t claim to be more educated, but generally it is not a bad thing to be so.

Gathering news, information, and facts from a variety of sources can be gratifying for self improvement and elucidation; and I would recommend that for anyone.

Just know that there are countless stupid people out there ( of all political persuasions, I add ) that will never heed this counsel; and they can be a source of much frustration.

It’s really funny when the far left fringe has no legitimate argument, they have to start in with the insults and name calling. I also find it strange that they will defend their own no matter how awful the person or the crimes.

I can see no left wing operating in America at the present moment what was the left wing is now a bloody stump so we keep flying in circles with our big right wing

While president, Bill Clinton famously said, “We’re all Eisenhower Republicans now” after signing the so-called welfare reform bill.

Hillary Clinton was a ‘Goldwater Girl’ and voted to invade Iraq. Only 23 Democratic senators opposed the Iraq invasion.

Only one lone Democrat in Congress, Rep. Barbara Lee of California voted against the Afghanistan authorization, now the US’ longest ( and unwinnable ) ‘war’.

Meanwhile, to those in the fascist wing of the Republican party, anyone to the left of Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh is a ‘liberal’.

Maybe we could all benefit from John Stewart’s view that we not compare ‘liberal vs. conservative’, but corruption vs. anti-corruption.

Baloney. However you wish to define those on ‘the left’, we cull and abandon our bad apples when wrongdoing is discovered or admitted: that congressman from Louisiana that had bundles of cash in his freezer, Gov. Blagoyevich in Illinois, Spitzer in NY.

The right always circles the wagons: war criminals bush and Cheney and their cohorts with false invasions and torture, Senator Vitter of Louisiana with his prosty’s, the whole Iran-Contra debacle where the Republican perps were pardoned before prosecution or simply ignored.

Lol, William Jefferson (D-Louisiana) was not “culled” nor “abandoned” by the Democrat Party until the CONVICTION (13 years, btw) was handed down. They still ran him and elected him (won his race) WHILE the corruption case was being heard. Hell, they started the investigation in 2006, and he didn’t step down from Congress until 2009 (when he was convicted).

Rod Blagojevich was a known corrupt politician (are there any OTHER kind in Chicago?) and his only “real crime” was being caught red-handed (recorded) by the FBI. He, like every modern governor of Illinois, was always known to locals as über corrupt… like Jefferson, he had to be CONVICTED and REMOVED from his office by the IL state senate. I suppose in the most generous, lose sense of the phrase, he was culled and abandoned – but only a die-hard ideologue would consider that.

Then Spitzer, caught red-handed with some hookers, paying them with tax-payer money, etc. resigned (no need to cull and abandon); however, upon resigning, democrat prosecutors announced he would not face criminal prosecution for abusing / misusing public money on hotels and hookers. Not really a culling or abandoning, not even a shunning. He now writes for lunatic left-wing blogs that idiots follow with reckless abandon.

Thanks for the terrible history lesson, nonetheless.

lol. in that paragraph he manages to speak out of both sides of his mouth claiming he has to respect property rights while maintaining environmental balance.

then in his next log entry he tries to associate himself with Mindbody.

“But I’m sure he [Hill} will rethink that position when he learns more about the negative impacts of the project, especially as they relate to evacuation issues near Diablo Canyon.”

Hill doesn’t think, or rethink, anything.

More likely he will rethink his po$ition if the developer doeSn’t come forward with a $pecial re-election contribution to Mr. Hill’$ campaign. We know there I$ one certain way to get Mr. Hill to $upport $omething.

Isn’t going from state senate to county commissioner kind of like going from high school varsity back to little league? Bad analogy. Youth sports are constructive, positive, character building, honest endeavors.

I believe it was John Quincy Adams who served in Congress after being President. A true public servant goes where he/she is needed and I believe that is the case with Sam. He is not going to stand by and let Wild Cherry Canyon be developed without a fight. In 2008, Adam Hill put the environment first. In 2015, he’s content to live out at the country club in SLO and hang out with developers.

The problem is that few people are willing to challenge Adam Hill and the Fulks/Ochs smear machine. It truly takes someone of Sam’s stature to step into the arena and say “Bring it.” I agree with Sam (and Kara) about Wild Cherry Canyon and I am grateful that Sam is even considering running. Fingers crossed.

With respect to Hill, the motive is clear…follow the $$$.

Caren Ray was trying to ride Hill’s coat tails to an election win, but her connections to Grossman and others were too glaring, her motivation too obvious.

I hope Blakeslee does run.

Ochs would be a bug on the windshield.

Hill is out of his league.

Fulks and Gibson would see their impact erode further.

I think Hill is trying desperately to appear to be more “State assemblymanish.”

J.Q. Addams did serve as a representative after being president.

Andrew Johnson was elected Senator in Tennessee after leaving the presidency.

William Howard Taft was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court after being president.

Just wait for the conservo-fascist Republican heads to explode when President Hllary Clinton nominates Barack Obama to the Supreme Court.