Day care provider arrested for child abuse and torture

February 11, 2015
Georgina Imelda Ruiz-Bojorquez

Georgina Imelda Ruiz-Bojorquez

Santa Maria police arrested a 50-year-old private day-care provider Tuesday on child-abuse and torture charges.

After interviewing multiple victims and witnesses, officers obtained an arrest warrant for Georgina Imelda Ruiz-Bojorquez. Shortly after 9 a.m., officers arrested Ruiz-Bojorquez at her home.

The alleged torture and abuse took place between 1998 and 2005 and involved very young children, police said.

Police booked Ruiz-Bojorquez into the Santa Barbara County Jail on Tuesday with her bail set at $500,000.

“Based on the allegations of torture and, more recently, repeated physical abuse of young children, Santa Maria Police Department detectives believe there is a likelihood there are other victims and witnesses who have not yet been identified,” Van Meel said.

Police are asking anyone with information about the allegations to contact the Santa Maria Detective Bureau at (805) 928.3781.

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1998 to 2005. I hope she isn’t being McMartined.

The McMartin Pre-school scandal was based upon coached accusations of children who were enrolled just prior to the prosecution. This one comes from people who are now older and (so far) does not involve young kids still subject to that kind of coaching. I would think that they would be much more reluctant to make such accusations unless she managed to make a lot of them angry and with no reasonable recourse. Even then, they would have to have been under her care years ago for the accusations to carry any weight. I suppose that it is possible there is some reasonable explanation for the situation but I would say that the odds are very low unless this article is full of inaccuracies or outright falsehoods.

I have a question; hopefully, someone can answer it.

Reports indicate that male inmates who are in for harming a child (pedophilia, torture, killing, etc.) become targets of the rest of the prison population.

Is the same for females who harm a child? Such as that (allegedly) done by Georgina Imelda Ruiz-Bojorquez? Do these females become targets of the rest of the female inmate population?

One can only hope so.

They do not, and here’s why. The time that women serve is dramatically different than the opposite gender, When was the last time you heard some women’s group yelping for “equal rights” in the criminal justice system?

It is interesting that the arrest comes ten years after the alleged abuse. Were there no recent allegations? Or would that be what they’re going to attempt to investigate…?

I would imagine that the victim is now old enough to get revenge for the harm done to her/him, and started the proceedings. Glad that person had the courage to do so, and I hope other former children also will come forward. It’s a very difficult and brave thing to do.

I agree. I was concerned at first that this might have been an accusation by someone looking for revenge for some other reason but the fact that they already have multiple victims and witnesses makes that highly unlikely.