California cops break up live sex show

February 16, 2015

800px-Warning_Sex_in_progress_Do_not_disturbA pair of strangers embarked on a sexual escapade in Southern California last week that provided a live sex show to teenage shoppers. [ABC 10]

A 20-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman met on a trolley and did not even know each others’ names when they rolled on top of each other in front of a Chula Vista business around 3:30 p.m. Friday, police say. After making out on the ground outside of a dress shop for about 15 minutes, the man stripped naked and the woman hiked up her skirt.

The pair had sex in broad daylight for about 10 minutes. Employees of the store and teenage girls, who were shopping for prom dresses, watched in disbelief.

Store owner Christie Peterson filmed part of the act, and ABC 10 obtained a copy of the recording.

Peterson called the police after strip mall security personnel did not arrive. When officers arrived they ticketed the pair for committing a lewd act in the public.

Officers arrested the man for violating his probation. They let the woman walk with citation.

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People are like disgusting cattle these days. They have little in the way of anything that is decent and spiritual left in them. They are vulgar–they urinate in public, are drunk in public, fight in public, debase women in public–and so this–is no surprise at all.

Take a hose to them–they is what they used to do with dogs that are stuck together.

I wonder if Chula Vista has a decent sex ed program in their schools? I suspect most (if not all) of the prom dress shoppers in the store weren’t totally shocked at the action but merely that it happened in such a public place. I suspect some of them will imitate the action in a somewhat more private place following their proms.

Chula Vista? More likley prom night in T.J?

How comes dogs get to piss and hump anywhere they want and we can’t?

I bet she just got out of a movie theatre and grabbed this guy to acted out her 50 Shades of intoxication.

i think their heads were a little toggled……..where is that trolley line?