California may repeal ‘welfare queen’ law

February 23, 2015

baby-money1_0California Democrats are calling for the repeal of a law that bars families from receiving increases to their welfare checks if they give birth to an additional child while on benefits. [Sac Bee]

Sen. Holly Mitchell of Los Angeles says the law is based on the pejorative concept of a “welfare queen,” who has babies in order to collect more cash. Mitchell has authored Senate Bill 23, which calls for the repeal of California’s welfare limit rule.

Mitchell said the existing law was crafted to discourage welfare recipients from having children. Rather than accomplishing that, the rule helped California achieve the nation’s highest poverty rate, she said.

“It is a classist, sexist, anti-democratic, anti-child, anti-family policy whose premise did not come to fruition,” Mitchell said. “It did not accomplish what it set out to accomplish. So it’s appropriate to take it off the books.”

If the “maximum family grant” rule is appealed, families receiving welfare benefits would be eligible to collect about $130 a month per child. The change is welfare rules would cost the state about $205 million in the first year, according to a budget analysis prepared last year.

Mitchell has twice before tried unsuccessfully to repeal the welfare limit law, but she now has support from a host of organizations and from Sen. President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon.

Senate Republic Leader Bob Huff opposes the effort to overturn the welfare rule. Huff said the $200 million should go to a better use, like job training or childcare for working mothers.

Other opponents of Mitchell’s bill say that reinstating the $130 monthly payments will not lift welfare recipients out of poverty.


The concept of ‘welfare queens’ is largely a myth. Sure, there are some economic baby machines that look to game the system, but these examples are miniscule.

The real culprits that create the dynamic of unthinking reproduction are the Un-Christian churches that promote breeding like rabbits while discouraging family planning and espousing any type of birth control as some kind of sin.

They’re not looking for votes…it’s all to collect more in the ‘donations’ basket.

Tax the churches: those pseudo religions that are only businesses hiding behind the 1st Amendment.

Should bring in enough funds to pay for their recruiting and social experimentation.

Ted Slanders

I would expect nothing less from a godless DEMONcrat in trying to eliminate the “welfare queen” law where the Sister’s of Eve can be a baby machine in the name of Jesus the Christ!

“Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.” (Psalm 127:3-5)

“And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” (Genesis 1:28)

Our Hebrew God with specificity has shown above that the TRUE Christian man is suppose to create as many off spring as possible, even to the point where his wife’s life ambition is just to be able to sit up!


Jon Tatro

Welfare is modern day slavery and proponents of welfare are the plantation owners. The slave owners always encouraged the poor slaves to have more children so they could own them too. Let’s emancipate these people and set them free.


You may remember the author Mason Weaver and his book “It’s okay to Leave the Plantation”. When he was scheduled to speak at Cal Poly, the ignorant multicultural staff objected to a flyer being posted to their bulletin board and charged the student posting the flyer with “disrupting the educational process”. Mason Weaver is a Black author/motivational speaker, but Cal Poly officials were so stupid, they didn’t even understand that Weaver was promoting his new book with said title. Read more…


Birthing more children is not an inherent “right” of citizens, at least not in the way voting, free speech, and bearing arms is – in my opinion. If you can’t afford to feed the kids you already have, don’t have any more. It’s just so obvious it hurts…


Wow – as usual, these comments blow my mind. How can you all be so cold and callous? Have any of you ever once thought about the children who are stuck in these circumstances? You all focus on the loser parents with such vindictiveness it blows me away. Please think about the children in these situation, for once. You all think you are going to teach these “welfare queens” a lesson or motivate them to not have more kids by cutting of the pittance they used to receive. Well it is not working!!! Get it through your vindictive pea brains. It the children you are punishing every time you all think you are getting tough on “welfare queens”.


Wow, so what is your suggestion?

Keep paying, And be happy about it?


Maybe we’re sick of paying and paying and paying. It never stops, nothing changes, and we don’t have any extra money for people who don’t care enough about other people to keep their legs crossed.


You know what adversity also brings? It can also bring an amazing and unique kind of individual that often sees things in a way that people from more privileged backgrounds can’t, which drives them to accomplish big things and still have a heart (which is not the same as being willing to take care of everyone). If the welfare of such children is important to people, they should definitely try to help them, but not in a way (redistribution) that presumes to know what the finances and priorities of everyone else is and make them help the way you choose to.


kaney, there is NOTHING that a person from a privileged background cannot see if they just use common thought and mind. A background of privilege or wealth (which I somehow missed out on, darn) is not a bar to seeing and feeling anything.

This article is about making those that work push along those that ride free in the wagon. And more socialism paying for kids for those who claim inability to do so. 60-80% of welfare is fraud, and changing the law would make it increase.


The problem is that the welfare queens perpetuate the problem. Children learn by example, that’s why parents have to parent and lead by example. The children these welfare queens produce will learn that living off the government is a legitimate way to “earn a living”.

Modern society has eliminated a great deal of suffering (and yes, has created some too). But one of the insidious things about modern society is that it perpetuates the unwillingness of some people to support themselves.

Rather than modern society teaching them how to work, it teaches them how to “game” the system to their advantage. These people chose to put ME to work so I can support THEM. Even though I have absolutely no job security, the welfare queens have a guaranteed income. This is theft on a grand scale (i.e. income redistribution) and I believe will eventually morph this country into one of a socialist nature.

Eventually we will have parity between the working class and the welfare recipients because of the slippery slope when the working class finally says, “‘It’s not worth it! I’m not going to work anymore! Why should I work if I don’t benefit any more than a welfare recipient?!”

At this point our standard of living will slip into the abyss of a “welfare state”. We’ll all work just enough to survive because any effort beyond will be redistributed to the welfare queens who demand their “fair share”.



Let’s hear it for all the Hand UP not Hand OUT debates!


If it were only the hands of the human anatomy involved, there would be no debate.


Guess we need another reason for people to not work, don’t have enough of those already.

Mr. Holly

How many condoms or birth control pills could they buy for $200 million?

Then how much would it cost to teach them when and how to use them?


Are you volunteering ?


Sounds like California democrats are afraid of losing their voter base to a more sensible direction so all they have left in their bag of tricks is to buy votes with tax dollars. What they are overlooking is the fact that those that are too lazy to work are often too lazy to vote. AAAAAHAHAHAHAHA


What do you mean, “all they have left” – that’s all any politician does: buy votes.

Whether you’re a republican selling your vote to your cronies, or a democrat selling your vote to further enslave minorities and other “group” wannabies. It’s self-serving, vile, and can only exist in an extremely ignorant society. In other words, California is RIPE for the pickins’.


“What do you mean, “all they have left” – that’s all any politician does: buy votes.”

Yes that is true but now there is a difference. They make no attempt to hide their shady conduct and they have the assistance of most of the main stream media.