Jim App retiring from Paso Robles

February 12, 2015
City Manager James App

City Manager James App

Longtime Paso Robles City Manager Jim App has announced that he will retire at the end of the year.

App has worked as city manager for 18 years and has been a Paso Robles employee for 25 years. He announced in a press release that his retirement will take effect on Dec. 30 and that he is announcing his retirement now to give the city council time to find a replacement.

In 2012, App guided the city through a sex scandal that led to the ousting of police chief Lisa Solomon, whom he once referred to in an email as “Lovely Lisa Meter Maid.” App survived calls for his firing during public protest of the city’s handling of the Solomon affair.

“I am proud of what we have accomplished, and it has been a privilege to lead a dedicated and skilled team of professionals through times of opportunity, recession and even crisis,” App wrote in his retirement notice. “I will miss it and them all.”

App stated that Paso Robles has the potential for greatness but is facing a challenge. The city must responsibly manage natural resources, so future generations can enjoy the Paso Robles lifestyle, he wrote.

App concluded the release by saying he looks forward to seeing what new adventures life brings.

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The cloud of suspicion surrounding App’s reign of tyranny runs deep.

Its obvious that App has willing accomplices (i.e., bullies) who are doing his dirty work for him.

All of App’s “insider clique” buddies should be investigated for conflicts of interest, personal vendettas and criminal malfesance.

Paso Watch…….

Citizens of Paso, Watch as App’s old drinking buddy navigates his River Oaks project off 46East through the planning department trying to get a free pass on sewer, water and a Specific Plan Requirement. App Logic? We smoke cigars & drink together, cut this guy abreak!

Citizens of Paso, Watch as App spikes his earnings in 2015 and retires with $250K in

retirement salary, plus medical!

Citizens of Paso, Watch as NO new houses are built due to App’s poor planning and his

poor selection of stupid City planners. Watch as the sewer and water plants come on linein 2016 and there is NO construction to pay for the 50% share that was outlined in the

App hocus pocus / new math bond statements. Who picks up the slack and pays for this mess? The CITIZENS! Where is APP? Drinking Mai Tai’s in Maui! HE BAILED OUT


I say we name a street after him all right, the sewer treatment road off 101 North should

be re named “Crapp Avenue” “Crapp View” “Crapp Shoot Lane” “Jim Floater Drive”

“Jim Flushing Byway”

Glad app is finally going to be gone.

The council should just let him go now.

He should not be involved with the selection of a new manager.

The new manager should be someone not connected with the corrupt management in place now.

Williamson should go back to being a planner, if she is placed as manager, app will still be


what will this council do for App? They gave Monn a nice plaque….

There have been a lot of employees retire in the last ten years. With 25 years or more, yet

Quietly go away.

Three women retired after apps ridiculous placement of dahlen over recreation.

Nothing was done for them, they even threw a party for themselves. The former mayor

Picanso showed up as did dahlen, they both ate the food, but neither one stood up and

Spoke on behalf of the 25 years plus each, these women worked for the city. Picanso and

Dahlen showed their lack of leadership that day….

It was Gary Perruzzi and Stuart Ross, standing up and speaking, showing appreciation for

their dedication and hard Work.

We had the Solomon,lorenzen, wyrick debacles, just to name a few.

Employees have been trying to tell council members and supervisors about what has been

Going on, as far back as nemeth.

Picanso just says personnel is not his area.

Employees are just classified as disgruntled by app.

After the lorenzen situation, managers were mad at the employees for speaking up.

It’s time to divest the city of some managers, hire some boots on the ground, to fix our streets

You can hire three workers for every manager eliminated….

Only one thing would nave been better, that is if they would have held him accountable for the Lisa fiasco and fired him back then. Second best thing is what he just did, retire.

Now, if the Council will step up and:

1) fire Iris Yang,

2) hire the new manager from the outside (period!),

Well done new Council!