California group names Achadjian legislator of the year

February 28, 2015
Katcho Achadjian

Katcho Achadjian

The California Special Districts Association has named Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian the 2014 state legislator of the year. [Lompoc Record]

Achadjian received the award because of his nonpartisan spirit, support of local control and close work with special service providers, a CSDA spokesperson said. Achadjian has worked closely with agencies that provide water, fire protection, health care, park maintenance and other services, according to the CSDA.

The Central Coast assemblyman represents the 35th District, which includes San Luis Obispo County and Northern Santa Barbara County. He served as a San Luis Obispo County Supervisor prior to becoming elected to the Assembly in 2010.

Achadjian accepted the CSDA award Friday night in Avila Beach. He said that as a former county supervisor, he understands that counties’ needs can vary greatly.

In 2016, Achadjian will term out of the Assembly. The Republican lawmaker has announced no plans to run for a California Senate seat, and the district in which he resides was recently redrawn to favor Democrats.

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A ‘Bi-partisan” Republican is one who s vulnerable to Democrat ego-boosting tactics. Katcho is a reliable “go-to” when the Democrats need something passed with a few Republican votes. That is why he votes so much with Democrats on items like AB 194 referenced earlier in this string. The Democrats leave the majority of Republicans alone because they know they are unshakable.

On the other hand, when Katcho could have helped Sjany Degroot, he let the state shut her down. All he had to do was call some of his Democrat buddies and call in some favors but NO! he could not be bothered to help her. Defenseless children will suffer because of his lack of caring and/or unwillingness to stand up for her and/or his unwillingness or fearfulness to ask for payback.Shame on him!

The district was not redrawn to favor Democrats. In the past

legislators and politicians gerrymandered voting districts. Lois

Capps old district was gerrymandered so as to be comprised of

Democrats. Her new district leans more to Republicans and the

usual declined to state.

A few years ago voters approved a change in the constitution.

A citizens group was given the responsibility of determining

voting districts to reflect the most recent census count (every 10


Arizona enacted a similar change and this is now being challenged

in court. Through out the US voting districts are gerrymandered to favor to favor those in power.

Katcho is easy to talk to and get responses from,he knows what it takes to operate

a business here in SLO county and I believe does his best in Sac to help us out and

your always reading about something that hes done with groups and organizations.

On the other hand the jerk that took Blakselees place in the Senate,the lefty from

Santa Cruz will not return e-mails, either before his election nor after, all he’s worried about is

getting a soda tax passed what a useless dork.

Moonbattery Monning is more useless than teats on a boar hog.