Cal Poly fraternity president pleads no contest to drug charges

February 7, 2015
Gear McMillan

Gear McMillan

The former president of Cal Poly’s Delta Sigma Phi fraternity pleaded no contest Friday to charges of felony possession of marijuana for sale.

Gear McMillan, 22, faces a maximum sentence of one year in the San Luis Obispo County Jail. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for April 17.

In September, San Luis Obispo police arrested McMillan for marijuana sales nearly one month after a group of Cal Poly football players allegedly robbed the fraternity’s house.

In August, police arrested five Cal Poly football players for robbing the fraternity house. One of the suspects is accused of holding fraternity members at gunpoint during the incident.

As part of the investigation into the incident, sheriff’s deputies and district attorney’s office investigators searched specific locations at the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house on California Boulevard. During the search, investigators discovered marijuana.

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  1. Paso_citizen says:

    Get beyond the issue of marijuana being legal or not, in some states, sold from vending
    machines or not. These are all side-bar issues.

    The real story here is that Mr. McMillian is a spoiled brat that believes he is above
    the law (and still does). The lies he told after the alleged robbery is all the evidence
    needed. And being in a position of frat president makes it that much worse, he should be
    setting an example (and maybe he did – if you go to Cal Poly and are a member of
    a frat – you can do whatever you want)

    So his crime is not a little bit of weed, or even selling that weed. The real crime is his
    lies and the added expense (money and time) those lies caused. But he had no concern
    about that, being he views himself as above the law.

    He will get off with a small slap on the wrist, at best. It would be much better if he got
    a much harsher sentence – not for weed offenses, but for his lies and attempted

    Sadly, our system of justice will not allow that.

  2. achillesheal says:

    When you live within the bubble of college, sometimes it’s easy to forget that some things you do within that bubble have real world consequences.

    Far too many kids get F’s (for felony), while in college, and wreck their life’s resume.

    Smarten up kids. Rape, drug dealing, sexual assault, armed robbery, are all real world crimes. Your silly university president, the fact you were drunk, and the ra in the dorms won’t protect you from the real consequences.

  3. justbeware says:

    This dumb kid was responsible for setting a wheel of criminal activity in motion. This isn’t simply a case of a kid and a bag of weed, what’s all the fuss about?
    The frat house gets robbed, and a gun is involved. He lies to the police, resulting in who knows how many man hours being spent investigating the robbery, not to mention the cost of prosecuting those involved.
    This little punk is lucky nothing worse happened.
    Look how many he has affected with his selfish behavior. I feel sorry for anyone who lived in the house that wasn’t involved.
    As a taxpayer, I’m furious at how many of our tax $$$ were, and are being spent as a result of this stupid kid, and those involved in his money making deals.

  4. jimmy_me says:

    Let’s face it… the price of education is high. The price of pot is high. The result is that many students grow or deal or both so they can afford to attend Cal Poly. Get used to it. Cal Poly is not the great-deal state school anymore; the cost of attending is quite high. No pun intended.

  5. obispan says:

    “No contest”? Is that the best lawyer Daddy can afford?

  6. mkaney says:

    Waste of tax money to prosecute him for this. Also perfectly illustrates that when you are a victim of a crime, the worst thing you can possibly do is call the police.

    • justbeware says:

      Crazy talk.
      This was no innocent victim, give me a break.
      He’s a lying little weasel.
      Hope he’s learned his lesson.

  7. marcusaurelius says:


  8. Rich in MB says:

    It’s Legal in CO and WA but this guy gets hammered in the Golden State for Pot.
    I’ve personally never smoked it, but honestly, when will we end the madness of funding the Prison Industrial Complex with pot heads.

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