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February 28, 2015

ccn 22CalCoastNews reporters have uncovered cases of real estate fraud, embezzlement, and elder abuse that have led to arrests and public awareness.

Reporter and CCN co-founder Daniel Blackburn covers water issues in the North County. His understanding of water politics is unmatched by other reporters in the area because of his former employment in the upper strata of California’s water industry. He has written on water politics for three decades.

Reporter and CCN co-founder Karen Velie’s investigations into several hard money lenders who defrauded area seniors of more $500 million led to investigations and arrests. Velie performs in-depth investigations into issues of government wrongdoing and abuse against the homeless.

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The changing media landscape has resulted in decreased advertising revenue throughout the industry and created a major problem — the dearth of investigative reporting as mainstream newspapers focus on profits. Because of this, communities suffer. CalCoastNews needs your support to continue to report on important local issues.

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Actually, there’s no real need for you to send money to Velie, because according to “journalist” Ed Ochs, I am somehow supporting Velie and the entire CCN operation on my meager radio salary. This is what he posted on the CCF Facebook page.

LOL — I swear you can’t make s**t like this up. Thanks, Ed!

“Ed Ochs Truth still matters. Aaron has provided indisputable proof here — in his usual satiric, factual way — that he has been set up by Karen Velie, Dave Congalton & Co. because of his opinions and writings, which speak for many in the county. Most folks outside Morro Bay, some inside, too, are all too well aware of the source of the postcards, robo-calls and obscenities, and are disgusted that CCN would stoop so low as to harass the residents of Morro Bay just to silence Aaron. That’s pretty extreme stuff, an entire media campaign waged against one person who’s not even running for office. But that’s how effective Aaron’s been at undressing CCN with his sharp wit and humor, and they’re obviously desperate. Congalton is much more than co-founder of CCN. He has a deep financial and emotional interest in CCN, and is propping it up with his own money because he can’t let Velie fail and look foolish in turn. If his KVEC dollars weren’t keeping CCN on life support, they would just be two ham sandwiches with a website. Unfortunately, less intelligent people believe what they read and look no further. Anyone who reads Aaron’s response to Velie will know right away who’s telling the truth and who the liars are, and that’s absolutely the last thing Congalton wants you to find out…”

Jorge Estrada

It’s time for me to put a check in the mail. I hope more people in the North County get sick and tired of my spelling errors, repetitive comments and start writing their understanding of the facts that allow North County water to flow south to the city of SLO.

I do know that many people want to take all that they can get while regulating (taking) the rights of others, why, because they can. Just like the person on back condo porch, viewing the vast fields to the east and saying, “I’m sure glad that we stopped the farming and preserved the water for this city that needs it.”


The people who have hit the dislike button really surprise me. They are obviously reading CCN for free and have the gall to complain about people who support CCN. WOW there are some real losers out there!

Extremely Stoic

It’s what sites like this typically get when the posters hide behind a nick. No real surprise. If you had to long in with FB, it would be different.

Rich in MB

You have to understand something….

The people that don’t like CCN read it also because they are looking to see if they have been sniffed out for their local corruption yet!

They wake up each morning hoping to not see an email in their inbox with their name or agency in a CCN headline!

Folks in Government HATE CCN because CCN news holds them accountable, so they read and monitor it to see what the people with pitchforks wanting to take their City Government back are up to!

Who could “Dislike” wanting to keep good investigative reporting alive in SLO…I will tell you you…the employees of the Tribune, Government hack sucking down our tax dollars, and members of the Lap Dog Media!


Imagine that the only local news source is the Tribune, then donate unless that is what you want


We go to the Apple Farm resturant a couple of times a month, I will mention CCN to them next time.

Oh, and my family will only use ABC Bail Bonds for out bail out needs!


I agree… I’m sending in a donation. We sure can’t count on KSBY’s morning infomercial to give us the news. My goodness one morning I counted 9 ads in a role while waiting for Gearhart’s weather report. I had forgotten what I was waiting for… How do they keep from falling asleep during all of those commercials?

Rich in MB

CCN is our only real independent investigative source on the Central Coast.

Folks….it’s time to step and go without a $5 double Carmel Mocca from Starbucks for a week to help keep real journalism alive!

Just think about how many real news stories would have gone unreported if we were only left with the Tribune and “Independent”….Yikes!

CCN supports the community…it’s time for us to support them….I’m off to make my donation now!