Man burned in Los Osos hash lab fire

February 4, 2015

hash1A Los Osos man is receiving treatment in the Fresno Burn Center after a hash oil lab he was allegedly operating exploded Tuesday afternoon.

Matthew David Culver, 32, used a fire extinguisher to put out a blaze in his apartment at 1351 Los Olivos Avenue around 4:30 p.m. He then drove himself to the hospital with burns on his face and arms.

Emergency personnel later transferred him to the burn center, and he is expected to survive. Upon release, Culver will face charges of manufacturing a controlled substance and elder abuse.

An elderly man who leases Culver the apartment was also inside when the explosion occurred, according to a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office news release. The elderly landlord did not suffer any injuries, but responders transported him to the hospital for heart related issues.

He is not considered a suspect in the hash oil operation.

Initial reports of the explosion indicated that a toaster caught fire and flames spread to cabinets. But, when the sheriff’s narcotics unit responded to the apartment, detectives found evidence of a lab that converts marijuana into hash oil.

Several hash oil labs have caused explosions in San Luis Obispo County in recent years.

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Much as a good laugh can be had at moron hash oil mfg’ing punks, the following federal terror may bear repeating here:

The property of the elderly man is in the direct jeopardy of being stolen from him by the “asset forfeiture” practices of the federal government. Remember, they (the feds) sue the PROPERTY not the owner, so constitutional protections do not apply. Typical case title, “United States of America v. one tan apartment complex at XXX State Street, Los Osos.”

The ONLY thing laying between the owner and certain LOSS of his structure and the land under it, is the WHIM of the local US Attorney NOT filing an asset forfeiture proceeding.

This terror filled practice is still on the books, and has survived Supreme Court scrutiny. The property is guilty of harboring a controlled substance. Asset forfeiture is totally out of control. You can see our sheriff staff driving around in some of the booty. That’s wrong.

The “landlord” actually wasn’t a landlord. Not even a sublessor. The reporter got the information wrong. This is worse, the elderly man in the story is the client of Mr Culver’s girlfriend who is paid by IHSS to take care of and protect the old guy. Just think of the pride we can all take in knowing our tax dollars are being spent to make this all possible.

Dear moron hash oil manufacturers

In the future use only ceramic, electric, hot plates.

In the future turn off all pilot lights.

In the future indulge in bong hits outside in the open air.

In the future provide adequate ventilation for your “endeavor”

Failure to comply with the aforementioned guidelines will result in you, or your family and friends, transformed into crispy moron hash manufacturers, and will endanger your neighbors.

Maxfusion….good points there. And here I was thinking small like “when they get all your skin scraped off for months and months of horroric pain how about considering getting a real job, quit abusing the elderly and be a man for once”. Sheesh!

Good one.

Thanks for the morning laugh.

Yeah…it is funny. Burns do not hurt, become infected or all those other lies they tell you. Slap a bandaid on the bastard and throw him to the pigs.

Now we know without a doubt: at a level of 100% surety-that humankind has truly cashed in their soul. Let’s get you some videos chocoholic! We can start with a little animal torture and work up to child rape. Sound good? Now why did I even ask that: we all know the type who is void of soul and compassion….

Further proof: three so far agree with the hater. You should all get together and go to the burn ward to see him: Take sharp objects.

Please point out where I stated I hated this man. In fact, I don’t hate this man, I simply believe he participates in moronic behavior. By the way, the hater mantra is so yesterday. Delve deeply for better material.

Spare us the “void of soul and compassion nonsense.

When I see images of a Jordanian pilot burned alive in a metal cage, I feel compassion.

When I see fellow Americans fleeing from the burning towers in N.Y I feel compassion.

When I see images of Vietnamese child burned by napalm, I feel compassion.

When I read about people working to feed their families who are burned or maimed because of irresponsible employers, or freak accidents, I feel compassion.

When I read about a guy who blows himself up and endangers other around him just to get high, well not so much.

Anyone who feels sorry for this loser should start a collection fund for his medical bills so the taxpayers aren’t in the hook for those as well.

Precisely, and their condition is described as ‘mismanaged empathy’. It’s endemic to a certain body of politics currently running amok in our Republic.

lmao!! I could triple that fund from the change in my car’s ashtray. I do sort of feel sorry for the kid, ’cause you can’t fix stupid…not even with full thickness burns to the face. We should help him out with a collection of new nicknames instead, since it is a foregone conclusion this cleanup is coming out of the State Fund.

I’ll start: Little Richard (Pryor)

What can one expect? The average iq in the US right now is only 100. It is like reasoning with farm animals.

Apparently this man’s IQ is less than that of a farm animal.

See new story, this is his second little explosion.

Keep feeling sorry for him indigo.

The rest of us are moving on.

Correction. This is the second explosion this fool has been charged with. Dumb as a stump. This tard has stated that he tosses lit matches in bowls of tane-oil to speed up the reaction. AND defends this as a reasonable practice.

@maxfusion – let’s not even offer publicly that this can be accomplished inside with “proper equipment” because another genius like Matt is gonna try, and end up missing eyebrows at best.